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  1. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I just wanted to point out that the 6.0 on Heritage doesn’t have any offers. That’s just the default price Heritage set. The owner probably doesn’t even know about it. A 7.0 sold for $2099 last month on clink. After clink’s cut the seller received close to the same amount Rick Starr was asking for his copy.
  2. Crime magazines were aimed at the same audience as adventure mags. There’s lots of great gga covers from the 40’s and 50’s. Unfortunately, most of the 60’s and 70’s mags had photo covers. I don’t really collect crime mags with photo covers except for these two. With titles and cover logos like Strange Murder Stories and Weird Detective I just couldn’t resist them. I have 5 of the 6 issues of Strange Murder Stories and both issues of Weird Detective. I’m not sure how rare they are but these are the only copies I’ve ever seen. A few of these covers may not be appropriate for this forum, if anyone if offended let me know and I’ll remove them.
  3. Here’s a new one in really nice condition from 1952.