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  1. Infinite Bronze War Thread

    1st Losers!? This comic is a winner and at the top of my BA War want list!
  2. MCS Grading is always tight - if they are calling it Good+ i'd consider it VG at a minimum. Good luck with the auction!
  3. The 2017 ComicLink show 'em if you got 'em thread

    I was the stiff competition on at least one of these books (and had a hunch you were one of the bidders), so word of your taking a break is welcome news! And big congrats on the WoW #1 - one of my favorite Dave Stevens covers
  4. How well was the comic packed for shipping? Corner bangs like that are common for poorly packaged comics that slide back and forth during shipment. Maybe it started out as a 9.4?
  5. Will there be any Losers in this thread?
  6. Suspicious ebay ECS

    This is the same seller who was reselling ECs with original mailer envelopes - but destroyed the envelopes by whiting out the names
  7. This week in your collection?

    Great deal, and I love this cover!
  8. I wasn't hoping to prove anything with this poll, just hoping to get some simple feedback on boardies' preferred auction house when selling their comics (this wasn't meant to be a poll to determine the best auction house) in case I decide to send any of my own slabs to auction (none of them worth more than $3k). I thought the anonymity of a poll might get more feedback than just asking the question, and hoped a few participants might opt to share the reasons for their preference (customer service, results, etc). But you're right - it didn't work.
  9. Again, more great input. Assuming the majority of graded comics in any auction are in the $3k or less range, let's use that as the new yardstick instead. Looks like Comiclink has taken an early lead...
  10. Great input, I've adjusted the poll to read CGC graded comics with a value of less than $10k.
  11. MCS has always had weekly auctions, but apparently they also have Prime Auctions? I guess that is supposed to be for better material (one is running this week). Not sure what you mean by genre? You mean raw vs graded? Or Superhero vs westerns? Golden Age vs. Modern variants?
  12. Which company do you prefer when sending comics for auction? As a yardstick, let's say CGC graded comics with a value of $10k $3k or less...
  13. The 2017 ComicLink show 'em if you got 'em thread

    Classic cover and a great pickup! Crossing my fingers that none of the others you're chasing (unless I have bids on them) elude you.