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  1. My last copy of this book!! Had *I think* 3 done, all signed by the writer, cover artist and interior artist. Mike Ploog, Simon Bisley and Simon Reed. $165
  2. I could live with keeping this one signed by John Bolton, Stan Lee, Brian Bolland, Bernie Wrightson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Chaykin, and Bob Layton. $360
  3. CGC SS 9.8 Mike Collins (Co-Creator of Gambit) $150
  4. Signed by Dave Prowse and "Join the Dark Side" inscribed, Jeremy Bulloch, who inscribed, "He's no good to me dead!", and Kenny Baker who signed in his character colours. All sigs pop more than the pic shows, it was hard to get a good scan. SOLD
  5. Just listing a few books for sale. The shopping will be costly because I'm sending from the UK, but to make it easy, i'll charge $20 shipping per book and I'll eat the rest can be cheaper if multiple purchases are made. No refunds on CGC books, but if you have any questions at all - please don't hesitate to message me. One book for now, and more to follow later when back from work...
  6. Triston is TOO cool for school. Not one book that isn't unique... Probably the best horror collection out there! I love my TP Pedigree books I want more but Triston knows I have another mouth to feed now. I'll be jealous of whoever buys anything here! Amazing stuff!
  7. Best Horror books I've EVER seen!! I love seeing these my bro. Kevin Bacon!!!!
  8. Awesome! Cool books, man! Love to see this thread back!!
  9. Can anybody tell me how many pages a book can be, or what the thickest book they've seen encapsulated is? From memory, the thickest I've seen is Walking Dead 1 TPB. Thanks! Lloyd
  10. That's awesome, man! Sawyer was great in Lost.
  11. Will there be John Romita books coming up? I actually have ZERO books signed by him
  12. Excellent!! Can we get some feet variant pictures please? I think they'll help sales.
  13. These three fall into this category (Will get scans soon, need to set up my scanner again). Signed by Sigourney Weaver, who also wrote 'Ripley'… my son was born last month, and we decided to call him, Ripley. We told her we were calling him that when we met her, and she touched my girlfriends bump, which was pretty cool! Also signed by Bill Paxton, who inscribed, "Game over Man!", Carrie Henn, who inscribed, "They mostly come at night… mostly!", and Colette Hiller, who inscribed, "Fly the friendly skies". It was also signed a few years ago by Lance Henrikson, who I then had inscribe, "I may be synthetic but I'm not stupid". Will be giving this to my Son, when he's old enough to hopefully appreciate it. These also fall under this category; Signed by Dave Barclay with my favourite Jabba line, "The bounty hunter is my kind of scum – fearless and inventive!" Signed by Hayley Atwell.
  14. I'd love to be able to add Michael C. Hall to it. Maybe one day he'll do a show :shrug: Would make that book special then.