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  1. Mine is missing a number on the grade But I’m happy with it.
  2. The website stopped accepting orders for printing them for obvious reasons. I had a cool printed for myself. They’re not supposed to be resold.
  3. I'm surprised no one has put him behind Harlee Yee's table at a show yet.
  4. There is still plenty of affordable art out there, but yes it may not be the most famous or well known artist. If you enjoy the characters and still enjoy the hunt, you can find some affordable pieces in the diamond mine.
  5. I gave up after being blown away and expected this would go much higher. Glad you got a decent deal!
  6. I expected this at 2-3k. Pure nostalgia driven.
  7. Howdy everyone! Anthony will be holding a Comic Art Show this Sunday in Wayne New Jersey! What's awesome is that on the second floor, JP will be holding his awesome monthly comic show! Some guest artists include Reilly Brown, Scott Hannah, Larry Stroman, Sean Chen and more! Social distancing and Masks required. More info here: And Here for JP's show:
  8. Yes it has been quite a difficult year. Many people have gone above and beyond to keep this hobby going and provide a glimmer of positivity in an otherwise tumultuous time. First and most important, and should be on everyone's list. Bill Cox. Comic art fans has truly become the center stage for the hobby. Bill has worked tirelessly to maintain the site and offer new ways to engage collectors through his interviews and live video streams. We wouldn't be where we are without him and Comic Art Fans. Shameless plug, if you use CAF, become a premium member! @Bill Cox Joe Veteri for holdi
  9. Published Kaos Moon 1 Second print cover. By David Boller
  10. Published Huntress Mini Series 3 page 1 Michael Netzer (Nasser)
  11. Romita Jr X-Men cover with the entire team fighting magneto.
  12. 35k on 12/3 Now a bit more....