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  1. And based on Viserion letting him pet him when he was chained in the dungeon I was sure Tyrion was going to be the third rider (until the Night King shot that theory down).
  2. In the novella there were also non-Targaryens who were chosen by dragons to be their riders but it was exceedingly rare (with most hopeful applicants ending up as dragon chow).
  3. I believe when I read the novella the Princess and the Queen it explained that the dragons and their riders bond for life and will accept no other rider - not even after death.
  4. I just wanted to say that, in my opinion - having read the books - I thought the series hit it out of the park. The books are great for the wealth of background but plot-wise there were only two relatively major differences I remember and it will be interesting to see where GRRM takes the novels going forward (I'm assuming his notes fueled the plot for seasons 6-8) and I would be surprised if there is any huge divergence from where the series ended other than perhaps following the main characters past the final episode (I really wanted to see a final scene where Bran worgs into Drogon and sees him carrying Daenerys to a cave slowly revealed to be filled with dragon eggs - and the final scene is her letting out a gasp a la Jon Snow as her eyes open wide).
  5. Is there anyone here who has only watched the TV series and has never (and has no plan to) read the books?
  6. Agreed. It started well but by the end of book 5 I couldn't stomach any more (I hear the series finally finished with 16 books written).
  7. I just hope he is actually able to finish the books and it doesn't end up like The Wheel of Time series.
  8. The King Beyond the Wall will work out better for him - he has a thing for redheads with an attitude (and I don't mean Tormund).
  9. Thanks! With any luck this contest won't be happening for a looooong time. Check back in this thread in fifty years or so for further updates.
  10. The 33 comics will appear at random intervals over 3 days. The first boardie to hit will receive the comic and a chance at the Golden Ticket, with no boardie allowed to claim more than one of the comics. The reason I said established boardies only was to stop the inevitable frenzy of new accounts as everyone clamored to claim one (or more) of the comics potentially containing the fabled Golden Ticket. Now I just have to come up with a criteria for determining what makes a boardie established.
  11. In true Willy Wonka-esque fashion I will hold a mysterious 3-day sale on the boards with an assortment of breathtaking Bronze Age Gold Key comics priced at a princely $5 per comic with each (established) boardie only allowed to purchase one comic. There will be a total of 33 comics and inside one of them will be hidden a glorious Golden Ticket with the lucky recipient inheriting my legendary and (near) priceless comic collection.
  12. I don't see the Crossover service listed on the CGC site but have a CBCS graded comic I am considering submitting for the service. Question - I don't normally buy any graded comics other than CGC and I notice with this CBCS slab that when I gently tilt it from left to right the comic slides back and forth, from side to side, inside the case. Seems like a recipe for disaster to me and I am seriously considering cracking the case open myself before submitting the comic just to protect it during transit. Are all their graded comics like this?