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  1. Above transthjngs are dollarama,montoy knockoffs,1.25$ each! And Buzz,the legolikes are also,but TWO for 1.25$!
  2. It's to make coddling his codpiece more appealing .Then...bam,snared in the macho moustache of MAYHEM. Not sure if he's villain or anti hero yet
  3. My gift from my partner,about three bux a piece shipped! Thought I may have shared already but damn brain damage.. Thought I posted this too,but..
  4. That's pretty cool.I'm pals with him on fb,forgot about that.Pretty ironic and hilarious too. Best wishes on the sale!Cool Elrics!
  5. About as far from Ottawa as we can get but hey! I'll peel my eyes at your items! And I think Joey Shíthead of DOA's hometown!