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  1. I am not saying I agree with the trends in the market personally, but it has been heading this way for a while now. I decided to change my long term collecting habits to follow the trend. FWIW, I expected CGC to have a major impact on collectability of books in the early 00s since all you really focus on with a slab is the front cover. Back then I started collecting books with great looking front covers for the assigned grade since the back cover does not really matter (and you cannot open them). Now that trend is hitting raw books as well, which is evident in the rash of B cover variants across all publishers.
  2. I think the fact that the MCU 1) killed Thanos and 2) destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet in the movies hurt the collectability of the book. In addition, it is not a really major 1st appearance of a new character, which is much more significant than the 1st appearance of a new cosmic toy. While the story arc is a good read, the lack of a bigger 1st character appearance hurts it.
  3. This shift has been going on for around a decade. When I saw the trend picking up steam in the early 00s I adjusted my collecting habits accordingly by dumping the common run books. New collectors want the key, classic cover, or hot variant cover (e.g. JSC, Artgerm, Dell Otto, etc.) to look at, and then consume the stories through the trades and omnibuses. They prefer having the story arc all at once just like their favorite show streaming online. It is the way media will be consumed in the future.
  4. 1st Dracula in comics was well before that. The book to speculate on in the TOD run is #10, and it still has room to grow IMHO.
  5. Yup. There is still time to lock in a copy or two before the Marvel X-franchise gets going.
  6. Just got this back from Sarasota. It came from an OO X-Men #1-392 run from Winnipeg that I nabbed at the end of August.
  7. Pass here. I still have not seen the second one, after viewing the first one on the small screen at home. That was the first Marvel movie my kids got up and walked out of the room on instead of watching until the end.
  8. WWBN 32 and TOD 10 were dirt cheap back then as well.
  9. The True Believers and Facsimiles of the major Marvel keys sell well at shows for $10 apiece without any questions. It's too bad they came out with the higher cover price on the Facsimiles - the margins on the True Believers editions were a bit better.
  10. +1 If this is for a flip then press it.
  11. The time to cash in was before the show aired, which is pretty much the best way to play copper and modern tv or movie related keys.
  12. Will the regular or Lee variant to #19 be the one to have?