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  1. Those green planes on Contact #3 are SO cool. We used to go crazy trying to find them in these kits as kids Buy Ryans stuff,he's cool beans
  2. Admire I wondered-if this tear happened in say,the seventies or late sixties,would the comic have survived?Then I remembered it wasn't that long between the original book and the reprint in Fantasy Masterpieces.What,five years?So I guess he was loved and deemed keeping early on.Good ol FFF.
  3. As a kid I'd read and hear whispers about these wonderful pulps,leading from my early love of Lovecraft.Being up here in Canada land,you just NEVER saw them in the wild-now,it never ceases to amaze me I'm lucky enough to log on and not only see fellow collectors showing off their gems,but holy smokes,even get to see them offered for sale!Amazing!Whenever I see a RedFury sale,even if I know I can't participate in the buying I still get a spine shiver at what I might get to feast my eyes on!
  4. The price was right.I needed a place holder and a fin suited me just fine!And I've had at least that value in shocking people with the picture over the years So happy I'm not to blame for it-I wonder how long it's been there?
  5. That's right,the Gargoyle! I don't know if you know this site Marty,but it's great for a read-especially when I know my copy is buried somewhere! https://comicbookplus.com/?cbplus=categories It has just about anything you could want but the major publishers.
  6. I don't want to clog up your thread(COOL B&B,on my radar now!) but you seem open to chatting a bit . GK and Charltons were not by choice per say-Marvels were scarce to find at yard sales(where 98% of my comics came from as a kid,no money for new issues really) and true story!If there were Marvel or DC hero books they always were pricier,even on a front lawn ,early eighties around here.Dr Solar and Magnus,Turok was about as hero as it got so it was a lot of painted covers and Ditko-ish 'ghostly' books for this kid.I could have fared worse.Well,not much worse than say,Korg but a young love for Karloff,Ripleys and horror has carried me far and I can still buy nostalgic stuff older than me for a song!
  7. well,my PERSONAL motto is lube,Lube LUBE but Bowl for my health?Now I'm going to walk around thinking of Blanche and Kowalski screaming Stella! Bowling for health I always associate with Streetcar.I know,I'm an odd-0
  8. Cool Marty!I have issue two of this,but the cover for yours is OUTTASITE!