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  1. Underbidder , that price was nutso
  2. Make money selling famous art frames

    Well in all the excitement I sort of lost count, is it Gene? is it of interest to you? punk
  3. Heritage Auction Today

    One of my wins
  4. Heritage Auction Today

    got the two books I wanted, on to comic link !
  5. Heritage Auction Today

    Congrats, great books, I was in the running for the Funnies to complement my other Frazettas ... went higher than I wanted obviously ! V nice copy!
  6. Heritage Auction Today

    Its not really the sort of book people sell often in high grade, I have no shock at seeing that price for that grade
  7. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Love this cover
  8. He is sexy AF. And has some good 2000AD stuff I know Chris likes a good fist ... I went in a different direction
  9. some more little sneak peaks of the comic/collectables room some Darwyn and CC Beck
  10. Love em, was looking at a couple of those myself, congrats and well presented