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  1. Added Western Gunfighters #1-7 to the Ghost Rider run #1-7 to make a complete Ghost Rider storyline run
  2. Thanks David
  3. Special offer: Take Aquaman #2,3,4,5 for $1,000
  4. Aquaman #3 VF/NM: $395 Aquaman #4 de-slabbed CGC 8.5: $275 Aquaman #5 VF+ to VF/NM: $275
  5. Weird Wonder Tales 19
  6. Marvel Chillers 3,5
  7. Chamber of Darkness #5
  8. Will list Aquaman #3,4,5 and Showcase #31,32,33 tomorrow
  9. Aquaman #2 CGC 8.0: $400 This copy looks way better than a VF 8.0, the only flaw I can see that could explain the grade is some wear around the upper staple. I don't know if this book has been pressed or not but I think it was as it looks perfectly flat.
  10. Clear enough. Thanks for the detailed answer.
  11. So if I understand correctly, if a seller do not label his item(s) as sold (for example, because they have not sold) but the FS thread gets inactive and somebody bump it in a near or distant future, the thread will get locked and the seller will receive a warning if meanwhile the items were listed elsewhere? Would it be enough then just to edit the last post and simply write "Thread closed" ?