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  1. If there is no interest here, I would refer the seller to the Comic Warehouse in Kitchener. This sounds like exactly what they buy on a regular basis.
  2. From the back of a page of DC artwork:
  3. Phicks

    Opinions on Viewing Comics From Dealers at Cons

    I ask the dealer if I may see the book out of the bag. No dealer has ever said no. If a dealer ever did, I would move along and spend my money elsewhere.
  4. OK, so topic for today will be hockey covers...
  5. I see four very clear spine ticks that explain why it's a 7.5 to me.
  6. Phicks

    Xmen silver age only

    When I was collecting Silver Age X-Men, I found it was easy to get all the Neal Adams issue as long as I was willing to pay OSPG. But the 6 issues that preceeded Adams with art by Steranko and Smith (and sometimes all they drew were the covers) are much harder to get.
  7. Found these at a junk shop yesterday. Not really my thing, but when I see 8.0-9.0 comics from the 1960s priced at 4 for $10, I will buy. According to OSPG, the Ellery Queen is worth $50 (in theory) but where do I find the elusive Ellery Queen fan nowadays? I could not not find any listing in OSPG for the Prince and the Pauper. Please advise if you have any thoughts on its value.
  8. Phicks

    Excellent DEVO music video featuring IRON MAN

    Devo is also the band on stage in this scene from Heavy Metal, starting at the 1:25 mark. Strangely, this song "Through Being Cool" was not on the Heavy Metal soundtrack.
  9. Phicks

    Brave and the Bold 85 rare?

    I have been looking for this book in 8.5 or slightly better for years. You're darned right it's hard to find.
  10. Phicks

    Ebay Seller: collectors_comics

    I have purchased two higher grade Silver Age books from this seller, and was satisfied with what I received.
  11. My thanks in advance for your opinions.
  12. Phicks

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    He writes like Michael Davis on Bleeding Cool.
  13. Phicks

    Montreal Comic Book Shops

    I spent a very frustrating day about five years ago going to all the downtown Montreal comic stores looking for high grade 60s and 70s comics. I found none.