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  1. JIM - 9.0 Alf - 8.0
  2. They all look like 6.8's to me...grades in.
  3. Black_Adam

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    Never knew there was a club, here's my membership card:
  4. Grades in! This time I played it smart and didn't let none of that thinkin' get in the way of my guesses grades.
  5. Maybe I didn't read far enough (I'm bad that way) and it said, "no more than a 1/4" triangle, 1/8" square or 1" long rectangle..."
  6. I thought the criteria for Very Good was no more than a 1/4" triangle or 1/8" square missing out of a corner of the cover - the chunk out of that Weird Chills looks big enough to write a grocery list on (assuming, like me, the only thing you buy at the supermarket is beer).
  7. Wow, those are some generous grades, especially for comics in the new slabs! My guesses were 3.5 and 5.0 and I was second-guessing myself the entire time, sure I was way too high. I'm definitely going to send my next batch of books to be graded direct to Forest City so Andy can submit them under his name. Based on the grades I get when I send CGC comics like these, I can only assume they peeked and saw Black_Adam on the form!
  8. When I click the image my Norton antivirus warns me "dangerous web page blocked!" and won't allow me any further. So i just hold down CTRL and scroll my mouse wheel to enlarge the page (and the image). It's blurry but readable.
  9. Don't know why those two seemed so hard, but feels like I just hit the bullseye...grades in!
  10. I also pegged the NM 98 at a 8.5 (and the IH at a 1.5). I hope the next time CGC is looking to hire graders they come looking here...
  11. I'm getting the same as Kav. I think CGC broke the contest.
  12. They worked fine for me earlier (when I submitted my guesses) but give me the message you're receiving now (with the exception of the Hulk 181 back cover which I can still see but only if I click a link).
  13. I love Marlin Brando...and I'm also looking forward to checking out the new site!