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  1. Frazetta market going strong. The Arcanum illo sold for $11k in 2017. $23k tonight.
  2. Fun event! Sold 5 smaller pieces. It’s funny that people dislike sellers wanting PayPal friends/family and that PayPal fees should be added to the price. Most buyers offer less than the asking price and want shipping included. So the request is for a discount, free shipping and cover the PayPal fee. Basically that’s being poked in three directions
  3. They were sold during his live interview. Weren’t posted on CAF.
  4. How can you assume greed without knowing the price?
  5. Buyer is fully aware. Thanks everyone!
  6. Mylar works fine.
  7. Was there for a few weeks as a kid for some major surgery. Have fond memories of early xfactor and power pack.
  8. Awesome cover to Captain America 36! Have a coverless? You’re in business! Classic Hitler cover. Front and back covers ONLY. No Interior. Would probably grade around a 2.0. All defects can be seen in pics. $1200 shipped in the US. Offers welcome. Not looking to trade. Payment by Check or PayPal. Shipping is $15 in the US. No returns. First or PM wins.
  9. If it was 9.2 I’d be all over it