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  1. And why not some art too
  2. Yeah, that was a great sequence for sure
  3. Heritage Summer Auction

    Regarding the Dredd Batman painting its an amazing piece with major figures and villains nope, didn't win, nope not even close , stopped just over half way from final hammer if if you are wondering why so much... I think few people here collect Dredd It got a lot of interest in UK if you want to know how often good Dredd pieces come up for sale the answer is THEY DONT this is the first piece this year. so much Dredd was acquired years ago and people are more willing to go full Jaime Lannister and give up a hand than sell their Dredd stuff. Obviously the price was too much for me but a year ago I would have been up there bidding; just different priorities right now, a year from now I would have been up there bidding. Confgats to winner
  4. Hello all, so had about 15 minutes in the society of illustrators show today in NYC before running to a broadway show Overall, as you can see, a pretty nice collection of ASM splashes great to see so many of them in one place, probably just personal opinion but I think the show would be more interesting with some context provided. There was one introductory writing but I think the general public would just be...well, that's a lot of spidery art.