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  1. Just one of them I think, need to double check. Great books @pickycollector!
  2. I'm not a frequent buyer on eBay but watch a lot of auctions to get a sense of price and check completed listings etc... This is an absolute cluster.
  3. New Releases For 5/12/2021 MAR210648 CONAN THE BARBARIAN #21 $3.99 MAR210539 FANTASTIC FOUR #32 $4.99 MAR210612 GIANT-SIZE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN KINGS RANSOM #1 $5.99
  4. Thanks! Looking forward to reading those. I missed out on a recent sales thread where they went super quick.
  5. New England fan here, at least we did something about Brady leaving this year. Last year with the quarterback formerly know as Cam was no fun! @makeminemego great thread! Fun to watch.