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  1. Only 8/100. Used to own a lot more before my collecting tastes changed from Bronze to Silver to Gold.
  2. Black_Adam

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Was lucky enough to add this long sought for issue via a non-boardie (until now) who was moving, found it in a box, hit Google to check its value and stumbled across my WTB thread.
  3. Black_Adam

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    By far my favorite Red Sonja cover, and a great-looking sig too! Congrats!
  4. Black_Adam

    Raw vs CGC

    Not to take anything away from your comment (which I completely agree with), but I bet there are a lot of CGC graded comics that a buyer with a keen eye could crack out, resubmit (without pressing) and have an excellent chance of getting a higher grade.
  5. Hoping that if we send them regular mail with a low declared value and the declaration "used comics" the customs agents won't get a hold of them and take these home for their kids to read... XXXenophile 1 & 2 around VF $2 ea Harold Hedd 2 VG $1 Cherry 13 VG/F $10 Cherry 16 VF KSP 1994 printing $15 Cherry 19 F/VF 1996 $15 Cherry 20 VG/F 1999 $10 Cherry 22 FN- 2000 $12 assuming you are OK with shipping smut to the Great White North
  6. Yeah I picked up some comics in the US once including the issue of Cherry with the gerbil on the cover and I was sure THAT would be the one comic the customs agents decided to take a look at. Luckily they didn't and it is now safely squirreled away in my collection.
  7. Missed it? There's tons of good smut stuff left. Makes me wish I didn't live in Canada - the border guards always confiscate these kind of comics so they can take them home...
  8. Black_Adam

    WTB (Bronze Age) Richie Rich

    Bump for updated and expanded list!
  9. I graded the front a 4.0 and the back a 1.0 - which according to my math means my 2.5 is spot on.
  10. Black_Adam

    Outbreak of Shaken Comic Syndrome

    All of my experiences with SCS in regards to CGC shipments have involved smaller groups of books (six or less) and, I believe, have been directly related to the poor packaging practices in their shipping department. Larger shipments (say 12 slabs or more) are placed upright in a carton with 1" thick cardboard buffers on all six sides and bubble wrap wedged into any remaining gap to prevent movement during transit. Smaller shipments are packed as previously described - with no protection in place to prevent excessive movement during transit, almost always a cause of SCS. My only guess is that whoever approved this shipping method at CGC mistakenly believes the cases alone will prevent the comics from any damage during shipment? Which is a shame, because in my experience most smaller shipments involve higher value books while bulk shipments have almost always been graded at the lowest tier.
  11. Black_Adam

    Why Would You Open A Slabbed Book?

    I can't speak for other collectors but, all things being equal, I would sooner buy a slabbed book than one that has been deslabbed with the label. If it was a boardie or a reputable online dealer (i.e. Worldwide, who often offer deslabbed comics) I would take a very close look to make sure no damage occurred during the deslabbing process - which can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing or aren't careful - and would also be looking for signs of SCS, as mentioned, a frequent reason for deslabbing. As far as eBay goes, I wouldn't touch a deslabbed comic offered there with a ten foot pole. Too easy to mix and match comics/labels - it would be easy for a swindler there to match a 9.0 high value book with resto with a 9.0 blue label for the same issue. For me, a significant part of the value of CGC grading is the tamper proof case. Tampering with the case reduces that value for me.