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  1. After reading this I asked my framer if he’s insured should anything happens to my art. I was told they’re fully insured in case of catastrophic damage.
  2. Art Prices

    Today at comic art con, I had the pleasure of speaking with many fellow collectors about the market and prices of art in general. One thing that almost everyone agrees on, when you are trying to buy, prices in most cases are high. But a question I asked other collectors and ask collectors here is this..... In 2008, we felt prices were high. Today, we regret not buying more or say how cheap things were then. When we move forward another 10 years, what will we say about prices today? With OA being such a young hobby, its hard to know for sure. Will prices keep going up at the same rate? Slow down? So if you see a piece you love and can afford, isn't it better just to bite the bullet and buy it? In 10 years you may look back and regret it? Thoughts?
  3. Bought/traded for these:
  4. NJ Comic Art Con Guest List,"GOT THE LIST"

    Wow....! I completely missed that post. Bird if you’re reading, a question. If you have private insurance they will likely cover this. But you’d have to forfeit the piece of course, if it’s an option?
  5. NJ Comic Art Con Guest List,"GOT THE LIST"

    I didn't hear about what happened?
  6. NJ Comic Art Con Guest List,"GOT THE LIST"

    I’ll be there until 12:30
  7. Dueling Detective 27s this spring

    You have no choice to when you sign a consignment agreement with no reserve. I’ve been burned enough times selling at auction that I will no longer sell a high value item without a reserve.
  8. NJ Comic Art Con Guest List,"GOT THE LIST"

    I did not see one either.
  9. Closed

    Captain America comics 12! First 20 pages/10 sheets only. Supple but rippled from water damage. $199
  10. Closed

    Avengers 1. Coverless, centerfold missing. Piece out of page 1. Supple cream pages. $299