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  1. Do you know something we don't Bob? Plus,could I see another pic of the lil' books?Jim Doyle and the G-men?You know I love odd stuff like that! Or PM,whatever floats the boat!
  2. Is that the sorta accordion like one that was for sale here (raw) flattened out? Nothing wrong with that copy at all.
  3. I think GoldyAndy mentioned that he met Mick Jones there,he-Mick-is a long noted comic fan.I believe he pawned his first round of SA Marvels to help the band with something in early Clash days.
  4. Sun in Englandville in Fubrurarary? No way! It looks like this here-this is noon! I lie,it was close to midnight.
  5. I expect and hope to awaken to shiny new scores of delightful delights.
  6. If that's a new price per point I feel a bit sick.Wow.Glad mine's somewhere safe
  7. I mean it looks pretty,be just fine if it's kept in the slab,can't tell it's got a split cover,wraps in there.But again
  8. I found this first edition(I believe) in a free library.Not too shabby eh?
  9. And to stay on comic-that's defending this!Imagine if it was a Lassie or Rex book!?
  10. I told the Pineapple and her best mate this ball was gonna steal my comics and they're teaching it a lesson Edit-we're also winter rebels.See the sign oops
  11. Better post a random comic to stay on topic,although the trespassing sign IS related to a Betty and Me comic....
  12. Very,very nice.Love the colour combo of that green and purple a lot! I've been doodling non stop.I actually can draw fair well,but just letting out silly feels good,since no one asked