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  1. I am looking for the following books in high grade for my personal collection: Amazing Spider-Man: 17 Avengers: 1,6,7,23,30,31,34,35,39,90 Incredible Hulk: 1,3 Fantastic Four: 1,2,4,5,7,10,16,19,26 Journey into Mystery: 85,98 Rawhide Kid: 2-6, 8-11, 16,18,19, 21-24, 26-39, 42,54,55,80,99,103,109,111 Silver Surfer: 17,18 Strange Tales: 105,137 X-Men 3 Books must be in CGC 7.5-9.2 and must have OW pages or better. Would consider 6.0-8.0 for the key #1's. I will buy the book, not the label so I may prefer your 7.5 to your 9.2 depending of the eye appeal on the book. In any case, I will need to see scans. Will pay around GPA prices or more depending of the book. No signature series, no arrival date on front cover, no rust on staples and no pressed book. Also, no extreme right edge pokethrough like the Costanza books (as those were not only pressed but also badly pressed). Centering is important too. Yeah, I know this is going to reduce the number of books available but that is life. I may consider high grade raw books if I know you. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow, the CGC 9.4 Boston Pedigree copy of Cap 110 sold for $1,266 I was totally outclassed on this one.
  3. I received my Comiclink wins today and among them was this one below. I thought at first that I did overpay for it but now that I have it in hands I am glad I did. What a seriously undergraded copy, looks better than many other books in 8.5 that I got from the same order. A straight resub would probably get an easy 8.5 and I can imagine what pressing would result but that will not happen as long as this book stays in my collection
  4. Very sorry to hear this sad news. I had several PM exchanges and a few transactions with Bob and he was a great guy. A big loss for this community. My most sincere condolences to his family. RIP Bob
  5. Providing grades for each issue will help, just my
  6. I recently sold some books to Mike, he paid quickly and communication was great, a very smooth transaction. I highly recommend this buyer.
  7. I recently did sell some books to Kevin, he paid quickly and communication was great, a very smooth transaction. I highly recommend this buyer.
  8. Captain Marvel #25 Daredevil #85 Avengers lot of six books Iron Man #26 have sold via PM
  9. Last book in this FS thread Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane VF/NM: $500 Not in a hurry to sell this one..
  10. Doc Savage #1 VF/NM Doc Savage #2 VF/NM Doc Savage #3 VF/NM Take all three for $50
  11. Thrilling Adventure Stories #1 NM- Thrilling Adventure Stories #2 VF/NM (Neal Adams cover) Buy both for $60
  12. Adventures into the Unknown #20 and #89Showcase #26Marvel Premiere #8Frankenstein Monster #6Two-Gun Kid #95 have sold via PM