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  1. And finally...not the 'best' comics but my for sure a bunch of my fave covers
  2. Just got some new new shelves installed in the comic room so can do a bigger display of books...this week some Pre-Code Horror. Oh, and a little art as well. Its a pretty good room
  3. I will be in NYC at the show from Wednesday onwards...will aim to document as much as possible. Wall books galore, art and statues
  4. What is your wish master ? LOL.... Still been collecting but also selling a lot of things. Raising money for larger books that I have wanted and art I wanted.
  5. Avengers 1 - McNiven Variant Cover 2013 - awesome cover with the heroes Cable 2 cover - DAVID FINCH !!! Amazing cover with Cable, Bishop and Baby Hope
  6. What if 25 Cover - Thor and Avengers Captain Carrot - come on, you gotta love Captain Carrot !!! Scott Shaw
  7. Very Cool Immogen splash from Action Comics 753 Hembeck's Amazing Spiderman 12 cover !