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  1. We will see with Matthews. The jury is still out on how dominant he will become. McDavid is a generational talent while Matthews is a very good to great one (if he can stay healthy.....). There is a big difference in card values over time - look at Crosby vs Ovechkin (even though I like Ovie better).
  2. Which brand of hoops card is the best one to get for Zion rookies? I am leaning towards picking up a case on speculation. Should have pulled the trigger with Lebron way back when but didn't. At least it only took 3 boxes for my son and I to pull a McDavid Upper Deck Young Guns RC. The only guarantee was one per case of boxes.
  3. A GSX CGC 9.4 White pages sold yesterday for $6000 according to GPA. That should move the needle on up further, especially with CGC 9.2 copies now hitting $4000.
  4. Not really. Ties to a brother >>>> cousin, and Tyrion has a soft spot for Sansa. Like I said, Bran is the real evil mastermind behind things. He can see the past, present and likely future as well. That is why he gave John a choice re: telling Sansa and Arya. Taking the red pill meant one result, and the blue pill another. He knew the outcomes. All in Westeros should fear Bran the Broken.......
  5. One loose end - Bran said maybe he can find Drogon? Does that mean with ravens or he can warg the dragon now as well?
  6. I would look at it this way. Both are common as dirt with the values being: Ms. Marvel #18 in what looks to be VFish shape at best based on the corner is worth $80-$100 USD. ASM #361 CGC 9.4 is selling for $135 - $185 (last sale on GPA). Why trade the higher value book for a lower value one?
  7. Who can resist a Wulf vs. Iron Jaw cross over film? Or an all time classic like the Brute? This deal is all about an IP grab. Is there anything there? Unlikely. However, if you can hit with just one property then it makes the deal worth it, I guess.
  8. So........if the spoilers are true, then is the real villain behind everything the character that sits on the throne at the end? They set pretty much everything in motion along the way..........
  9. Wow. I guess there are minimal new spec books out this week.
  10. This is pretty accurate. My GoT approach is the same as getting the Messi fans riled up in the FIFA thread or the Manning fans in the NFL thread.