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  1. Just read a 52 page issue of Forever People last night, which reminded me of the ugly truth: the second half of these books was filled with stinky old reprints. I cannot claim to be a fan.
  2. An arrest has been made and $97,000 worth of the books have been recovered. Hopefully, this will lead to the rest.
  3. The artist, faced with a blank sheet of paper, could draw whatever he imagined. But rather than draw The Devil, he drew a guy wearing a really crappy devil costume?? Now I'm intrigued!
  4. Phicks

    Comic artists dying early

    Sal Buscema, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, and John Romita Sr. worked in the 1960s and are all alive and well.
  5. Phicks

    Seeding bins at a convention - how do you do it?

    Price your books high. After your hated dealers have sniffed over your collection and walked away because there is no room for them to markup, pull out a big sign "Buy two books, 20% off lower priced book". An hour later "Buy 3, 30% off", etc as the day goes on.
  6. The publishers have been very private with their digital sales data. But the rumour is that many small independent comics sell better digitally than hard copy, and so do Walking Dead and Star Wars. Whatever the cover price is on a comic, the publisher only gets 40%. If we really REALLY want to fix what's wrong with the economics of comic books, is it time for the publishers to offer new comics digitally for $2 when the time soon comes that a standard comic is $5? Readers could buy more new comics, and the publishers would have a higher profit margin, since they would no longer be paying for printing costs.
  7. Phicks

    The Most Significant Silver Age Annual?

    FF Annual 6 is an amazing comic, and just begs to be made into a movie.
  8. The majority of restaurants that Gordon Ramses gave help to on Kitchen Nightmares still went out of business. Even with drastic intervention, old bad habits are hard to change. Throwing a failing business $50K will only prolong the inevitable.
  9. Phicks

    Storage in NY garage without Heat or AC

    Christmas in New York City:
  10. Phicks

    Can anyone recommend...

    Actually, publishers had to annually state how many issues of each title per month they on average printed, gave away, got returned (cover title block torn off), and the remaining difference was estimated as the number of books sold at stores. So that number would give you an upper ceiling for which ever title or singular issue one might be interested in.
  11. Phicks

    Storage in NY garage without Heat or AC

    Is this New York City proper, or somewhere else in NY state? The amount of profanity and attitude in NYC will quickly degrade your books.
  12. Phicks

    Printing error books

    Thanks! I've been working out.
  13. Phicks

    Printing error books

    Lastly, the Sentinels return in X-Men 98-99. Colouring is fine in 98, and the first half of 99. But suddenly in mid issue....oh my's not just the colourist...someone took LSD at the printing plant!!!
  14. Phicks

    Printing error books

    The classic Neal Adams Sentinels issues were all coloured correctly. Probably because Neal gets cranky when other people mess up his work. In in the early 70s, the Sentinels return in the Avengers 102-104. The Sentinels are purple and grey for the first two issues. And then....
  15. Phicks

    Printing error books

    Just two issues later, the colourist decided the Sentinels should be orange and purple. WTF?