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  1. Added one book my post, really finding it hard to find the time just on my phone right now.
  2. He does not sleep EVER. I might actually put him up for trade actually…
  3. Adam, I've told you it's Ripley's Birthday weekend!! How dare you!! Reserved. Hoping I can find time to post some stuff. Edit: really finding it hard to get the time to post stuff, just on my phone now and flat out busy but here is one book. Michael Fassbender This is a pre cgc pic. It's a cgc ss 9.6.
  4. This forum has been stupidly quiet lately :shrug: Let's see the new SDCC books!
  5. They film a lot in the UK, so it wouldn't be that. Just a let down of a line up really.
  6. I'm big into Magneto right now Which do you guys think are the best covers featuring Magneto? Would love to see 'em!
  7. Does anybody have a Hellblazer 1 in raw I could buy from them? Thanks Lloyd
  8. Thanks, man! It's a really nice piece, just could do with the funds right now.
  9. PayPal only please. No returns. $125 shipped. Thanks for looking
  10. Just purchased a comic from me Great guy! Thanks again Kev
  11. Really looking for a quick sale on this one, so how does $115 shipped sound?
  12. You can just about see the faint scratch in the pics below, it was very hard to get a picture of it. I hope the reflection of myself helps the sale You can see how faint it is and tough it was to get the picture, but the x above shows the marking. It's really a lovely book
  13. Listing this at a reduced price as just discovered it has a really slight surface scratch, I didn't even notice it until close inspection so it's not bad at all. I'm sure it arrived from cgc this way. It's not really noticeable until you look close but of course I feel I have to mention it Agent Carter inscribed. $135 $115 shipped worldwide Paypal only No returns