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  1. hit the contact us button and phone number and passcode pulls up - you may get transferred several times - be clear, you have a buyer committing fraud that is trying to get a refund from you - the ebay item no longer pulls up due to the time frame. "Call PayPal Customer Service and enter this one-time passcode when prompted. The code below takes you directly to the experts you need." like I said they may transfer you several times. fyi - you have to go through multiple pages on the paypal website (starting with main home page) to get a phone number and ignore the pop-ups to chat about your problem through messaging - it is hard to find the phone number. They do seem to prefer you using online system, however speaking with a rep works out best for me.
  2. yes and I won. Buyer bought an X-Men 266 NM and not a peep out of him during the 90? days the ad still shows up on ebay and claims can be filed. Then filed with paypal about 170 days after it ended (almost 6 months) saying item was not as described and noted "box damaged" and wanted a full refund (plus I had double boxed it). This was the first I had heard from him. Well heck any insufficiently_thoughtful_person could figure out even if he shipped something back I would not get the same book back (no pictures left on ebay), they could buy a $5 beater and keep the NM. I called and as I'm talking to the paypal rep and explaining the long delay in noting damage - ebay no longer even shows the item - and how I'm going to be ripped off - she goes this was a collectible? I replied yes. She stated no one is going to wait to open up a damaged box that contains a collectible for 5 months. I'm denying his claim. So yes, even after the ebay window is closed, paypal's window is 180 days. I would call a paypal rep. .
  3. I'm sorry 707comics, but look just above your post and you will see that n2wdw took them all in the previous post.
  4. My asking price total for the individual lots ads up to $88.00 plus postage. Take them all for $60.00 shipped in USA - this offer is good up until first sale or sale closed.
  5. Betty Page Queen of Pin-Up $10.00 1993 Benedikt Taschen new Nearmint - never slobbered on 80 pages with most pages having several pictures cover picture has been altered to hide the goodies - no markings on cover itself
  6. Pup Art by Robert Lesser $8.00 Hardcover with Dustjacket 1997 great art from pulp covers - horror - men's - war- jungle - mystery dustjacket has age spotting (small dots on inside cover), back cover dustjacker has creasing at lower left, book itself appears Nearmint
  7. Best of American Girlie Magazines $8.00 Taschen 1997 paperback mostly covers and a few inside stories Includes Betty Page with a gorilla (2 pages) and several other Betty Page pictures has a bend in the middle from bad storage (I bought it that way)
  8. Seduction of the Innocent by Max Collins - paperback novel $2.00 Hard Case Crime Book looks new however has some age spotting along bottom edge (where it sits not the margin)
  9. COPY #2 Vargas 20s - 50s softcover $2.00 verygood condition - scratch upper right front cover, heavy crease lower spine, larger on back maybe 5 inches Benedikt Taschen 1993
  10. COPY #1 Vargas 20s - 50s new nearmint softcover $5.00 Benedikt Taschen 1993
  11. Pin-Up Gallery Pek-A-View Sexy Paintngs from the '30s - '60s Volumes 1 and 2 both new full page GGA pin-ups $8.00
  12. Jim Silke Sketchbook Vol 1 Nearmint - $15.00 has an illustration of his with Betty Page in the Princess Leah bikini - page 63
  13. Books are all new, but may show shelf/handling wear/storage wear Artist Archive Series - Collectors Press these are full page pin-ups by Vargas - nuff' said Set of 2 Books $10.00 Vargas Girls 1 bump lower right corner Vargas Girls 11 bump lower right corner - tinp bump upper right
  14. Books are all new, but may show shelf/handling wear/storage wear Artist Archive Series - Collectors Press these are ful page pin-ups by Gil Elvgren Set of 2 Books $10.00 Elvgren Girls 1 bump at bottom right and small bump at upper left - miscut/miss-trimmed pages (from printer) along bottom edge Elvgren Girls 11 small bump botom right corner