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  1. Seriously fun books Fene!Bizaro Atlas,Charlton ,bronze romance...if I lived up the road from you I'd leave carryiing a shortbox of classy readers!edit Fene,Fene you know what I mean Feezus!GENE
  2. I think one of those was a huge book back in my early collecting days,still has a bit of value..annual one maybe,first Elementals? Edit,my brain was sorta on the right wave,but still wrong'.I must have picked both books up fromthe same discount bin same day
  3. I came back to mention this and John Carter.I found a twine bundled stack of Warlord of Mars(how exciting finding bronze age books in 'bum park' on the ground with needles and empty lager tins) near a local library box and they are GREAT reads a happy surprise.
  4. I love this die cut gem! In all my years of diving I've only ever come up with two maybe three believe it or not. This is another I always try to find if anyone's listening.Any comic that comes with a flexi disk really.
  5. Anyone I owe a pm to I'm sorry. I'm really trying quite hard but I'm really struggling with my mental health,just keep sliding darker I want to talk,I do,you're such good friends I don't want to burden
  6. Awww...I see hollywank one ate nine number twos is still here and hitting ,playing the confused emoji game. What a how you say shower in French bag.
  7. Elric!Elric is super good!Badger!Scout! Flaming Carrot! Those Alien Encounter comics great great covers and fun shorts in there
  8. Blackhawk..the V comic(think green aliens) Defenders later Brave and Bold issues
  9. Ooooh baby you know what I like... This has me almost as hot as the Kid and Play book.(Seriously,I've mentioned I love the PP before)( ) Sweeet! Pssshaw,not even a Canadian price variant! (I'm really digging that mad face today ) Don't forget MASK folks sorry if it's been posted @F For Fake have you seen this thread my bro of another Moe?
  10. The international operator is always mean to me when I can't get your digits right.Send em fresh mate?I know they're there but buried and I'm getting overwhelmed here
  11. Soon sir soon! I'm catching up and saving some of the bests for last! Seriously,sorry to be so tardy and neglect my PM's Jack ,everyone. I'm not Mr Popular but I've been away a while and there's mucho stuff I'm overwhelmed really.Hearing of Bomber passing really bummed me I almost needed another break.Terrible losing a member. I read that in high school same year I got into the teachings of Don Juan maybe I'll give it another go.My mindset has certainly changed since then.I wanted to reread the classic beats too and some of the lesser known Russian greats.So much reading and comics need to be read too!A friend keeps sending me this mad Slavoj Zizek stuff and to get him better I've been digging further back in classic philosophy..my pretty face is all going to go to hell cramming this stuff in there!
  12. Everyone knows already but I'm here to say rjpb is awesome! Your sales are always a pleasure to see sir.