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  1. And newsstand copies are jumping even more now as well. My UXM 266 newsstand 9.8 topped $1300 last month on Clink. Direct editions are less than half of that.
  2. So, will Thor #6 see some heat based on the reveal that is floating around online since yesterday?
  3. It is an interesting collection. 34 shorts primarily 2000 up with some SA and BA, as well as copper. Since the collection is from out of town, I am hoping for some newsstand copies in the mix.
  4. Nice. I am picking up a collection with #2,4,5,6,12 in it tomorrow.
  5. Maybe next weekend. However, knowing this person, he definitely cleaned it out.
  6. No. Comcage George has cleaned out all of the good stuff I have been aware of in Calgary the past couple of years. His contacts keep digging up great collections for him.
  7. A gentleman never kisses and tells.... I closed on another collection out of town that I have to pick up tomorrow. Next weekend will potentially be the out of province road trip for the newsies. 😉
  8. I was at the LCS last week and ran into a collector friend there. He has just come back from visiting family in another location in Western Canada. He decided to hit the used book store in town. The had just picked up a collection with 30 longs of newsstand books (collector bought of magazine stands in town). He cherry picked all of the keys that were left, and now I am debating whether I take a few hours trip to get the rest. 😂
  9. Did the 9.4 Bob Storms sold last year resurface already? If not, it should soon based on a conversation with time owner earlier this year.
  10. My 7.0 sold for a nice price in the Clink July auction, but it will not be reported. This is the only Heritage book I have bought that I was disappointed to receive. The reason - I thought I was bidding on a copy of FF 5 but bid on the wrong book after a few beverages. When I got it I was pissed and went to quickly check the auction results thinking it was a shipping error. 😂
  11. Indeed, it's a very early SA Marvel. And yet, like every SA Marvel and most SA DC books now, as long as you are willing to pay you can buy a copy 24/7/365.
  12. Yes, CPV = Canadian Price Variant or newsstand edition. The collectors have been there for a while, it is just now that the speculators are catching up. I have been buying regular newsstand copies as well as CPVs whenever I see them for the past 20+ years. I figured it was only a matter of time for them to pop. That being said, the price jumps for regular newsstand editions and other books is primarily due to COVID cheques and a lack of conventions this year. Look at prices on key or variant Copper and Modern books across the board, or the latest issue with a 1st appearance from Marvel or DC. Right now we are in a phase like the early to mid 90s blow off. The smart play is to profit from it while it lasts.
  13. How so? Newsstand copies are being sought after just like CPV copies, 30/35 cent price variants, etc. before them. The market decides the prices, and there are plenty of variant collectors/speculators of every type.
  14. FWIW, I ended up getting over $1300 for my UXM 266 9.8 newsstand copy on Clink last month, while direct edition copies are in the $450-$550 range. The gap is starting to hit 2 - 3x (or more) across the board for a lot of books now.