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  1. It depends on the value of the book, and how much you have into it.
  2. I am curious to see how long the Last Ronin 1 hype can hold prices up. Sounds like the print runs are extremely high on it for a TMNT book.
  3. That is a nice Artgerm cover. Add in a likely low print run, and you have a winning combination.
  4. They have always been popular with Batman collectors. The GA 1st apps are out of reach for most, so the SA 1st appearances are where the action has been the past couple of years. Batman #155 (Penguin) is lagging Batman #171 (Riddler), but both have seen nice gains, and before that it was Batman #121 (Mr. Freeze) and #181 (Poison Ivy). I would put the order as Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Penguin and Riddler ( or maybe Luthor instead of one of these two) as the top 5 most recognized DC villains. Personally speaking, I think Ivy is underrated as her popularity has increased due to the Harley animated series and cosplay.
  5. I have some bias here as a Batman collector, but Luthor kind of sucks compared to the big Batvillains. Braniac is the top Supes villain IMHO, but he is not as well known as Lex.
  6. From a DC comic book collector perspective, maybe Darkseid makes the top 5 list. Even then, as a DC collector I would still go with Batvillains. From a general public perspective, it would be Batvillains (+ maybe Luthor) in the top 5. Everyone knows the Batvillains from TV, movies and animated series. On the Marvel side, it would be Magneto + Spidey villains as most popular with the general public. Doctor Doom came off as a weak threat in the FF movies.
  7. My recent favorite is MSH 13 - 1st Carol Danvers. It peaked at $12K for 9.4s, and they sell for under $4k now.
  8. It is amazing what meeting customer service expectations can do..............
  9. Based on what? It is moving up in GPA the past two months from the look of things, along with most 1st appearances/keys.
  10. I will have to check out the animated films. The live action sequel was a b-level flick with the nudity and sex scenes for bug transmission.
  11. Despite the horrible acting and the fact it bombed at the box office, Starship Troopers is one for me. If you thought the first one was bad and you really have nothing better to do, check out the sequel.
  12. Variety is good. The critics need to get out more. That being said, who cares what the critics' opinion is - watch it if you like it. Remember, the only reason they ended up as critics is that they failed in the entertainment or journalism worlds to begin with...........................
  13. So far my file LCS loves the service they are getting from the DC distribution service relative to what Diamond provides. They are responsive and do not eff up on orders like Diamond does.