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  1. Somehow I missed that cover when it came out, just zipped down to the LCS and they had one in the bins. I knew watching this thread would pay dividends one day!
  2. Lol, no. The Xorn is actually from the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual (nothing to do with Lee and Kirby). Looks like Morrison copied Gygax!
  3. Oh, I want them done right. Somewhere in the stacks and heaps of comics at CFP are 48 of my own, waiting to be pressed to perfection.
  4. o No Probies or Hall of Shame members. o Payment via Paypal. o Shipping: media mail at cost in USA. Parcel post at cost in Canada. I normally ship in 2-3 days. o No returns o References: Have bought a ton of stuff (probably too much) on the boards if that counts for anything. Also have a Kudos thread: Black_Adam's Feedback Thread * * * * * Just one lot for this thread: Bronze Age Marvel Picture Frame Covers - these are extras, undercopies and stuff that just doesn't fit my collection anymore. Nearly all sixteen comics were bought on these board
  5. Thread is now closed! Thanks to all who dared enter and double thanks to those who bought comics! Invoices have been sent and books will be shipped this weekend!
  6. And based on the turnaround times on his webpage, currently showing a more than five month backlog, very popular!
  7. Helping mom tidy her storage locker a few years back I found a cardboard box full of comics she must have placed there when I moved out 30 years earlier, which was a big surprise to me because I thought I had taken my entire comic collection with me when I moved. The comics were all Gold Key, Archie and Charlton comics from the 1970s (many with my first name scrawled on the cover to prove ownership) that had been read over and over and over by me and my friends when I was a kid growing up in North Vancouver, BC. Zero resale value but a million dollars in memories.