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  1. Marvels - Mostly SA/BA

    By the looks on that guys face,someone was being naughty and aroused the man thing.
  2. Marvel Pence Price Variants

    nonsense. I'd trade my NA 1.5 for a 3.0 pence anytime.
  3. THAT gets the 'seal' of approval.
  4. I prefer the Flying Toolbox of Doom though...
  5. my avatar still rocks,thanks!
  6. X amount of people are here!Time for me to start posting! How many likes can I get?
  7. Superiors are Superior - so post 'em!

    I really dig that(fruit?!) striped chemise!
  8. Star Stamps???

  9. Please grade this Sweet Love #3!

    I can't tell how bad that scuff is..looks faint?I've seen way worse 9.0's.
  10. Superiors are Superior - so post 'em!

    It's weird though that some books ARE notated Canadian editions though,like the Human Torch above-if you look close it has the small Maple Leaf seal.I've seen those era Marvels noted as Can.Eds....
  11. Superiors are Superior - so post 'em!

    Harleys image,but my comic now