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  1. The mexican one has the 180 cover, but 180 and 181 is inside. One of my fav books...
  2. My bump my bump... My lovelee manly bump Check it out!!
  3. Looking for Secrets of the Unknown 124 UK p. Copy
  4. Of course, you're the only one, the only thing, my only place... all that is good upon my heart, all that really matters in this world
  5. I'd like to make a foreign set....not sure if its possible, but, its worth having a starting point..
  6. Long time, mate. What sort of grade do you want? I've got a couple of copies. Inbox
  7. buddy, I guess its been a while... thank you though, much appreciated.. I have tried looking for this 75 for a bit, I am taking the easy route, I am sure a few people here have some dupes... ...anyone? anyone?