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  1. I know It's better than when PB killed them completely though.So many great threads marred by PB monkey business.
  2. You have been not so randomly selected for,a bahooky drive by BAHOOKY BAHOOKY BAHOOKY (insert Black Fury and redmadman here)
  3. Honest,I didn't think you visited CG very much This was eyeslaughter,not eyemurder in your case!
  4. Don't know how I screwed this pic up so bad!I was so excited to get this almost ten years ago now.A hero comic,a number one,of a Church?It had a humble price too.Oh,and the reds! It's a very pretty 7.5 as well,with the biggest issue being a 1' non colour breaking bend on the back,likely press out if that was my sort of thing.
  5. Booger Hole's area code is 681 six ate one get it?Get it?Kismet.
  6. Amazing.I need to get a t shirt to go with my Oregon Go Honkers one! Or my Dildð Newfoundland hoody
  7. They're more than priceless then.I love collecting stories,thanks for sharing.I'd love to see pics one day,if I may.