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  1. Made a purchase for one of the most (in my opinion) under rated Spider-Man covers, NYComics will be getting it signed by Stan and Romita for me
  2. Here is my one signed by Powers Boothe and Elijah Woods
  3. Best Sin City CGC SS book that I've seen! Tough to beat!
  4. Your Punisher collection just keeps getting better and better! I'm loving him in the new DareDevil season!!
  5. Good work Sean! All look very nice. Hopefully you've got the Miller out of your system now
  6. -Lost Magazine Cast Signed: Boone (Ian Somerhalder) The French woman/Danielle (Mira Furlan) Richard (Nestor Carbonell) 200.00 Per PM Thanks buddy!
  7. Looking for this if anybody can help. I'd like a high grade comic, around 9.0+ Message me if you can help please Thanks Lloyd
  8. Would you ship to the UK? And what would be the cheapest postage if so? Thanks!
  9. Silver Age: Gene Colan Copper Age: Bob Layton Modern Age: Adi Granov I couldn't think of anybody more appropriate than these, as mentioned already. So many great artists have worked on Iron Man though!
  10. Just sent you a PM, would be really excited to potentially finish a book off. Wanted to bump this awesome op so other people see it too!
  11. I'd personally crack most blue labels to make them yellow. I find blues boring and think yellow labels have much more character and actually have a story then. But of course that's not the case for everything.
  12. Doug is probably the best guy for the job so that's great news!
  13. A few price reductions and I'll still offer the 30% off if you purchase two or more slabs
  14. signed by John Bolton, Stan Lee, Brian Bolland, Bernie Wrightson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Chaykin, and Bob Layton. $320 shipped (this isn't part of the buy 2 get 30% off deal).
  15. Thanks guys, got a little too busy yesterday to update with a better scan. For now, one time price reduction. $305 shipped, and can update pic later