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  1. ....the on-site grading at Chicago - used to be a wonderful thing 😔
  2. I’m also thinking along those lines, $60K-$70k. Happy to see in mid $70s thought👍
  3. Those scuffs are brutal! Wtf (nice book!)
  4. For your CG Hulk #181 - What model scanner you rolling, bags & Boards you partial to, mylar preferences....storage and display tendencies?? WTTB💐
  5. Anybody win or know who won, that beautiful 9.6 #7 off C-Link? Hats off to the new owner🤘
  6. Any luck on a 9.4? Saw this online, made me think of subbing Scoobys 😂
  7. That’s a great copy. Has great curb appeal: vibrant gloss, good color strike, tight looking book🤘 8.5 imho