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  1. There are frenzies like this every 7-10 years where prices jump across the board then settle, and smaller run ups every 4-5 years in between. The key is accumulating enough material during the plateauing and consolidation phase to capitalize on the next run. There is also a cycle to the market - GA runs up, then SA, then BA, then CA and MA. The major keys jump first, and the others follow suit. Since I started selling in university in1997 you can follow that pattern pretty much like clockwork. Basically, the comics market reflects the cycles in the stock market. That is likely where the m
  2. There used to be meat on the bones, but the past few months that has not been the case. Many lots now are at GPA prices if they have a key in them, so there really is no margin left. Good for the consignor, but bad for the buyer. I guess they are betting that prices will continue run?
  3. If you are looking to sell a bunch of you stock, check out the prices that Heritage gets for their lots in the weekly Sunday night auctions. Almost all sell for full guide, with top titles going for more than OSPG in grade for common books depending. At those prices, you are better off straight consigning there than slabbing them.
  4. It is usually ncb spine ticks or bends on the cover/edges that drop the books. You have to hold the book at an angle in good light to spot them.
  5. Also, if you are a tight grader then picking out 9.8s is not a difficult task. Just take the best copies you have and you should be fine.
  6. For moderns, I use $80 in 9.8 on a straight submission as the guideline for slabbing in most cases since the book is so cheap at cover or less to start with. If you have to press them first, I use $100 in 9.8 as the minimum bar. In the case with Bronze and older books, $100 in the grade you think the book is should work, depending on what you have into the book.
  7. Interesting. My file LCS prefers the new DC distribution system to Diamond from a customer service perspective. They do well with all publishers, but find the Lunar team way better to work with than Diamond. Yeah, I keep looking at the AT&T dividend and think it is undervalued, but until management shows some competence I am staying away.
  8. I think that the new DC will be fine. Based on snippets that came out after the staffing changes late last year, and one of Tynion's blogs over the holiday break, it is clear that there was an old comic market vs new comic market struggle and the old guard lost. The reality is AT&T needs to keep the DC IP churning for its streaming services, and they need to dump other underperforming assets that never made any sense for them to acquire (hello Direct TV, for which they will take a huge loss on). Personally, I think it would be cool if Amazon could buy DC from them, or even Marvel in a sci-
  9. It is a nice lead in to the more full Red-X appearance in #2. I placed a small order just in case, but should have gone for more. I like the FS Supergirl cardstock cover as well. Not one to go heavy on, but the couple of copies I bought will sell fast to some regulars once shows start locally again.
  10. The only bright side to the delay is that the prices will keep running up by the time you get them, so you will capture a higher gain if you flip them.
  11. I am enjoying the current run Tynion is doing on the title. He is introducing a lot of new characters and other elements to the Batverse. So far so good. I thought the Ghost Maker arc in 102-105 was very well done and it will be interesting to see how things move forward from here.
  12. Wow. So they did not order high on those two books, even though the FOCs were after HR 1 was released? Looks like I might be wrong in my assumption that stores would go big on HR Advs 1 and HR 2 due to demand for HR 1?
  13. They likely just pulled them from the case and shipped them. Production quality was bad on HR 1 - I had 71 damage replacements on my order of cover A, almost 8% damaged rate. Normally you just have to worry about 4 per case (top 2 and bottom 2 due to cover rubbing in the case), but the current printers have been horrible for spine scrapes/tears/chips/splits and staple issues for a few months now. They did a similar shi tty job with the Ruan variant cover for Shang-Chi 1, some recent Venom issues, etc.
  14. The Wolverine Aliens variant was decent as well. That being said, the Venom #32 Aliens variant was a no-brainer, and the option for a 1:100 variant to recoup some of the initial investment was nice play by Marvel as well.