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  1. Too many factors. I’d take the cash as most likely you won’t get 100k worth of art for $100k cash.
  2. Wow! Nice grab! Congrats to both!
  3. Nicely done! Is there anything covering the art inside the book? My concern would be the pages sticking to each other from humidity. Maybe keeping archival tissue paper between would keep them safe.
  4. Drop to $800 and Last bump
  5. Selling a copy of X-Men 1. Book is coverless and has three small hole punches. The holes don’t effect the panels much. There are pieces out on the top right of the first three Pages as seen in pics. Centerfold is attached and pages are decent. Part of a cover is stuck to the last page. It’s rough but it’s an X-Men 1! $850 shipped in the US. No returns. It’s a poor so please don’t expect a VF. Payment by PayPal. No Hos or probation members. First wins. Feel free to PM.
  6. Brian took a list before the show that filled up quickly. It was posted on his Facebook page.
  7. Batman 11 is cool, but only because of the cover. Cover craze hasn’t always been a thing. 6-7 years ago it was all about the historical content. So personally I think it’s risky putting money into a book just due tonthe cover since tastes change. I would consider a Detective 36, 38, 45, or 168 if you like Batman. Action 23 if you like Superman.
  8. Full book. If you’re ok with restored it opens many possibilities.
  10. I also had a few artists I signed up for on Thursday but did not complete by Sunday. Maybe they are taking on more than they can handle?