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  1. Our local dump was always a goldmine of discarded (usually coverless) comics - and Playboys.
  2. I would bet a lot of low dollar slabbed books where the case is almost worth more than the comic were sent in by first-time CGC submitters who envisioned nearly every comic returning as an easy 9.8, possibly even a perfect 10! Thank you CGC for crushing their dreams.
  3. Or at least that's what he tried to tell Carol after blurting out the name in the middle of intercourse.
  4. She could almost be #1. Sinestro couldn't get away with half the stuff she does!
  5. I love the original Brotherhood but they are probably too closely linked to Magneto, so I will settle for the Mystique led crew.
  6. Can I vote for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?
  7. The writer who decided his Eskimo Inuit? Yupik? sidekick should be called Pieface.
  8. Richie Rich Cash #1 - 1st appearance of the diabolical Dr. N-R-Gee! He once cleverly snuck into Rich mansion by disguising himself as a floor lamp and having himself delivered. I was seven years old when my mom bought me this comic (for ten cents) at the used book store.
  9. Buyers who use GPA to gauge value also need to remember that not all CGC graded comics are created equal. Comics in the same grade (ie 9.4) can have different PQ, miswraps, writing on cover, etc. So a perfectly centered white-paged clean copy can easily command more than many recent GPA sales. And sometimes a seller just knows a comic is worth more than recent sales show. About 3 years ago a beautiful CGC 9.2 FF 49 was listed for sale at about 25% above GPA. Before I could even think about lowballing the seller another boardie jumped on it. The comic has tripled in value since then. Made the same mistake on a mid grade FF #5.
  10. I like to list my comics at 20% above what I am looking for (at least GPA) so boardies can haggle the price down and feel like they got a bargain.