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  1. I think I clearly did answer the question but some people did not answer that specific question, indeed. Maybe a poll would be more effective? How do we start one?
  2. I totally agree but that would be the equivalent of a FS thread. A seller should have prices on his books when he starts selling in the Forum, true. When I enter a FS thread, it is like if I was entering a virtual comic shop. One seller, different potential buyers. A WTB thread is totally different: one buyer, different potential sellers. I am not going to argue this further. The Mods have asked for our opinion. I gave mine. You gave yours. Their decision now.
  3. I think a price range should be listed. It is a WTB thread, if you want sellers to contact you, list a price. At least, if you are offering too low a price, the sellers will not waste time contacting you. It really bothers me when there is a WTB thread with no price range and when you contact the buyer, he sends you a low-ball offer. I feel like I totally wasted my time and I rarely contact a WTB thread without a price range now. WTB thread like "I want to buy ASM 1 or Hulk 181" without price range sounds like fishing to me. The FS thread forums require that a seller lists a price or at least a BIN price otherwise, it would be an auction forum. I think the same logic should apply to the WTB Forum. Personally, I always list a price range in my WTB threads. At the end of the day however, it will be Mod's decision.
  4. Won a second book yesterday, totally unexpected as it sold for much less than GPA but very welcome to now be part of my collection:
  5. If it was manufactured with just one staple, I will keep it but if one staple is missing or has pulled through, I will pass, thanks for notify
  6. I had eyes on just one big book in particular and I won it for less than GPA
  7. I was disappointed with the finale. So many illogic things. How could Jon Snow kill so easily Daenerys? She was always surrounded by bodyguards and suddenly she is alone in the burned castle? What is the point with Arya and the white horse? We didn't see too much of her in the last episode. Was she not supposed to kill people with green eyes? Tyrion finds the dead bodies of his brother and sister in just a few minutes?! Come on... Even though I am disappointed with this last season, this was one of the TV shows ever. I feel empty and sad now that this is over
  8. Why is Black Knight suddenly hot? Any movie appearance announcement recently?
  9. and the toughest one to find in high grade. Should worth more than #1 IMHO
  10. I would have been a serious challenger for you on that book but you do not have to worry anymore since I got this book, an easy 8.0/8.5 from fc but downgraded to 6.5 because of the tape stain on bc:
  11. Another Price Reduction: $800 $750 $700 $675 $650 NOW $625 + shipping cost for the full run. That is $3.22 each book on average.
  12. Tim bought a few books from me and the transaction went very smoothly, great communication and quick payment, highly recommended buyer!