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  1. Sexy. How about this beautiful girl of the month from 1953?
  2. The name's Steranko, Jim Steranko

    I know it isn't Silver Age, but this recent pickup is one of my favorite Steranko covers and from the Ghost Town collection to boot!
  3. Infinite Bronze War Thread

    No More War? This thread is too quiet, here are some of my recent pickups!
  4. Sold a book on Comic Link... now what?

    I sold a few comics on the exchange recently. Shipped the comics with the confirmation email and was paid in less than three weeks. Easy.
  5. Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Awesome lot! Doubles even included for twice the fright!
  6. Sure she does, that's Plastic Woman, right?
  7. Does it have to be a superhero? Cheryl blossom is pretty hot!
  8. For hottest I'd choose the Human Torch. Most attractive is definitely Magneto!
  9. I changed my mind, I'd rather own this one. And as an added bonus, it's actually up for sale at Heritage right now!
  10. I had this poster in my bedroom as a teenager, would love to have the original art to hang there now!
  11. Silver Age Key Monopoly Game

    The board definitely needs to be redesigned, for a strictly Silver Age Monopoly I don't see how Mediterranean Avenue can be replaced by anything other than:
  12. I know what you mean. I rarely run into this issue with Ebay sellers but some of the stuff I buy off the CGC boards has so much tape and boxes within boxes, bubble wrap, etc. It's like trying to defuse a Russian nesting doll! The gorillas from the old Samsonite commercials would never be able to damage these comics but, like Oakman said, problems like this I need more of!