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  1. In Remembrance of my great uncle, Lieutenant Donald Kenneth Lee, from Powell River, Canada, who volunteered to return to the front as part of the Canloan program where Canadian officers were loaned to the British Army due to a critical shortage of officers during World War II. He served with the 8th division of the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) and took part in the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe during the D-Day landings and battled all the way to Uden, Holland, where he was killed by enemy forces during Operation Market Garden. He is buried in the war cemetery there and, though he never came home, is always with us and will never be forgotten.
  2. Didn't seem to like the first link I pasted so tried a new one
  3. Great info. Now I just need to figure out why every comic I submit a bid on at 10% less than GPA sells for way above the last recorded sale...
  4. Sold 13 comics in the current Comiclink auction for a sales total of $3,094. 10 of the 13 comics sold for less than current GPA. On average, the comics sold at 90.9% of current GPA. Best sale was 44% above last recorded GPA ($300) Worst sale was 40% below last recorded GPA ($160)
  5. I know when I have had rejected pre-screens with CCS they have shipped them back separately (despite my protests) from the approved comics in the same shipment, usually at the same time as the approved books are moved to CGC. My guess is your rejected comic is in limbo in the shipping department. Hope it finds its way back to you soon.
  6. Sent four comics in to be pre-screened for Restoration Removal - 7/16 Three did not get past pre-screen, fourth moved on to Fast Track Economy Resto Removal (25 days) Notified yesterday that it had finally been forwarded from CCS to CGC for re-grading - 75 days later! E-mailed customer service and was informed that CCS does not offer Fast Track for restoration removal - it is an error on their website. Now I just need to get the $15 they charged me for Fast Track back...
  7. I think for most DC Bronze Age horror collectors Unexpected doesn't really join the ranks until the logo change and real horror focus beginning with issue #110.
  8. Never got a chance to post my own scan but I did pick this up on the boards recently - one of my favorite Wrightson covers.
  9. I was there but was only able to stay for the first hour or so, talked a bit with Van Isle Pressing and checked out Harley's booth. I know there are a few people from the boards who go there but the only one I've ever met is Aardvark. Maybe we'll cross paths at the next show.
  10. He disappeared shortly after changing his name to @takeyourlemons and hasn't been back to the boards in more than 2-1/2 years...
  11. For Bronze I mainly chase the Wrightson DC stuff and (other than HOS 92) decent copies seem to be harder and harder to find, though I did place some bids on the recent high grade Weird War copies on HA. I still like peeking in here to see what others have posted but this thread has seemed to have had one foot in the grave ever since Sterling Comics stopped posting.