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  1. I hope he is doing well and stays away from here.
  2. This cover brings back memories. This was one of the first book I bought when I started collecting years ago. I bought my original copy off a guy at a flea market in Alameda.
  3. I agree with the 9.4-9.6. Looks like there is a small color break towards the bottom of the spine by the black area on the cape.
  4. Definitely not worth it. I have a restored grail and wished I had bought a low grade non-restored instead.
  5. Isn't there at least two different characters named Isis? I read somewhere, don't remember where, that the Isis appearing in Shazam #25 isn't owned by DC so they created a new character in 52 Week 12.
  6. I like Morrison's work so I'll give it a try some day.
  7. The only issue I read was the one about Codpiece. It seemed like a goofy story but it didn't turn out too bad. I may give the series a read.
  8. I never got into Doom Patrol, but I felt his Animal Man was very good for the time.
  9. Nice book! I was a huge fan of Brother Power back in the 90s. I'm glad they gave him a darker story line than what they wrote for him in the original books.
  10. What an awesome cover. I've never seen this cover and I believe I have most of the run.
  11. It'll only be the reverse...eight Howard the Duck #1 for one low grade copy of ASM #129.