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  1. Personally, I'd rather have a COW copy with fantastic exterior than a White pager with structural flaws and foxing, but that's just me; everyone's mileage varies. (shrug)

    I share this view. Sure, page quality is important because it is often an indicator of the freshness of the book. However, the obsession over page quality has caused some people to ignore other equally important indicators of a fresh, structually sound book. Like David, I will take a c/ow fresh looking book with sharp corners and deep colors over a white paged book with a split or worn spine or faded/dull colors every time.



  2. I was high bidder on the #100 for a few days but didnt think my $2300 would hold up. My high bid on the #118 didn't last long either but I was high bidder for a few days.


    Those are some incredible books.


    Just couldn't go any higher on the tec 118. The signature kept bothering me as well and having it mentioned here just kept bothering more and more and more and more.

  3. Now we have all heard that CGC does not take "centering" much into consideration compared to other flaws and structural integrity issues of a book that are penalized when a grade is assigned.


    Case in point is this issue of Detective Comics # 153. The flying batman cover is notorious for having this production problem. Perfectl centered issues are so darn tough. But aside from the fugly centering, in my opinion, it is still barely deserving of an 8. Which makes me wonder if centering was even taken into account when this was graded.


    So the question is how bad does "Off" centering has to be before it is penalized by CGC ?



  4. I know most of it was silver and bronze but did any boardies win any GA stuff? Many books didn't meet reserve but some of the books went for amazing prices, particularly the Joker cover books.


    Tec #118 in 9.6 Joker Cover ($17,750) blew away the Mile High 9.6


    Tec #124 in 9.2 Joker Cover ($6,800)


    Some really strong prices on some others including the two Mile Highs Tec 120 Penguin Cover (9.4) at $17,750 and 164 bat signals cover (9.2) at $5,800.




    At last count there's been at least 2 individuals in this thread who have had email requests not only not get taken care of but also not even gotten a response to.


    Perhaps his email filter needs to take a chill pill. :grin:


    +1 for me ..... I too emailed this guy several times and not one damn response. I do not have time or the patience to chase a dealer so he can have my business. Will never deal with.

  6. Why wouldn't the heirs want to talk about it? We don't even know if they are aware of todays value of the collection. Not everyone is so centered on the value of things and the all mighty buck. :pullhair:



    C'mon, let's get real here. Unless the heirs are still living in a bomb shelter all these years, are you so naive enough to REALLY think that they still have absolutely ZERO clues about a collection named after one of the family ?


    And what would you expect them to say ?


    "My father/mother/uncle/aunt sold my grandfather/grandmother's collection of funny books that are worth a fortune, for pennies on the (insert 'thousands') dollar. I could have retired awhile ago but instead am still stuck working this #@!#$ cash register at the local supermarket having nerds like you asking me annoying questions about how my family feels about the collection today. Now what do else do you wanna ask, sonny ? Paper or plastic ? "


  7. What's cool about it? It's tantamount to trying to track down ancestors of the native american tribesmen that sold Manhattan to see if they still have any of the glass beads or trinkets. If I was a Church heir, the last thing I would ever want to do is talk about f-ing comic books.



    I would imagine for the heirs, it would be like living everyday of their lives with the feeling of being on the extreme polar end of a spectrum where the opposite end was hitting the megamillions lotto.

  8. As a fan with close ties to the Ohio-area, with all the talk of LeBron James leaving and how Cleveland is now devastated, we should remember that 40-years ago, a Cleveland native and avid Cleveland Indians fan attempted to buy his beloved team. But he was rejected.


    That man would wait three years to finally acquire a baseball team - the New York Yankees.


    Just imagine how different sports history (and Cleveland) would have been had George brought the Tribe ?


    THE CATCH (Mays) ... THE DRIVE (Elway) ... THE FUMBLE (Byner) ... THE SHOT (Jordan) ... THE SINGLE (Mesa) ... THE MOVE (Modell) ... THE DECISION (LeBum).


    They can add "THE REJECTION" in there in a torturous filled half-century plus for Cleveland sport fans.


  9. rumors where about 5 years ago that beckett was going to enter the comic grading market, i guess they'll pass on comics and just stick with SI.


    OR they'll start with SI then move to comics... hm


    That's what I was thinking. Ease in slow.



    I don't think CGC would have much to worry about if Beckett starts to grade comics.


    A company with no background in a niche market overtaking a company with a stranglehold. And while anything can happen in a capitalist society, in this case, it's a real long shot.


    That would be like Coca Cola worrying about news that Honda plans to introduce a new soft drink.

  10. Beckett would certainly have a more recognizable brand name than CGC among sports collectors (ask an average sports memorabilia collector or dealer about CGC and they will say CG-who ???)


    While Beckett has a strong foothold in the 'modern' sports card market (1980-present) from a 'numbers of submission' and 'prices realized' perspective (as that is what they specialize in), Beckett lags WAY behind PSA or SGC when it comes to VINTAGE cards (pre-1980) which is the backbone of that hobby. Just about all the most valuable cards are in PSA and SGC holders.


    I would not go as far as saying Beckett is like PGX but when it comes to vintage items, whenever a high-profile, high-dollar vintage card is in a Beckett holder, questions are raised as to why it isn't it in a PSA or SGC holder ?


    So I would assume that these new slabbed SI's would appeal to the loyal Beckett collectors who collect the modern stuff and would get a thrill out of adding a Beckett graded 1990 S.I. Ken Griffey or a 1995 S.I. Tiger Woods. But I doubt the hardcore collector of vintage sports publications would care much about the news or the service (most don't even know about CGC let alone that they are grading mags). I just don't see slabbed issues of the most valuable SI issues: a 1956 S.I. Mickey Mantle, or a 1955 S.I. Ted Williams or a 1967 S.I. Roberto Clemente making their way into the market in Beckett holders in droves.


    Bottom line, I just don't think Beckett grading SI would affect CGC much. But if it was PSA that was grading magazines, now that is another story ....


    my 2c





  11. We sure as hell need an alternative to ebay...................guess it will never happen :frustrated:




    There will never be one and if one did start up and it would be worst than Ebay, you got to think they would have the same growing pains as Ebay.


    There are actually quite a few alternatives out there, especially if you're looking at just comics. Maybe only eBid has the true auction format, but there are other peer-to-peer comic selling sites.


    The trouble is nobody wants to try them as they don't reach anywhere near the audience eBay does. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of the way eBay/Paypal put their hands in your pocket and just take money, consistently moving the goalposts when they feel like it. But the basic fact is that although a hell of a lot people are happy to moan about eBay being the monopoly that it is, none of these people will try anywhere else. It's a vicious circle, but there ya go.


    Yep, a damn virtual Catch-22



    Like the say .... its the only game in town ......... How sad for all sellers who have to take up up the arse :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:

  12. It's been on comiclink also. Probably couldn't find a sucker there so he's fishing for them on the Bay.


    His sellers comments alone will tell you quite a bit





    Seller's Grading Comments: 100th Anniversary Edition of the ORIGINAL Superman comic series AND its the single highest graded copy in existence. Buy it now before this opportunity goes UP, UP & AWAYYYYYYYY.....