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  1. 😂 Fair enough, that was a pretty shotty/butchered/ WTB post There are no Four Color #513, #557 & Ben Bowie #11 slabbed above 9.2 in the census, still. I’ve been trying to complete a run in 9.4 or better for my Ben Bowie Registry set. (These three books are so hard to find in anything above VF/NM. Hence, why after around a decade now and quite few purchases and subs later, I will happily pay multiples of guide for any of these books in genuine NM condition) My apologies to any Boardies who were like 🤔🤨😴 definitely was not one of my best efforts🤘 So, WTB: Raw, NM copies of #513, #557 & Ben Bowie #11 - I will pay multiples of guide for any of these books.
  2. Hey Boardies, I’m needing help acquiring a slabbed 9.8 Second Print TMNT #7. I’d prefer blue label, (non SS) but beggars can’t be choosers at this juncture for me. I will happily pay top/over GPA for this book and I’d pay via PayPal. (Or if anyone has a truly solid raw 9.8 contender(s) lmk) Much obliged, Eric
  3. 👍 Well put I was more just talking out loud, since my favorites are indeed Daredevil & TMNT. So just seeing those two neck n neck throughout the C-Link auction with a finish so close - was so unique and neat to see now in 2019
  4. I still can’t believe the 9.6 (white pages & old label goodness) Curator Daredevil #1 sold for $48,500 and another TMNT #1 9.8 sold for above $50,000
  5. Reserve was met at $50K......T-39 minutes
  6. Besides the $33,000 DD #7 9.6 sale in 17, what was the sale of the other 9.6 prior and was it a C-Link auction? (Or was it after?)
  7. Was the Wagner card also trimmed?
  8. Totally hear you. Wonder what the reserve is.