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  1. And two more Jeremy Bulloch & John Morton This book will go to my Son, his name is Ripley
  2. Sorry for the crappy pics, scanner is unplugged right now. Need to set it back up. Here are a couple cool new ones Rhys Ifans Hayley Atwell James Remar Dave Barclay Kenny Baker
  3. Hope you have a great day my bro. I swear you should have been born on Halloween though
  4. So sad that 4 of these guys have passed away now great book! Bob Layton did a lot for Iron Man so I would personally add him, and Walt Simonson for Thor, and Mike Zeck for Cap. I'd also add Sal Buscema.
  5. I had a 9.4/9.6 a few years ago that I sold for probably £15, makes me cry now
  6. I really enjoyed looking at your stuff and you've inspired me to do my own custom sets
  7. Big thanks to Triston for these new additions: Sam Raimi added Nancy Cartwright added
  8. If be interested in Lincoln and a few others depending on price add me in please.
  9. Possible 2.0, because of the top right mainly. I'd be interested to know the grade if you ever submit it
  10. Somebody mentioned Anthony above? Are they referring to Anthony Mackie? I'd be interested in his sig if he's possible?
  11. This is my ONLY one in my collection but I didn't submit it myself, I got it directly from EvilAsh Cliff Rathburn
  12. Would love to see them. I bet it would be a great to submit a book to get a 9.9, especially if it was CGC SS. Let's see some
  13. Just seeing if anything is out there signed by these and what the cost is. Not on the same comic. Mackie on a Cap comic and Gunn on a Guardians comic. Let me know what you have please Thanks Lloyd
  14. Thanks Kerplunc Two books still available.
  15. Happy Birthday Mike!! hope you have great one bro!
  16. How about 10% off the 3 books left? Thanks Lloyd
  17. Thanks everybody that pic killed me!
  18. Last copy of this that I have available, was going to hold on to it because what's cooler than a complete signed book. Signed by Simon Reed (Writer), Simon Bisley and Mike Ploog $150 shipped