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  1. When are you going to list Avengers books?
  2. Incredible Hulk #4 CGC 9.0 OW/W: $5,200 I did "upgrade" this copy by a lower but unpressed one so this one is now available for sale. This issue is particularly hard to find with such a nice centering; it took me years to find one like that. I don't know for sure if it was pressed or not but when looking at it very carefully, I think it was pressed. That being said, if you don't mind that, it will be the best 9.0 that you will be able to find for this issue. Looks rather 9.2 to me.
  3. Just one book here. Here are terms: People on the probation list, or that I may have on ignore, are not eligible to purchase. The first in this thread or via PM wins the book based on time stamp. Time payments are possible but must be discussed before you make the purchase. Sales on CGC books are final. Shipping cost depends of where you live and how you want this to be shipped: I do accept PayPal or international money orders.
  4. Still looking to buy Here are some past acquisitions I made for which I did pay high prices. FYI, Hulk #2 is by far the toughest Editions Heritage comic to find in high grade.
  5. Tales of Suspense #55 VF+: $200 3rd app. Mandarin. Very solid copy.