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  1. Hey guys, Looking to raise a little extra money to take care of some bills, so decided to release some books that were in my never-sell box, but needs must. These are mostly creator-character books and not the easiest to obtain/duplicate. Really nice examples... so will be priced accordingly. I will include postage in the prices to avoid confusion. PayPal only please Thanks! Lloyd
  2. ADI GRANOV | APOCALYPSE CGC SS 9.8 SKETCH COVER Adi Granov Apocalypse. $300 shipped WORLDWIDE. Paypal only. Any questions, drop me a line Thanks Lloyd
  3. FYI: The piece it's mixed media – Gouache, acrylic and pastels on paper.
  4. I bet you'll have more Spidey 300's than ever now with the movie hype Can't wait to get my first McFarlane's!
  5. Hope somebody hear can help me, my question is... Spider-Man 151, I've come across a copy with a Mark Jewellers advert inside, and one without… Would the one without be a green label? or would the one with just be considered a variant? Thanks Lloyd
  6. Awesome news! I voted late last night and signed into my twitter account for the first time in years I hope it happens.
  7. Ian Mckellen & Luke Evans. Would take a big book to let this one go and I'd have to run it through with my fiancé as its her book but I don't think she's too attached so let's see if any LotR fans are interested
  8. Echo of Futurepast 1 - 1st Bucky O'Hare!
  9. Oops! Wrong section. Thanks, buddy. Is it easy for somebody to move it or should I repost? Thanks!
  10. $1050 shipped takes it Paypal only please Thanks for looking