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  1. I've sent several password reset requests and contacted support a bunch of times but I'm getting no responses.
  2. Sent in a fast track modern submission that was delivered on 4/1 and it's still not in the system.
  3. mmbcustoms They purchased a large lot of MOC toys that I packaged the heck out of and they said they arrived damaged. I asked them for pics over a week ago and they still haven't sent any. They've left 70 negatives for sellers since being on ebay and a lot of the follow up comments are the same as my situation. They're a reseller and it looks like they're trying to scam people for partial refunds.
  4. Block billy1726 he bid 4 times in the last hour and wins then says that he can't pay for a $250 auction.
  5. I have some DC & Marvel full sets and runs and some other stuff ending tomorrow night on ebay. There are a lot of full Kirby complete series including Mister Miracle, The Demon, Forever People and New Gods. Also up for auction is a nice Daredevil Miller lot with #158 & #168, Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, Marvel comics Presents #72-83, New Mutants #1-16, Venom Lethal Protector Newsstand CGC 9.8 and more. Take a look!
  6. Avengers #220 #221 #222 #224 #225 #227 #229 #230 #231 #233 #234 #235 #236 #237 NM-/NM $4 each or $38 for all
  7. Saga Of The Swamp Thing #1 #4 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #12 #13 #14 #16 NM-/NM $4 each or $30 for all
  8. I have some Marvel,DC and Image full sets and runs up for auction that are ending Monday night.
  9. The spot at the top left corner in some of the scans is from the scanner.
  10. Masters Of The Universe #1-3 #1 NM #2 VF/NM #3 NM $18 SOLD to Leo-man