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  1. Black_Adam

    Spidermanbeyond feedback thread

    Perry's pressing service has been impressive to say the least - fast, affordable, crystal-clear communication and - most importantly - great results! In the few submissions I've had with him so far I've already had a handful of bronze age books bumped up to 9.8s and his pre-screens have been prescient. Very easy to deal with. Thank you so much @spidermanbeyond!
  2. Black_Adam

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    This one just arrived today. I have been reluctant to bid on anything at Comiclink since they started charging State sales tax on all shipments to WA (apparently due to the Wayfair Supreme Court ruling, according to CLink billing dept.), but I couldn't resist this signed copy after missing out the first time @skypinkblu offered it here. Had it shipped to Canada to avoid the tax but the extra shipping ($70 for 1-3 comics) is still a kick in the junk. Bought an additional comic on the Exchange to soften the shipping blow and asked them to ship the two together and they promised they would. Naturally, they then shipped them separately (but once contacted apologized and ate the second shipping charge).
  3. Black_Adam

    Newton Rings

    Just received four slabs back from CGC - two Golden Age and two Bronze Age - and all four cases are crystal clear. Nary a Newton Ring to be noticed!
  4. Black_Adam

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Three strikes for me, also. Hammer prices weren't crazy, but they weren't deals either...
  5. Black_Adam

    I am an old comic nerd

    Coasters are for beer, not tea.
  6. Panels, not covers, got it...I think. This one stuck with me from when I was a kid, pretty sure those are tears on Hulk's face in the first panel, not sweat. And in the final panels if he isn't crying he should be. Herb Trimpe gold. ... ...