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  1. Silver Surfer #7 VF+ : $80 SOLD Light impact ding on lower left corner that does not break colors keeps this one from higher grade.
  2. Silver Surfer #6 VF+ : $110 SOLD This is a tough one to grade. Book looks like a solid NM copy with exceptional centering but there is a tiny hole on lower left side of front cover because of the position of the inside staple. Not sure how much this should account in the grade but if you can live with that it's still a magnificent copy.
  3. Silver Surfer #5 VF+ : $80 SOLD Very solid copy. There is a "15.00" price indentation in the title that cannot be seen from scan but that could easily be pressed out if that is your thing. Very nice centering on this copy.
  4. Incredible Hulk #4 CGC 9.0 OW/W: $5,300 MOVED I did "upgrade" this copy by an unpressed one so this one is now available for sale. This issue is particularly hard to find with such a nice centering; it took me years to find one like that. I don't know for sure if it was pressed or not but when looking at it very carefully, I think it was pressed. That being said, if you don't mind that, it will be the best 9.0 that you will be able to find for this issue.
  5. All Star-Lord magazine appearances: $650 Grades are as follow: Marvel Preview #4: 9.2 (origin and 1st appearance) Marvel Preview #11: 9.2 (All Byrne art) Marvel Preview #14: 9.2 Marvel Preview #15: 9.2/9.4 Marvel Preview #18: 9.0/9.2 Marvel Super Special #10: 9.6
  6. Marvel Preview #1 NM: $100 Neal Adams cover/art Killer file copy bought from zillaf4 several years ago.
  7. Thrilling Adventure Stories #1 NM- Thrilling Adventure Stories #2 VF/NM (Neal Adams cover) Buy both for $60
  8. Doc Savage #1 VF/NM Doc Savage #2 VF/NM Doc Savage #3 VF/NM Take all three for $45
  9. Epic Illustrated #4 VF+ : $15 Epic Illustrated #9 VF/NM : $15 What a great cover Epic Illustrated #10 NM- : $25 1st app. Marada the She-Wolf Epic Illustrated #14 VF/NM : $15 Elric of Melnibone story Epic Illustrated #26 VF : $10 2nd Galactus story, has NM- structure but small dots of stain on cover or take all five for $60 Seriously undervalued title. Many great artists, many great stories and a lot of female nudity.
  10. National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor VF: $40 Now THIS is a classic. It has the famous "Swamp sluts" and "Cowgirls at war" stories. LOT of female nudity, more that what you would expect in a comic book. Just google it for more images as I cannot provide more in fear I get a warning from the mods. Hard to put a price on this one. Not listed in price guide nor in GPA. Solid copy but poster is missing. This one was mine for several years until I did upgrade for a better copy at a much higher price.
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #131 CGC 9.4: $100 Last GPA sale is $130 To the best of my knowledge, this book has not been pressed.
  12. Package deal: Buy the raw ASM #131,159,168,169,173,175,200 for $160
  13. Amazing Spider-Man #175 NM-/NM: $45 Punisher cover and story
  14. Amazing Spider-Man #173 VF/NM: $15 Slight curve on spine keep this one from higher grade. Improvable if that is your thing.
  15. Amazing Spider-Man #131 VF+ : $40 Looks NM from the front cover but small crease on back cover
  16. Spectacular Spider-Man #27 NM- : $80 1st Miller's art on Daredevil Pencil mark on back cover (arrival date?)