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  1. The app's not perfect. They're going to get some things wrong.
  2. Yeah, that spine split is pretty significant.
  3. I think Mr. SigS did a great job "putting it out there". You seem to have left a few things out.
  4. It looks like the spine splits are visible on the back cover. Initially I thought the uneveness of the white area on the spine was due to the front cover wrapping onto the back cover, but the front cover shows part of the white area from the back cover so it's not a miswrap.
  5. In Flash Rebirth #1, August Heart appears throughout the book, but it isn't until towards the end of the issue does he get hit with a bolt of lightning, and in the last panel his eyes have lightning bolts shooting out. Godspeed does not appear in the book. If that's considered his first cameo, then #3 not only has even more pages featuring August, but he is using his powers running alongside the Flash. It isn't until the last page do we see Godspeed in costume, but in a flashback. It isn't until a few issues later do we find out that August is Godspeed. So to answer your question...
  6. Thanks Paul for the book. The book arrived as pictured in the thread. It was packed well and got here relatively quick considering the delays with the post office due to Covid.
  7. That's so awesome! I'm glad they ruled in your favor.
  8. I mentioned CBCS shill only because you said "across the street" the guy either swapped the book or was a CGC shill.
  9. The staple rule wouldn't apply in the OP case since the seller didn't include pictures of the staples, but the top of the building is clearly visible and is missing the cross or whatever is supposed to be. I have to agree that the staple rule is easier to remember than the missing cross on the building.
  10. On a true copy of Batman #1, the building on the right should have what looks like a cross on top of the building. The one pictured does not have the cross on top of the building.