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  1. Any Wacky Pack fans here? Wacky Packages Volumes 1 and 2 - like new condition with sealed bonus stickers intact - $75 for both
  2. Archie: The Best of Harry Lucey Volume 2 - like new condition, minor shelf wear (see pics) - $10
  3. Eerie Archives Volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6 - new condition, all still in shrinkwrap - $80 for the set of four SOLD!
  4. Eerie Archives Volume 1 (Dark Horse) - like new condition, very minor shelf wear (see pics) - $50 SOLD!
  5. Weird Science Volume 2 - like new condition, very minor shelf wear (see pics) - $25
  6. Vault of Horror Volume 3 (Dark Horse) - new condition, still in shrinkwrap - $45
  7. Shock SuspenStories Volume 1 (Dark Horse) - new condition, still in shrinkwrap - $30
  8. Haunt of Fear Volume 3 (Dark Horse) - like new condition, very minor shelf wear (see pics) - $40
  9. Crime SuspenStories Volume 1 - like new condition, very minor shelf wear - $25 SOLD!
  10. May have to move and I have WAY too many books! Apparently, based on previous moves, people really, really do not like moving cardboard boxes loaded full with books (especially hardcovers), so I am hoping to sell some of the heaviest books! Now, the rules: o No Probies or Hall of Shame members. o Payment via Paypal. o Shipping: media mail at cost in USA. Parcel post at cost in Canada. I normally ship in 2-3 days. o No returns o References: Have bought a ton of stuff (probably too much) on the boards if that counts for anything. Also have a Kudos thread: Black_Adam's Feedback Thread * * * * *
  11. Recent boards pickup courtesy of @kimik No 9.8 for me - happy to have this copy which presents much higher than the assigned grade.
  12. While I was frantically grabbing my jacket and car keys she calmly informed me they were the only comics there. Apparently they were on top of a box filled with magazines someone had donated. She checked the box and found only one other comic - a beat up X-Men and Teen Titans #1 (which she also bought).
  13. The only thing my wife knows about comics is that her husband has an unhealthy obsession with them. Nevertheless, she grabbed these for me when she saw them at a local thrift store but was concerned she may have overpaid - $4 for the lot.