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  1. High demand along all areas. Supply is trying to keep up with it. In some cases supply is meeting demand but in most cases supply can’t keep up. So prices on everything desirsble keep rising, whether it’s rare variants to keys to art.
  2. Saw you today! Congrats on the awesome pieces!
  3. Underbidder in the ASM 43 page but it had gone out of my comfort zone. Did win a smaller item that I’m very happy about! Not a bad flip on the peanuts strip! This is what it’s sold for in March.
  4. The collector that bought it is thrilled, and I don't think the signatures made any difference.
  5. Take 10% off Closing tonight
  6. Flash 137 4.5/5.0. $110 Tanning inside covers. Minor spine roll. Part of the top staple is gone at the spine but what’s there is holding things tight.
  7. Brave and the Bold 30. 5.0 $350 Small tear right edge of the cover. Tear at bottom staple.
  8. Green Lantern 2. 3.5 $150 Small piece out at spine. Centerfold detached at bottom staple.
  9. Showcase 35 4.0 $60