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  1. Thanks! I'll start with an easy one. Aside from the main titles like Tales to Astonish, TOS, JIM, Strange Tales etc..., what's a good affordable/undervalued title? Do I need to consider a second mortgage to look at the more mainstream titles? I do have some smaller runs of them but all Silver.
  2. So what's a good resource to learn about creators, artists, key books, titles etc...? I'm aware of the basic titles that exist but there is obviously so much more. Need to take this all in before I plunge.
  3. I hope those aren't tissues next to the Victoria's secret catalog that were used for packing.
  4. It's so hard to stay focused! I swear this should be my avatar some times.
  5. I think that's where I would start, I can live with low grade copies. I want to read them not just look at them.
  6. This thread is dangerous for me. Always loved this era of books but have never dabbled. Enjoying the covers!
  7. Amazing back covers on these books! (Seriously nice books though... that ASM #2 is making me drool)
  8. Any book in my personal collection when grading never gets logged anything higher than a 9.6. Even if the book looks flawless to me I'm sure enough can be found to knock it down to a 9.8 at a minimum.
  9. Haha, yes it's been a long road with the cataloging. Next up, I get to go through many of them again as I finish my migration to mylar. I switched over in 2009ish so I'm at least 40% there... Thanks for the feedback and the CSV link, that will be critical since I certainly don't want to go through all this again. I'll probably start with a trial account to get used to the interface etc... Good to know about GoCollect, I'll probably hold off on a paid account since I can easily access the FMV for issues. I've seen some posts here that the FMV is a bit inflated, did you (or others) find tha