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  1. Don't I know it. I had to inventory all those books on at least two occasions and I helped with a re-bagging in the mid 80's. I remember a lot of the covers but like I said was never allowed or wanted to attempt to open any. Glad to hear you'r planning on holding on to them at least I'll always know where to find a few. (thumbs u Andrew
  2. Hi Andrew, the owner of your dad's book found me. He's not selling (I don't blame him), but I'm glad I was able to inform him that he owns the Toth copy. (thumbs u Sorry you won't be getting it. Did the owner know or were they interested at all to know it was one of our books? Just curious. (thumbs u Andrew
  3. Sorry nearmint I don't know who currently owns it but I can tell you that it was one of my dad's books "David N Toth Collection". Thanks for the info on the resub though I can update my data base to reflect the CGC # change. Good luck finding it. (thumbs u Andrew
  4. Ahhh Silver Good to hear from you again. Glade you held on to some of them. I personally really liked some of the books you purchased, just from a cover art perspective (I never attempted to read any of these books). I really like the Bizzaro covers and the ones with all the deep purple, they really seem to pop. How goes your Jimmy Olsen collection? If I remember correctly that was your main focus from the collection. (thumbs u Andrew
  5. So as promised I spoke with dad today. I was pretty much correct in the JLA stuff he also reminded my about how much he liked World's Finest. As to a particular story the only thing he could remember,so I guess you would have to say it made an impression, was the Shrunken City of Kandor stories. (thumbs u Andrew