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  1. Sigh,I'm a big fibber,you caught me.I guess I wont share the Magnusificant book. Okay,I'm to the fartsac before we get spanked for talking and stuff! Guess who's gonna be in the new Picard,just to drive folks nuts?
  2. I loved watching this unfold,and such a cool story.
  3. PPS-I'm not advocating swiping comics folk,put away the pitchforks and enema bags!🎃
  4. Mad react.Oh well,shoulda swiped them.Or said-och,this is from my stolen collection!I'll give you ten percent of ask and not call the fuzz. PS-I have a DPV to show you tomorrah.It should be fifteenbut it says twenty aiiiii-eeeeee
  5. Hey,long time! Was just thinking I wonder how Franky's doing,haven't seen in a while a few days ago! (yes,I think of some of you guys in real life on off-net time.Some of you comic crew I've been talking with for a decade now!)
  6. Sweet Strange Tales that I got all excited about,saw the cover and was like you have that one dumbo bump! Best wishes to sells,I'm going to pimp,your ST in the PHM thread!
  7. PS the books were heavy and I went home to get the beasts saddlebags.100 pounds of muscle.I mean,25 volumes..you know how heavy they are
  8. Funny enough,I just picked up a set of Britanicas from 1945 today from the trash and sold them for 100$ in a few hours! Barefoot Gen is a great item,hope you read it-i hunted down all the floppies. With that threadcarp I leave you with some fine fine Zamrock.Give a listen,it's joyus,even if some is not in English.Really intersting story,Zambias rock explosion.
  9. I'd go for Cap #1 as number one for me(tied with Marvel #1-I love Subby SO much).,if it was an all are the same price forever pick one.Having read the Famous First Eds.,for personal enjoyment I'd go for Detective over Action. If forced to choose money wise I'd go for the Action,sell it,get Marvel #1 and with the change buy some pre Bat Tecs,Action #4 and if any dough left over an Amazing Man comics #22 and Adventure #37.Oh wow,what a fine,fine daydream I'm having eh? Sigh,I want them all,and I want to read them and smell them.
  10. You mean she wouldn't find it irresistable? How about an Omac? Machine Man wrapped all up your limbs.Oh boi,I'm getting hot and bothered here!
  11. Same here Bob-yah yah,yes dear..or oh,well,why don't you sell it?Coz the money will go poof and I'll have little to show but a frown.They're just sitting there not hurting anyone.Leave em be till I'm gone!But call this person.Make sure this person gets the call,nbecause I trust them and have asked them. Not to be morbid but do you have someone in mind to take care of business?