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  1. Fun piece! He did a great job with it.
  2. AnkurJ

    phone bidding on heritage. have you ever?

    I’ve done it. They call a few lots before. Moves very fast and you can’t hesitate much.
  3. Two covers by Meghan Hetrick for sale! Both painted 11x17. They are framed but can be shipped with or without. Shipping in the US without the frame is included. Payment by check or PayPal plus fees. Trades considered! Uncanny Avengers 15 $3500 A Force 5 $2750
  4. I’m guessing he has since removed that they were stolen on his site?
  5. Purchased at a local NJ show yesterday. For $75 I couldn’t resist! By Rowena!
  6. thanks for looking! Ankur
  7. I still have have many golden and silver age books. Love them too much to part with them. That part of the back issue market is alive and kicking. But much of the 70’s onward is slower to move and sells very cheap. If you have that stuff it’s smart to unload as bulk.
  8. AnkurJ

    Green Labels Only

    Sad news about Steve today.... 😢
  9. AnkurJ

    Steve Ditko has passed

    Very sad news
  10. AnkurJ

    Green Labels Only

    You could have the other guy or PSA/DNA verify it. I had a pic of the sig somewhere and it was an older signature. Did he sign enough years ago that a proper comparison could be done?
  11. AnkurJ

    Green Labels Only

    Bought like that. He doesn’t sign anything comic related since who knows when.
  12. There usually aren’t any “deals” in heritage. All of their auctions have strong followers and quality material. The deals come when I’m selling
  13. Own and grail which I never will
  14. AnkurJ

    Green Labels Only