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  1. Lovely piece from the creator of Judge Dredd Carlos Ezquerra and signed by John Wagner. This piece was actually displayed at a Judge Dredd exhibition last year. Here is a cool article about it, with lots of pictures and you can see the art of display in some https://2000ad.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/judgement-in-cardiff-exhibition-review-and-overview/ Selling without frame. Paypal only. No returns. $325 shipped worldwide. Thanks for looking.
  2. I'm really happy with this piece, commissioned from Ariel Olivetti.
  3. I'm waiting for a response too. I'm sure he'll be in touch with us in the next few days
  4. Those first tow aren't too bad? Last one is of course!
  5. Have you seen one in person yet? The quality is far superior. My first opinion was that I didn't like them in the pics, but the quality is unquestionably better in my opinion.
  6. Kris you're so one of a kind you deserve your own thread. Great work, buddy! I'd be interested but it just depends on the timing.
  7. SO AWESOME! By the way Sean – the film was AMAZING! I would say it's probably Marvel's best, top 3 easily!
  8. Awesome! I didn't check in with you, but hopefully my stuff arrived in time. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time!
  9. Hey Rich!! Looks like there's a new guy in town!
  10. Really great books!! One of my first ever cgc SS books came from you ?