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  1. Mixture of nice splashes from 90's X-Men Related to an awesome Team Titans Nightrider inked by George Perez! Take a peek
  2. AnkurJ

    Ask Gator

    Glad you and your family are safe! Please keep us posted.
  3. AnkurJ

    New JS Campbell OA on CAF!!!

    According to many sources, he bought many JSC covers and other art for the “Stan Lee Museum”. This is a clip from a recent interview Stan gave: And before that, you had a long relationship with Max Anderson, who, it’s been alleged, has been ripping you off for years. And may well still be doing so with your intellectual property. STAN: No, not any more. He was doing that for a while. J.C.: He still has your property. You don’t know what he’s doing with it. STAN: I mean, there’s nothing I’m doing with him.
  4. AnkurJ

    LOW GRADE Phantom Lady 17 WANTED

    A 4.5 was seen at NYCC. I believe it went for around 8k.
  5. AnkurJ

    New JS Campbell OA on CAF!!!

    Google Stan Lee and Max Anderson.
  6. Gabrielle Dellotto, Lucio Parillo, Ricardo Federici, Siya Oum, Emanuela Luppachino, Cliff Chiang
  7. AnkurJ

    New JS Campbell OA on CAF!!!

    Going to be hard to find a buyer now that Max isn’t writing checks from Stan Lee’s bank account.
  8. AnkurJ

    Very lame little NYCC thread

    Great report! I saw some amazing books at the show. There was much to see. Was great to see Steve Ritter back in NYC after many years. He had an awesome Captain America 74 in 3.5 on his wall and quite an extensive GA inventory. This was my purchase of the show thanks to Gator! I sold my low grade raw copy a few years ago to pay off a big book, but always regretted it. This one is higher grade than I'm used to but was fairly priced.
  9. AnkurJ

    New York Comic-Con Picks

    Anyone attend the charity auction?
  10. AnkurJ

    New York Comicon Newbie

    I couldn’t find Spencer’s! Will check Sunday. The 10k Art Adams cover sold. Good crowds in artist alley with money flowing!
  11. AnkurJ

    Baltimore Comic Con pics anyone?

    Too many shows perhaps? Also this landed very close to NYCC.
  12. Hope it’s good, not sure how I feel after seeing the trailer.
  13. Pre-verified only. Let me know if you have one available.