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  1. bagofleas


    It's been a while but Kaholo had one of my cherished original collection books and hadn't sent it back to me yet. It's an ASM 300 in CGC 9.4 with Stan Lee, Bob McLeod, David Michelinie, Tom DeFalco and Todd MacFarlane signed on it. He sent me a picture of the book, which is shown below, right before the "you know what" hit the fan with him. It was completed and graded, but never returned to me. Please let me know if someone can reunite me with my book.
  2. bagofleas

    HEROES CON!!!!!

    Its finally that time again! Since hitting Heroes Con last year for the first time, I resigned myself to never missing this awesome show again! Easily the best show on the east coast every year! And now its finally time for Heroes Con again this weekend! Ive got lots of stuff to do at this show! Many books that I will get signatures on, many people to aid in their searches for that next awesome graded treasure, and many friends to see and spend time with! And of course, all of the awesome artwork that the artists do at this show for the annual art auction that they run every year!! This will be a fantastic weekend filled with comic art greatness!! I will post pictures after the weekend is over. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  3. On my New Mutants (1983) set, there are two books that are showing that they SHOULD have points when you click on their slot description, but they're not showing any points for the books that are actually in the slots. The issues in question are #83 and #87 second print. The #83 is a book that I just inputted into the system, so it may just be delayed for some reason, and the #87 second print has BEEN in my set for years now and all of a sudden doesn't show a score. Thanks, Gemma. You always do a great job keeping up with all of these requests from us analytical perfectionists. ?
  4. Howdy Gemma!! Could you pleeeeease add Lady Death: All Hallows Evil #1 Naughty Hallowicked Edition to the Lady Death (Coffin) set? They only made 69 of these beauties and I want to show it off since mine is the only CGC SS 9.8 copy I have seen so far. Thanks, Gemma! You Rock!!
  5. bagofleas

    Halloween Covers posted by Tom Skahan

    Little Dot Dotland 16 1/65
  6. bagofleas

    Another November 86-er!! posted by bagofleas

    . That's ok, buddy. I have a connection that knows dealers who have a boatload of these, so they're on the process of looking for copies for me. ??
  7. bagofleas

    Another November 86-er!!

    Little by little. As many of you know, I am slowly putting together a set of all 29 of the Marvel 25th Anniversary Border Covers. I am shooting for all 9.8 WP on them. Although a few will be nearly impossible to accomplish with that goal. I have a copy of Classic XMen #3 that surfer99 got signed for me In process at CGC right now, but while I am waiting on that to get done, I had a chance to win one for really cheap online, so I went for it...... and got it! I figure if the signed one does not get 9.8, at least I will have a 9.8 copy. And if it does get 9.8, then I can either sell this one or give it to my big bro, Tnerb. Anyway, here is a picture of the unsigned copy that I won. Now to try and find those last couple of pesky Star Comics issues....... To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  8. bagofleas

    No Score? posted by auldwin

    Yes, with new books, Gemma often has to go in manually and set up the points for them once a copy is registered. It will be rectified, and if after a few weeks it still isn't, just message her and make her aware of it. She will get it handled.
  9. bagofleas

    The Waiting Game..... posted by bagofleas

    You and me both. I'm only missing two books to have them all raw. But they're not all graded yet, because I'm just waiting to try and get sigs on as many of them as possible. And they won't all be 9.8 when I'm done, a few will be 9.6, but I'll eventually get all 9.8s on them. I'll be getting two copies done at Baltimore, hopefully onsite.
  10. bagofleas

    CGC - You Have Created A Monster! posted by Andrew82

    I normally tell newcomers to beware of how addicting collecting and submitting graded books is, but you've obviously already passed that threshold. Hahaaa I also constantly check my invoice status during the grading process. I have three invoices being processed right now. One that hasn't made it from CCS to CGC yet, one that is for books I sent to Surfer99 for signings at Phoenix Comic Con, and one that was submitted back at Megacon in early April.
  11. bagofleas

    The Waiting Game.....

