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  1. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Just realized that Bay is now charging me 11.5% final value fee on both final price and shipping cost since July 1, 2017. Always thought it was supposed to be 10% on both. Does anybody know why? Looking at the eBay fee description, it should still be 10%
  2. My worst FS thread ever

    Barbarians #1 VF+ : $5 A FS thread cannot be the worst without a Barbarians #1. Pablos Marcos art however saves the book
  3. My worst FS thread ever

    Wulf the Barbarian #1-4 full run: $40 Seriously, Wulf?, who would call his son with such a first name? #1: NM+ #2: NM-/NM Neal Adams art #3: F/VF #4: F/VF Scans for #1,2 shown below. Price considers #1-2 only, #3-4 added as freebies. #1 and #2 sell for crazy prices if CGC graded 9.4 or more. I mean, come on, Wulf?
  4. My worst FS thread ever

    Planet of Vampires #1-3 full run: $60 Horror and Science-Fiction together; was there not also a Planet of Vampires movie? #1: NM/NM+ Neal Adams cover/inks #2: VF+ Neal Adams cover #3: NM-
  5. Dave Stevens lot of six books Alien Worlds #1 have sold via PM
  6. My worst FS thread ever

    Group discount on the Not Brand Echh: take all of them for $80
  7. My worst FS thread ever

    Nobody interested anymore to read good comics? The Not Brand Echh books should be in your to-read-list
  8. My worst FS thread ever

    Avengers #181 NM/NM+ : $85 1st Scott Lang (later Ant-Man). Can you find him on the cover?
  9. My worst FS thread ever

    Avengers #77 VF: $25 The Avengers have purchased bitcoins and got bankrupt after the bitcoin crash and now need to work to get bread on the table. Looks NM- but four minor water drops on bottom front cover (not visible on scan, just under an angle when holding the book in your hands)
  10. My worst FS thread ever

    Epic Illustrated #7 VF : $5 Looks NM- but has a 1/2 inch spine split at bottom of spine and a 1/4 inch spine split at bottom of spine Barry Smith cover and art; Neal Adams art (16 pgs); Jim Starlin art on Dreadstar; a lot of nude women. What more can you ask for a mere $5 ?
  11. My worst FS thread ever

    Daredevil #158 VF/NM: $100 Frank Miller art begins This issue is hard to find with such a nice centering.
  12. My worst FS thread ever

    I know how you guys love Western books so here is one more: Two-Gun Kid #95 NM- : $50 Kirby art. Just imagine how hot this book would be if Frank Robbins has drawn it instead
  13. My worst FS thread ever

    Kid Colt Outlaw #165 VF+ : $15 How can the Kid jumps like that and still hold his gun in one hand? Non-color breaking wear here and there otherwise NM-
  14. My worst FS thread ever

    Strange Tales #160 VF : $25 Cap and Nick Fury by Steranko. Doc vs Mordo by Trimpe Looks 9.0+ but small chip out lower right corner as you can see.