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  1. Sadly many of are priced out of art we would love to own.
  2. The room is very open and you have a max of 100 people attending through the entire day. Joe and his team do a good job to keep an eye on the number of people and masks are mandatory.
  3. I will have a full folio of art under $1k each. Including many X-men related pages!
  4. Cash or check. Some guys will take PayPal friends/family.
  5. Great buyer with fast payment! Thanks very much!
  6. I’ll be setting up as well! Will have a folio full of art under 1k each! Please stop by and say hello
  7. Agreed. I was shut out on the two pieces I would have liked to own. But there is always more art! Thanks again to Dino for offering some fun art!
  8. Roster: Nathan Rose Anthony Snyder Will Gabriel Bechara Dom Masullo Brad Savage Albert Moy Don Pottick Rich Donnelly Mike Carbonaro
  9. My Ditko tree hasn’t blossomed yet 😝