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  1. And Aquaman is a ripoff of Sub-Mariner, so DC started it!
  2. Recent well-loved pickup. Most of my Harvey focus is Bronze Age (the comics from my childhood) but I couldn't resist this 1st issue of (I believe) the second title to feature the poor little rich boy!
  3. Looking to buy a well-centered copy of Fantastic Four #75 CGC 9.4 Prefer page quality OW or better Paying current GPA ($504) or better for the right copy Must be willing to ship to Canada Galactus!
  4. Not so sure about Action #1 - didn't see a lot of DC on that list!
  5. Thought for sure someone would have posted a Four Color #16 or something similar. I mean, Mickey Mouse is basically a rat, right?
  6. Depends on the comics you're selling and/or your reputation as a board seller. If you are selling hot/key comics you should have no problem finding a buyer at your asking price, saving the commission. If you're selling something few buyers here seem to want - high grade DC Silver Age non-key comics, for example - you may have to start discounting or sell them elsewhere. And if you ever achieve the gold star selling rep of some boardies you can just run annual sales where people post multiple takes for every comic posted with barely a glimpse at the asking price! Bottom line is the boards are a great place to sell if you have the right comics at the right price.
  7. We're allowed to get a new comic for our collection when we have a kid? My wife celebrated our first by turning my comics into a stroller and a gold-plated carseat. Forgot to add...congrats!
  8. Deleted the app months ago when I realized they won't ship to Canada.
  9. I think with the price point of the comics mentioned a seller would be in the 8% consignment bracket. This also includes PayPal fees so, if that is how a seller would want payment here, the difference is probably more like 5%. And you would also be saving the cost of shipping the comic to the consignor in the first place. That being said, some comics can be a tough sell here as the boards represent a relatively small group of collectors with specific tastes. An auction house brings a comic to a far larger number of potential buyers. I would still offer it here first though. How hard is it to take a pic and post?
  10. 1st option - list the bigger books here using current GPA and save yourself the commission fees. Lots of deep pockets here. 2nd option - consign them at MyComicShop using current GPA. You will have to pay a commission but if the books are priced right they should sell fast. 3rd option - auction them at Comiclink. Books are guaranteed to sell but unless the comics are hard to find in their current grade you are probably going to get very close to current GPA or under (and still have to pay commission).
  11. So if you've upgraded a comic in your collection and sold your undercopy you are now a dealer and no longer a collector? The guy sounds like he has issues, and I don't mean comics...
  12. Never had the chance to interact with Bob but he always posted great comics and was always a positive presence on these boards. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and all who knew and loved him. RIP BB.
  13. Not sure when EC started promoting him as Ghastly, but my guess as for the first time the moniker appeared on one of his covers would be Haunt of Fear #11.
  14. What is your ebay ID? Will be nice to find a seller willing to ship to Canada!
  15. As much as I respect many members here I find it kind of sad that between post after post questioning Dylan's maturity there are posts making fun of his name and his physical appearance. In spite of any mistakes or missteps he's made, that's not right. Stay classy CGC boards.