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  1. It looks like DC is going to ride Punchline for a bit. The character has some upcoming appearances across multiple books.
  2. So all it took was a banana peel for the Joker to take care of the Batbike and get away based on the stunt footage?
  3. Friday evening is a tough one since it is the latest night we have to work on the show floor. I am game for the Keg, sushi or whatever else we can find.
  4. Why pay the gouge rate on books at Fan Expo Toronto? We have the Eastern dealers coming out to use the Calgary and Edmonton Expos as buying grounds. The prices they can get on raw books at shows out East make me shake my head.
  5. I guess this fits with Pattison's past roles. He is now a vampire Death Dealer Batman and they are hunting Lycans ......
  6. Ugh. He was weak as Kylo in the recent SW trilogy. Keep him far away from Sandman please.
  7. I have a number of copies set aside at my LCS so I hope it is real.
  8. Looking at GPA, it is worth more in grade than TTA 27 across the board, and has gained steadily the past 2-3 years in 6.0 and lower grades (while TTA 27 is trending down). The big gap ups were 2009 with the movie announcement when copies across the board did a 2-3X in months (the good old days when dealers were slower to update prices online ), and again in 2014/15 when SA keys popped again across the board. It is all over the map in higher grades as the pool of buyers is smaller, but in 6.0 and under the book is doing okay.
  9. It already saw a nice rise before the Ryan Reynolds flick. That was a fun time - racing to buy all of the copies of Avengers 1 and SC 22 in low to mid grade that you could find online and then flipping them for a quick 2-4x within months.