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  1. Hi Bob,everyone!Just thought I'd mosey over and say hello! Check out these crazy alleys a galpal sent to me!
  2. That was fun!It was a Detective was it not? I remember folks signed it as they got it too.I was pretty new here so didn't participate but that really sticks out as a great board memory. There's an old thread somewhere,maybe BUTM has it on speed dial. Number 6 that really stinks.I've had a very similar situation happen to me here with a well liked seller-even gave them another go around and still got the dirt end of the stick.I kept quiet publicly about it-just don't deal with them anymore.Sorry that happened to you and hopefully you coming forward helps get this resolved.
  3. Imma spend the afternoon catching up here tomorrow.I missed you gang even if I was off flaking out! And that's a sweet Bob Hope eh? What a scarce one!
  4. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice! Edit..I saw the price!Extra sweeet. Mad jelly
  5. I have a tee my partner had done up for me "DOWN WITH THE TYRANNY OF PANTS"
  6. My BR amigo! If you're posting regular,well,I'll pull up a chair! Don't think there are any phm in the four boxes I'm working on right now but I'm here to cheer and ooh and ahh gang! I will not be wearing pants.
  7. Just here to say I'm awesome.And Janet is too Beauties,may they sell fast and all that good stuff.
  8. Thanks Jeff! Been struggling to catch up with folks,keep a clear head but you're on my mind mate,will message soon-ish !