    The nature of grading. As graded comic collectors, we all know how it's a patient man's way of collecting. You can fork out the money to buy already graded books like I did for the first five years of my collecting cgc books, or you can submit books yourself, which is mostly what I do now. But the length of time to get them back after submission can be agonizingly slow. We understand that that's the case ahead of time, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. But that's what happens when everybody wants books done in massive volume all year long. Paying the extra $10 per book for Fast Track is always an option, and one that I very often take advantage of, but when you're submitting a lot of books, that extra cost adds up fast!!! So depending on what I've budgeted myself for my current round of invoices, I may or may not do Fast Track. In the case of the four current invoices I have at CGC, only one is Fast Tracked, and that one is only because I want it back YESTERDAY. It is my ASM #300, which I sent to Kaholo1256 (thanks buddy!!) for getting MacFarlane to sign. I would normally be willing to wait the regular time for it, but it's a personal thing and not for selling. It is the copy that my late father and I picked up right off the shelf back in 1988. It has been graded and cracked a total of FIVE TIMES now!!!!! But when it comes back to me for this last time, it will have signatures from Tom DeFalco, Bob McLeod, David Michelinie, Stan Lee and Todd MacFarlane!!! It was 9.6 at first but fell to 9.4 during the multiple cracking sessions. I had it pressed this last time to try and get it back up to 9.6, so hopefully that will be the case, but regardless of the grade, it is a very sentimental book to me. The other three invoices however are in the process of going through at the normal snail's pace. I've been patient, but I dying to know what they get. Among the three invoices are six total books. Four of them are for my Marvel 25th Anniversary Border Covers set!! One is for my Indiana Jones set, and one is for my What If set. Two of them were sent to Surfer99 for Herb Trimpe to sign at Phoenix Comic Con, les than a month before he passed away. I am so thankful to him for getting those done for me. Heck, once the Transformers #22 and Indiana Jones #17 come back, they will be not only the only signed and graded copies, they will both be the only graded copies that will ever exist that are signed by Herb!!!! So while it may be mind numbing to have to wait so long, it just makes it that much sweeter when they finally make their way back to you! The picture below is of my copy of Transformers #5, which I'm contemplating cracking for Bob Budiansky to sign at Baltimore Comic Con. Ive never seen him attending a show before and the only reason he is going to this one is to support the Heroes Initiative. I want to be sure to take advantage of him being there, and I have a few books I can get signed by him, but this cover was always one of my faves of the original series. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  12. bagofleas

    Star Reach posted by john ivic

    With Neal Adams and Jim Starlin both attending Baltimore Comic Con next month, this would SO be on my "have-to-get-double-signed" list!! Congrats on that one! A very obscure and gorgeous book!! Wow!
  13. bagofleas

    Four For Baltimore!

    Onsite is always awesome! No, I'm not trying to be a poet with my title. Not on purpose, anyway. But what I AM trying to do is post a journal that describes what books I'm going to get done onsite at the next convention I'm attending. Baltimore Comic Con wasn't an onsite convention until last year, but they couldn't have picked a better show to add to their repertoire of super-fast-TAT conventions. Baltimore always has a massive guest list of comic creators, which always makes for a lot of multiple signing opportunities (sig-ops). Being able to get books signed and done onsite at this show is a real treat. I have done what I always do when preparing for a show. I go through the guest list, do a massive amount of research, put a list together of everything I have that can possibly get signed, and then slowly start whittling the list down to the most important books to me at the current time. Usually, it boils down to three things: 1. Books that can help with sets that I'm trying to complete. 2. Books that can be multiply signed. 3. Books for creators that I've yet to meet and get sigs from. I believe I have dwindled my choices down to four books, hence the title of this journal. I may do another book or two, including the Marvel Super Special #10 I did my last journal on, but these are the four that I will do for onsite. New Mutants #58 - Louise Simonson New Mutants Annual #4 - Louise Simonson and Bob McLeod Avengers #273 - Tom Palmer Conan the King #37 - Mike Manley I simply can't let an onsite show happen without trying to finally complete my New Mutants set in 9.8, which is why I'm doing the NM Annual #4. The NM #58 is so that I can try to get an SS 9.8 copy. If I do manage it with this one, my big bro gets my Universal 9.8 copy. The Avengers and Conan the King books are to get ever closer to completing my Marvel 25th Anniversary Border Covers set. I actually cracked the Conan one for Tampa Bay CC, but Mike Manley cancelled literally on the first day of the show. Hopefully he doesn't do that for Baltimore too. I have more books that can be done to help complete these and some other sets I'm working on, but I'm holding out for two reasons. 1. I need to put intervals in place for my spending. 2. I want to try and wait for sig-ops on them. If any creators are added to the show that can sign any of these other books I'm waiting on, I will have to seriously reconsider my limitations I've put on myself. I'm sure this will be another fantastic Baltimore CC, especially since I will finally (hopefully) be able to meet up with Kaholo1256!! With me, tnerb and Kaholo tearing up the convention floor together, this will be a show to remember!!!!! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  14. bagofleas

    Baltimore on the Horizon!! posted by bagofleas

    Yeah, I have people both here in Tallahassee and everywhere else pushing me hard for ECCC next year.
  15. bagofleas

    Baltimore on the Horizon!! posted by bagofleas

    It will be great to see you again too, James!!! ??