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  1. Thank you so much Mick! I appreciate that you took the time to come to my talk at Comic Fest, and I consider your praise of my work a very high honor! In fact, I think it's a dream come true, to have a real war comic enthusiast and historian like you to post about it in this thread, on these boards. If anyone wants a signed copy they can message me here, or they can purchase one on Amazon. One thing to note for all you war comic collectors, you'll see the little logo on the photo of the cover that says "The United States World War One Centennial Commission." That's the official endorsement seal of the commission, a group of academics and military personnel who were presidential-appointees. My book was the only graphic novel they vetted and endorsed in their five-year history. This group was meeting in Paris when they reviewed my work and endorsed it. So, comics can convey war and history and also be recognized at the highest academic level. I appreciate being able to share this with such a great group of war comic collectors here!
  2. I was re-reading the insightful piece that the late Bob Haney wrote for this Big Five issue...it was very powerful to have so many actual veterans like Haney (WW2, Navy) involved in the Big Five books. I thought I'd share this photo of the cover of my copy, because I was able to get it autographed by the legendary Russ Heath! I saw him at one of his last con appearances in Long Beach. We had a nice talk that day too. His signature is under the wing on the left.
  3. I love this thread...it's a good escape from reality right now too. Here's another of mine, the artist is Bill Dinh.
  4. So awesome! How did you get that Harrison Ford auto on the Star Wars #1, original series?
  5. I knew you'd come through on this thread my friend...impressive...most impressive.
  6. This could be a really great thread! Here is one of my unique signed Star Wars books. A colored version of the black and white Star Wars #7 Boba Fett action figure variant cover. Signed by Jeremy Bulloch, with cover colors by Steven Butler.
  7. Bane by Graham Nolan SOLD Azrael by Graham Nolan $250 Bane by Travis Charest (a very rare sketch by him) SOLD Batman #497 Signed by Nolan, Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, cover artist Kelley Jones. $225
  8. I'm refocusing my collection so these need to go. No probies or HOS allowed here. I only ship in the U.S. and Canada. All CGC sales are final, no returns. The first in the thread gets the book. Paypal only. PMs are fine. Shipping in the U.S. is $14.50 per book. Buy more than two and shipping is free. Canada shipping is at cost. Thanks for looking! This first sketch is by the late, great artist Norm Breyfogle. This was drawn at a con right before his unfortunate health struggles. Bane by Norm Breyfogle $650
  9. I love the late, great Joe Kubert's work, and was thrilled to get this book signed by him! The series is awesome too.
  10. Here's a great wash tone book, also signed by the late great Joe Kubert and the late great Russ Heath! The only one signed by both legends.
  11. Still looking. Also looking for a Harrison Ford CGC signed action figure book in 9.8.