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  1. some more little sneak peaks of the comic/collectables room some Darwyn and CC Beck
  2. Love em, was looking at a couple of those myself, congrats and well presented
  3. This Week Back From CGC

    any time Bro
  4. show us your HOLY grail thread

    Grail because duh...I loved the reprints growing up of golden age WW and Flash , Really want to add a Whiz 2(1) to the collection and a Flash comics 1 but very happy to have secured this book
  5. This Week Back From CGC

    Hard to find Pictorial Romances ... some awesome covers as sassy lines
  6. This Week Back From CGC

    Is this a classic cover yet???
  7. This Week Back From CGC

    Cool Scifi cover . Good job she brought her formal ware to the planet , shouldn't someone have turned of the engine?, no real need for her to be reaching down and forward...other than headlights
  8. This Week Back From CGC

    more war...what is it good for? probably nothing
  9. This Week Back From CGC

    such a great cover ... none above an 8.0 but this presents very well
  10. Linsner....Dawn X Mas Commission!!!!
  11. Baker Romance

    Nice to have any copy! I thought mine would do better than 2.5 but it presents well !
  12. Baker Romance

    this comic...yada yada yada...Harvey Weinstein