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  1. WTB: Haunt of Fear!

    Bump for one more found (#24), three to go! HOF 11 Found! HOF 15 Found! HOF 20 HOF 22 HOF 23 HOF 24 Found! HOF 27 Found!
  2. Esoteric Slabs- Moving Sale!

    Confederate protesters - enraged at the artist's bungling of the flag's true colors, red, white and blue! Never having read the story, I can only assume the flag was custom made for the apparently color-blind Rebel Raiders or that the colorist wasn't from the South...
  3. Recommended shops in Vancouver, BC?

    The board of tourism should be offering you a position, great guide!
  4. I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)

    Pretty books. I just sent Paul a PM a few days ago to ask about a couple of these and he told me they were already sold
  5. RIP Len Wein

    Loved his stories, particularly the collaborations with Wrightson. RIP Mr. Wein.
  6. Recommended shops in Vancouver, BC?

    Airship Comics at 13th and Lonsdale. Another comic shop I spent a ton of time (and money) at. Ken did a great job with the store and there were a lot of sad North Van comic collectors when it closed its doors.
  7. Recommended shops in Vancouver, BC?

    An interior shot of the original Comicshop. Needless to say, the new location - while loaded with TPB's, new comics and a limited supply of older (low grade, common) material - will never have the cool factor of those that came before:
  8. Raw AF15 for sale in Victoria BC, Canada

    I missed the news report but had more than a few friends (the only thing they know about comics is that I collect them) ask me if I'd heard about this "amazing" comic find on the island. None of them could quite remember which comic it was when they told me about it (one was pretty sure it was Spider-Man's 3rd appearance), but they all agreed that it was unique and incredibly rare, sort of like finding a lost Rembrandt hidden beneath the lining of your underwear drawer. Guessing it could only be an AF 15, they were surprised when I told them there were probably a couple dozen of this "incredibly rare" comic available on Ebay at any time. So, yeah, put it in a museum.
  9. I believe these were folded in half and inserted at the top of a comic rack:
  10. Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Congrats, Barton, that's a pearl. What grade do you guess, VF+?
  11. Frames for CGC books?

    A quick search of Ebay will also turn up a few vendors. And if you order any frames, make sure to ask whether they fit the older (7/16") CGC frames or the new (5/8") thicker ones (depending on your preference).