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  1. Public auction or the post auction private auction price?
  2. Congrats on the run! Glad I could be a small part of it!
  3. One book for one day only! Phantom Lady 17 CGC 3.0 Cream to Pink Pages. Pristine slab. No major defect other than honest wear. Please see pics. SOLD shipped within the US. Check or PayPal. No returns. Not looking to trade, sorry. First wins. Last 3.0 sale was on comiclink on 2/2019 which is referenced below.
  4. Everything is only for now...guess Clark could MIB everyone.
  5. I forgot many don’t read modern comics
  6. Agreed the price seems very inflated. Modern Superman art with a handful of exceptions doesn’t seem to sell for strong money like Batman. It’s a pure case of fear of underpricing.
  7. There’s a reason the auction was private. Even when eBay names are hidden to have a private auction tells me you may have something to hide. With all the inquiries they received I’m sure greed set in.
  8. Well respected artist and a ground breaking issue for the character.
  9. I spoke with her by phone and email. They accepted a private offer on Sunday. The whole thing doesn’t pass the sniff test. Logan wouldn’t approve The art was legit. Was being sold by Terry Stewart who was the original owner.
  10. Last month I was given a stack of art as consignment by someone who worked for marvel for years. He said I have some art that isn’t anything great. In the stack were three covers from the 70’s that were never on the market. He was shocked when I handed him a five figure check a few weeks later. People have no idea what this stuff may be worth. Apparently much of the art in metropolis comics office walked in off the street with the seller having no idea of its value.