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  1. kimik

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    There are still nice collections out there to land, but the question is whether you want the hassle of storing all of the slow selling books. I stopped buying collections on a regular basis a few years as a result of this and am very careful with buying them now. In most cases, you are better off just buying certain keys (even paying full GPA at auction), sitting on them for a couple of years, and then reselling them for a tidy profit. Hot moderns sell faster than a lot of SA/BA/CA books at shows.......
  2. kimik

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    My book looks like it was an issue with the encapsulation process, not SCS, based on the damage to the bottom corner on the back cover. SCS would not cause the back cover and several interior pages to be folded up and pinned like that. It was a botched encapsulation job.
  3. kimik

    Selling CGC Keys from Canada

    I said a couple of the local stores do. There are others that pay more that I will sell stuff to from collections that I don't want/need. However, there are two stores that amaze me with their continuous success with lowballing since a lot of the people selling to them are likely their regular or past file customers. If the collection owners would just take the time to google comic stores in Edmonton they would find other shops that would pay more right away There are also a number of part time collector/dealer types like me that pay top dollar for collections. It makes for a very competitive buying environment, which makes me shake my head when I see a person sell two long boxes of mid grade BA Marvels with most of the keys in them for $200 per box at one of the stores. The two stores I am referencing above were involved in a collusion play in the late 90s on a high grade mid 40s - mid 50s collection that surfaced locally. The owner died and his widow contacted all of the stores in town. Three of them said they were interested and after a few phone calls they figured out that they were the only ones in on the purchase and decided to work together instead of competing for it. One of the stores had the gall to ask a file customer (a collector friend of mine) to grade and price the collection, telling him that they could not afford it. He spent a few days going through the books thinking he could , came up with an offer that he could afford, and then gave it to the store owner excited at the chance to buy the collection. The store owner called the widow in, showed her the offer from his file customer, and then gave her a counter offer of a couple hundred more. She called the other two stores after that and they gave her lower offers, so she accepted the offer from the first store. The three store owners split the cost and the books, saving themselves $10,000+ along the way, and made a killing when they sold the books.
  4. kimik

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    Here is what it looks like. The bottom left corner on the back cover is trashed now.
  5. kimik

    Selling CGC Keys from Canada

    40% is better than what some of the stores here will offer. I won't name them, but there are a couple that will only offer 30% of OSPG max and people still sell their books to them. And yes, they get nice collections and keys in on a regular basis.
  6. Banner just has a case of Hulk-tile dysfunction. It happens to some men his age. Maybe popping cialis or viagra before taking on Thanos can help Banner with that in the next movie?
  7. kimik

    Selling CGC Keys from Canada

    It was 2014 i I recall correctly. It does not matter what the dollar is at - I include the exchange rate in my offer. The collection I picked up this August cost a lot, but the owner knew what it was worth and I am pretty certain now had shopped it around a bit (it sounds like he had a couple of offers in the $50-$60K range now). I gave him an estimated range up front that was significantly higher than what others offered and we went from there.
  8. kimik

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    The cover to #2 looks good. You may want to rethink how far you cut back on it as the cover will sell the book for a while IMHO.
  9. kimik

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    I received one in my latest shipment like the Saga posted above and it did result in damage to the bottom of the book. I will be contacting CGC about it this week.
  10. kimik

    STRANGE TALES #110 Club!

    I think it is just a sign of where the hobby has been heading for a long while now - 1st appearances and hot covers will run up faster than other issues.
  11. If pre-pubescent Tom Holland/Spider-Man can get a film, why can't the Flash?
  12. kimik

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    It depends on the show. You tend to move bigger books and keys on Sunday to other dealers and collectors that have price checked for two days. The past few years I have not noticed much of a dip. However, the Thursday night at the Calgary Expo tends to be slower than the other three days.
  13. kimik

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    I am surprised that Vancouver is so small. That means the Calgary Holiday Market is likely a bigger show..........
  14. kimik

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    I am speaking from my experience selling at local shows over the past 20 years. It was 2011 when things really turned for the better. Granted, Alberta has a younger population with higher disposable income levels than other parts of Canada, which definitely helps, but the formula is simple - grade accurately and price at FMV and you will do fine. Too many sellers can't grade and/or try to gouge at shows. I am fine with that as it drives more people to just buy from us.
  15. kimik

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Not necessarily. You would be surprised at how much revenue hot moderns, Campbell exclusives, and $2 boxes for blowing out collection drek can generate over a 3 or 3.5 day show. The sweet spot for back issues are decent looking keys/early SA books in the $100 - $300 range. You can sell a ton of those all weekend long, and all it takes is 10 or fewer books to hit $1K. Big books sell better online than they do at local shows.