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  1. Beckett - distant 3rd?? Pretty sure that was/is still SGC
  2. Atari325 - Truly appreciate the PM, very nice of you - made my day🤘 Unfortunately, you have selected to not be contacted, so I couldn’t thank-you via PM my man. Hope you see this
  3. Just realized I could put my JQ selection in here
  4. Definitely kudos to the company, but yeah - need some characters that are known/like
  5. I was sooooo fricken geeked to win this one few years back 🤤
  6. One of my favorite covers! Nice copies🤘 Curator 🤤
  7. Taken about 8 different subs - but finally gotz onez🤘🤘
  8. My thoughts exactly! - has some insanely rare HG books and seems to have the means and drive right now to snatch up some awesome books that are surfacing.
  9. DubaiCollection SS TMNT #1 9.8 🤘🤤🤘🤤