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  1. Stephen King's IT (9/8/17)

    !!! I just rehooked up the vcr after scouring the flat for mine . re-watched it last night,as good as when I first saw it...when this came out,that I love posting... Having just seen the new movie on Saturday,it was great to revisit this.
  2. Sparkle City Comics

    i'm too shy for ebay.
  3. Sparkle City Comics

    butt...butt.. how else will my anus be famous????
  4. Sparkle City Comics

    no need to be an egghole!
  5. Sparkle City Comics

    *spoon* notified.
  6. Sparkle City Comics

    Nice spooning comic!
  7. 1950's war comics

    see above,sugar lips.
  8. 1950's war comics

    I see no frogmen or parachutes or Bob Hopes duckholio?
  9. Original Owner collection of misc books

    of course.And here's a veggie taco! 🌮🎃
  10. Original Owner collection of misc books

    please and thank you. 🌭