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  1. Now hearing the provenance - you made it even cooler, very unique and just straight OG🤘
  2. Just in shock - One of the nicest Boardies I’ve met since joining here in 08. (Just went thru our PM thread, I can’t say enough about how genuine and kind he was on and off the Boards) Such a neat gentlemen, so saddened by the news. My condolences to his family and dear friends, he will be missed greatly and remembered fondly. Sincerely, Eric
  3. That’s pretty cool! Never heard of that being done.
  4. Speaking of founding fathers🤘Hope you and fam are doing well. I hear you my man, but It doesn’t have to be that way, shouldn’t be that way. I just come to these Boards - the TMNT threads - for fun, to learn, to share, to drool, to make friends, to escape Wifey or kids:), to relax, laugh, whatever - so please could guys & girls just leave the negativity at the door....if you already know your bringing it in - please (Personally cause this is one of my happy places and..... )
  5. I will say the Turtlemania books of the Silver and Gold type are a unique market, I guess is the best way to put it. The sales/private sales through the years and especially as of past two has been peculiar to me. BUT I’m not in that niche market, it is foreign to me, so maybe that is why. I’m not in that niche or circle
  6. Since 08 I’ve never seen so many Debbie Downers, Negative Nellys or just haters like as of late in a #1 book thread all at once, all of a sudden. At least never in any GA, SA, Copper threads I’ve ventured into. These threads are supposed to fun, informative, cool - these are the threads I look forward to seeing what’s up with a Title I love, books I love. Hey if you don’t like a certain title, book, art/artists, writers - totally get it. It is what makes the world go round. But don’t rain on parades of those that really like it, for so many different reasons. ✌️
  7. Readily available? Clearly available?........if fat wallets?? I don’t see that with all the prints/variations. Nor did my wallet alone, grant any of my issues and their prints/variants. My #1 first print started out as a 9.6 in 2011 I think. And used it to upgrade for a 9.8 trade. My #3 Variant also I started out with a 9.6 and did the same. Both transactions I also used other TMNT books in the cash/trade with my 9.6 for a 9.8. Those were my biggest purchases. (Besides all the $$$$$ I give CGC when subbing TMNT books. Not joking) As for my sixth print #1, or anybody who has one in HG raw or slabbed. It’s not a fat wallet or even a 5th print #1 or even #4 Manufacturing Error - it was a lot of hunting, or winning one (nothing ludicrous $ wise) off eBay/site//auction house, or subbing or knowing someone....or knowing someone who knows someone. I Lucked out with my 6th print. I knew a TMNT fan/aficionado/collector Boardie who was kind enough and sold me theirs because their TMNT collecting was turning more to the OA. Actually 3 of my more rare or unique or coveted books in my set - I purchased from some of the Founding TMNT Fathers on these Boards. All three went more into the awesome OA collecting of TMNT. Pretty cool🤘 #1 6th print is not a manipulated book/market or fat wallet book. It’s good luck finding one in HG and cherish it when you do and sell/pass it along to someone who will pay for it and appreciate owning one, or sell on site or auction house and try and get top dollar for your book.
  8. Almost exactly a month since my post of some TMNT books needing a well deserved facelift. I will alter my request to: ALL TMNT Volume 1 books (ALL printings, variants, editions) are in dire need of more than a facelift.....appears full body modification is in order for TMNT 2020
  9. Just nuts and C-Link’s one at $1,133 now ending tomorrow night
  10. Yeah not the biggest fan of that cig. Especially with a coveted 9.8 of that book. Yes it is in good place with yellow (just wish kept smaller or no sketch). To each their own. Heck of book no matter what
  11. He’s a gentlemen and a scholar, hoping all is well