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  1. I JUST got a copy of this.Awesome book,can't believe no one's scooped it up.Way under the radar to me! PS Happy Halloween everyone!
  2. Happy Halloween everyone!



  3. I need a copy of that Ramones comic.
  4. Requesting friends and family is a no-no.If they give you a hard time about not,I'd mention that to them and keep them on my personal list,if not say something publicly.
  5. Hi Dave! I didn't realize that it totaled up to that!-I'm not saying if it was less it would be better or worse- disappearing after receiving money from folks is never good!Has anyone been in contact with him,at all? I really hope everything's okay,with all the things folks have mentioned going on.I guess we'll have to wait and see-fully understand why folks are anxious to get it cleared up though.Maybe we'll hear from him soon.Does anyone here have a way to contact him,know him outside of the boards? I really think,hope he'll be by to sort things out though.
  6. A friend cleans out houses after midnight moves,evictions and has dropped off two longs of mostly Marvel Civil War era,Initiative stuff.Some fun reading,lots of storylines unfinished though! Have found a bunch of later newstands in the lot2007/8 ,will let you know if it's anything exciting.Have to look up if any have price variations.Some fun gold second print oddballs in there,Wolverine and Punisher War Journals I'd never seen,and that fun gold glow in the dark Ghost Rider second print. Happy hunting Blob,can't win if you don't play!
  7. porcupine48


    Some jerk made me do this.I was in the jerk store,doing jerk stuff though.
  8. porcupine48

    Bedrock Sales Thread

    What's going on around here?
  9. I've been friendly with him over the years,and while sometimes a little slow with things,he always has come through.A real nice fellow,I'm sure there's just some circumstances keeping him away. Thinking about you Germ,hope all's okay bud. Jimmers
  10. Long time no see! Hi to you too,Robot!
  11. porcupine48

    Top 10 board arguments that will never die....

    Who was that?Gabe/ulchicha?