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  1. porcupine48

    Shoutout to the Gold Diggers!!🤘🏼

    Threadcrap mafia has represented
  2. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    Thanks friend. Born and raised here,deep roots.The weather extremes are like warfare.100F° on the hallway thermometer,and that doesn't factor in the 'humidex'.So feels closer to 115° with 90% humidity.I would have some fans or AC going if I could.And yeppers,just a few months ago it was -50.We get about five minutes of decent weather here in the Ottawa area @skypinkblu has witnessed the heat here she's told me. Here's a comic you may recognize...
  3. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    It's so hot friend it's hard to focus.My best find or favourite find?The best picking find was likely a stack of about two dozen ten cent romances at a local junk store,all a quarter each.Mostly photo covers,but a few Bakers in there.All were in great shape,fine or better,after I worried the price stickers off them!Sadly,I quickly traded the Bakers for a small pile of pch.This was about six,seven years ago,the prices were nowhere near what they would be today.Same could be said for the horror books,but not near as much. Right around the same year I found Hulk 180/181 at Value Village for 1.99$ each,mid grade.Uncle Ghost Rider cried and moaned so much I just gave him the 181-sadly when he passed I discovered he'd sold it. Still have the 180 somewhere. I also found a Batman Adventures 12,maybe a vg,at a pawnshop for fifty cents I think?One of the few times I sold without dire need.Had that sucker sold the same night for sixty bucks My favourite?A toss up between being at a yard sale at around the age of ten,eleven and finding a pile of SA Marvels.X-Men,FF,Avengers.All beaters,barely above fair shape or worse.I remember X-Men 12 and 13,18(still one of my fave covers,Avengers 9 Strange Tales 108.This was the later eighties,and I was SO excited.There was also some DC/Marvel crossover treasuries,Hulk and Batman,Spidey and Supes,Famous First Editions.Ten cent Charltons like Gorgo and Billy the Kid.A nickle for the regular comics,a quarter for the treasuries.Still have most of them,but a few were lost or stolen or whatever happens to young kids comics.Then there was finding a TTA 93 in what was likely nm at the time(I was twelve,so years of reading and rereading and it's now a vf) for 1$ at the local comic,magazine and porno shop.I'd spend whole days digging through longboxes on the floor in that musty dark place.That comic was the one that got me seriously into back issues.Tales to Astonish...how cool!So fresh and nice and that cover! Those are the ones that stick out in my memory best right now.No GA finds(even today at Ottawa shows,that's rare,at full retail ) I'm sure more will come to me. It's just SO.DARN.HOT. Likely no pics today.Light's not working at all,and my neighbour's not home to charge the laptop.At least I have her wifi password. Keep cool gang! Jimmers
  4. porcupine48

    Is it time we got rid of change requests and voting?

    Maybe I should ask Maybelle.
  5. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    As soon as I get some electric power back and I can see in there after nightfall.It's top of the list!
  6. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    Finally for the day,here's a preview of what i'll try and get done for tomorrow.One of my most prized possessions from a dear friend.
  7. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    I told Linus he's to guard my stuff,not destroy it..
  8. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    This one's for Fifth Horseman and to tease Comcav.
  9. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    And cool you off with a fish in the face!
  10. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    I'll turn up the heat a bit for you all with some naughty Tijuana Bibles
  11. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    I'm sorry gang,it's SO hot and sticky here! See my grief! I can't stop crying!
  12. porcupine48

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    I don't think so?I purchased it from a fellow on here,came from Las Vegas.Same buy as the Green Lama 6 with the odd black ribbon.Can't remember the boadie though.rjpb says he has seen other Quality with 15cents before. The indica looks normal,printed in the USA. I didn't even notice the price difference until i'd had it a few years.Just lucked out.
  13. porcupine48

    Quills from the Crypt

    Trying to force myself folks.Reserved for when I quit slacking! I'm working on it!