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  1. ss5rmp

    Anthony Castrillo is a liar and a cheat.

    When i ask for commissions from artists I've never dealt with this is what I ask for when negotiating price as well
  2. PSH real pros misspell words or draw hidden dongs after the 3 years
  3. I will get pics up after I eat but im donating a batman tpb reading lot Batman: the long halloween Batman: a death in the family Batman: no man's land novel version Batman Arkham asylum hc Free Shipping in the US. I'll put $10 towards anywhere else in the world
  4. ss5rmp


    DC Comics Presents 27 FN- $5 DC Comics Presents 27 VG/F and 28 FN+ $6 at 10%
  5. Sunday closing thread after today.
  6. gotham girls 1-3 sold and thank you.
  7. asm 252 and wos 18 cgc Sold and thank you