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  1. Phicks

    How do you keep track of run collecting?

    Warning : I bought the big print edition for the first time last year and discovered it does not contain any of the market reports. So yes, it lies flat and reduces eye strain, but you do not get the write-ups from dealers that discuss what's hot and what's not, if that matters to you. It mattered to me!
  2. Phicks

    What Grail Are You Pursuing?

    Most of our grails are easily acquired, if one just throws enough money at them. Priciest thing on my current list is Silver Age Green Lantern #2, in 8.5 or better.
  3. Phicks

    Metropolis Comics - Correct grading

    I have bought several raw books from Metropolis and found their grading to be accurate.
  4. There are those feel that buying any CGC slabbed comic is ticking a box. After all, you can't read the contents. It's like a mint condition action figure, forever in the blister package, never to be played with. A good investment perhaps, but the enjoyment it brings is questionable.
  5. Phicks

    Those mid grade Keys, look oh so good...

    I usually collect silver and bronze age books in 9.0, but I have compromised on quality down to about 6.0 so that I could afford to get high priced keys like Green Lantern 76 and X-Men 94.
  6. Phicks

    PGM Avengers 4

    Yeah, I didn't recognize it as the GRR, but shame on me. I'm an experienced enough collector to know there were two versions of this book out there. Anyways, please grade my Avengers 4 GRR.
  7. Phicks

    PGM Avengers 4

    Sorry, this is as good as my technology will permit.
  8. Hey guys - I just picked up this mid grade key for what I thought was a pretty nice price. I would appreciate your opinions on its grade. Thanks in advance for any input.
  9. Phicks

    What do you listen for in a comic shop?

    Background music is fine. But I have been driven out of comic stores by: 1. Angry metal music. I understand the sole employee in the store might like it. But most customers do not. 2. Even angrier rap music with lyrics about gunning down white cops. This was being played in a Graham Cracker Comics store in Chicago across from the art museum. Not only unpleasant music, but reverse racism. 3. Staff talking down to other staff. I have no desire to hear your "I know more than you do" speech belittling your co-worker, particularly when the topic is just comic books.
  10. You are very welcome, and I am glad to hear you have not read any of them before. BTW , the Black Panther TPB contains "Panther's Rage" from the md 70s. Based on the trailers so far for the Black Panther movie, it looks like they are using some of Panther's Rage as source material for the movie.
  11. Phicks

    comics that never leave the LCS wall

    The owner of my LCS once commented on the important difference in wording between "I saw Hulk 181 for $1,300" and " I bought Hulk 181 for $650". Some shops are indeed more museums than stores when it comes to wall books.
  12. My Secret Santa was nickwire from Niagara Falls, Ontario. In my wish list, I said I wanted ( but had little of ) DC silver and bronze war or horror. I received a nice reading selection of those. But my wish list also said I was interested in70s Star Trek magazines. And my Santa gave me a sci-fi newspaper from 1975 that I had never even heard of! Thanks Santa!
  13. Mine arrived today, all the way from Niagara Falls.
  14. Phicks

    How to price and sell a large Flash run

    When Christmas shopping, I often see box sets of CDs, with the "COMPLETE COLLECTION" of Prince, or Tom Petty, or whoever. And I wonder...who would you buy these for? Or who would buy it for themselves? Who would want EVERYTHING an artist ever recorded, but they do not already have most of the CDs? Same idea with comics. Who would want 100 issues of Flash, that did not already have a bunch of issues of Flash? "I have never been interested in this character before, but suddenly today, I am all over Flash! I want every issue!" I do not think such a collector exists. If you are going to sell 100 Flash issues as a package deal, then you are directing the sale towards other dealers. They will only pay a price that ensures they make a profit re-selling the books individually later. So the most you might get will be 1/2 of Overstreet. So you would only want to pay your seller 1/4 of Overstreet. And in this scenario, I do not see the use of buying additional issues to complete the run. If you truly have nm issues that are 1974 and earlier, put them on ebay individually with no reserve. That gets buyers' attention, and most will sell for close to Overstreet. Post 1975 Flash are dollar books. And some of the silver age issues you posted photos of have obvious wear despite the small size of the pictures, so I think they will retail for $5 at best. Just my humble opinion. Good luck.
  15. Mailed mine out today. Should reach its destination in 3-4 days. Getting pretty excited as a newbie!