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  1. X-Men #108 VF+ : $60 Byrne art begins. Would grade higher with pressing if you are into that.
  2. Not really looking to sell but I have this raw unpressed 9.6 copy and it looks like it has huge potential to become a 9.8 if pressed. PM me if interested.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #166 9.0 $25 $13 Amazing Spider-Man #167 9.0/9.2 $25 $13 Amazing Spider-Man #168 9.2 $25 $13
  4. Just one book tonight Journey into Mystery #99 CGC 8.5: $600 To the best of my knowledge, this book was not pressed. Very solid 8.5, this was my personal copy for the last years until I recently "upgraded" to a higher grade. Strangely though, this copy looks better than the upgrade and I would rather keep it but I need full CCA stamps on my books which is why I am offering this one. If you can live with the slight miscut right edge, you will be very happy with this book.