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  1. New Releases For 6/3/2020 FEB200443 DETECTIVE COMICS #1022 $3.99
  2. Marvel Feature 3 VF/NM 3rd appearance Defenders Marvel Feature 12 VF+ Jim Starlin cover/art, Thanos appearance Thor 190 NM- as per PM
  3. Incredible Hulk 156 NM- $22.00 Incredible Hulk 168 F 1st appearance Harpy $12.00 Incredible Hulk 196 VF+ $8.00
  4. New Releases For 5/27/2020 FEB200451 GREEN LANTERN SEASON 2 #3 $3.99 FEB200924 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #43 $3.99 FEB200982 AVENGERS #33 $3.99
  5. Excited to see new comics coming back out but nothing on my pull list this week
  6. My post in the ASM #129 thread reminded me of how I try and save the original price tags when I buy a comic. Picked this up in probably 1977 or 78 at my first comic convention in NYC. There is a Romita sig on the first page. Big purchase for me back then! Anyone else save the price tags or am I just
  7. I save as many of the original price tags as possible. That one certainly sticks in my mind.
  8. Here's mine. Picked this up way back in the day for probably $2.75 from Million Year Picnic in Cambridge MA. I think this was one of the first books I had graded as well.
  9. I always had it at 123 (January 1970) but yes that works too
  10. I would like more info on that really. Any conversations here about that topic?
  11. I was 11 when this came out and remember thinking JOH was such a great character. Such great stories (and nice copy!)
  12. My LCS does on-line live zoom sales on Monday nights and any time a TTA book comes up it is gone in seconds. Some really great reads!
  13. The only two real keys I need in this run are #142 & 168. I see a fair amount of 168 come up for sale but not too not as many on the 142. I think I missed one in recent sales thread here.