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  1. pickycollector

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    I got a few of them too, like the Avengers #2, when you could win them around GPA prices. They are nice but not nice enough to pay multiple GPA prices on them. I stay away now.
  2. pickycollector

    Looking for some early high grade Marvels

    Found an Avengers #8 so removed from the list. Did add a few other books in the list.
  3. pickycollector

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Was the second high bidder on FF #10 8.5 with nice centering. I did bid well above GPA, thought it was a sure win but looks like somebody wanted it more than me
  4. pickycollector

    My DC WTB list

    Updated for some books found. Still looking for the others.
  5. Western Gunfighters #3 also sold via PM
  6. Rawhide Kid #71 sold via PM
  7. Lot of great books at bargain prices still available here
  8. Marvel Two-in-One #13 VF/NM : $5 Luke Cage app. Looks NM but has small ding on lower left corner that does not break colors.
  9. Marvel Two-in-One #6 VF+ : $10 Dr. Strange app. Two minor stacking bends on cover that do not break colors prevent this book from being NM+ 9.6
  10. Thanks for breaking the ice
  11. Tough crowd, even at these low prices
  12. Two-Gun Kid #95 NM- : $25 Kirby art
  13. Iron Man #61 VF/NM to NM- : $20
  14. Iron Man #57 VF/NM: $15