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  1. I sent a message to sign up. Do we receive a reply confirming we are in?
  2. I have bid on many coin auctions with Heritage, and this has been common practice with them. And whether a coin is in a regular or platinum sale, good coins have done well. So I honestly don't expect any major price discrepancy with comics or art. If its good stuff, it will perform well. But time will tell.
  3. Solid copy! Small bend at top right.
  4. Centerfold detached at bottom staple. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Tec #349--Copy D--7.5--Asking $20 Tec #351--Copy E--6.5--Asking $15 Tec #352--Copy D--5.0--Asking $10 Tec #355--Copy B--6.5---Asking $15 Tec #357--Copy B--Cover Stains--5.0--Asking $10 Tec #358--Copy E--5.0--Asking $10 Tec #360--Copy C--Solid 7.0+--Asking $20 Tec #361--Copy B--5.0--Asking $8 Tec #364--Copy C--Nicest out of the 3--5.5/6.0--Asking $15 Tec #366--5.5--Asking $10 Tec #367--Copy B--5.5--Asking $10 Tec #368--Copy B--6.0--Asking $10 Tec #369--Copy A--4.5--Asking $30 Tec #370--Copy B--5.5--Asking $10 Tec #374--Copy A--5.5--Asking $10 Tec #375--Copy C--6.0--Asking $15 Tec #376--Copy B--cover creases 5.5--Asking $10 Tec #378--Copy A--6.0--Asking $15 Tec #381--Gorgeous 8.0 copy--spine creases or this would be above 9--Asking $30 Tec #383--Copy A--Beautiful 7.5 copy--creases bottom right keep it from 8's--Asking $25 Tec #384--sub crease 4.5--Asking $8 Tec #386--B--5.5--Asking $15 Tec #386--Copy C--Sharp copy--7.0--Asking $20 Tec #390--Copy A--7.5--Asking $25 Tec #391--Copy A--5.5--Asking $20 Tec #392--Copy B--6.0--Asking $8 Tec #393--Copy B--5.5--Asking $10 Take these at 60% off? they are from page 1
  6. Missing page

    Books missing a page can go blue label and receive a 0.5, or get a qualified label with a regular grade.
  7. My policy with collect insure costs about the same. I may have to file a claim soon so we will see how that goes....
  8. I am hoping this will turn up and its premature, but USPS has messed up a piece sent from NJ to NYC. Its basically about 40 minutes away. Nutshell: Piece was mailed last Monday by priority with signature. It was delivered back to my home on Tuesday with the address label ripped off. It was signed for by my wife. Was taken back to the post office immediately asking what to do. They had me rewrite the address and said it would go back out with no added fee. I had them make sure it still had to be signed for. It has not turned up since then. Tracking shows nothing more than it being delivered back to me last Tuesday. If by some chance it is seen online or at a store, please let me know ASAP. I will give it until the end of the week before contacting my insurance company to see what can be done. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Ankur