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  1. Tsp99

    What Is The Best WWII Cover?

    Three great issues indeed. The SS 16 makes my list for one of the scarcest Hitler covers too.
  2. Tsp99

    Top Ten Hitler Covers

    Speed 21 is a VERY tough book to find in any shape. Congrats!
  3. Tsp99


    Found em.
  4. Love Roly 14 and CDNP 24
  5. Tsp99


    I think I've got a copy or two around somewhere.
  6. Tsp99

    Fight Comics #32 Cover Hommage

    One of my favorite covers in the run
  7. Tsp99

    Top 5 UNDERWATER GA Covers?

    One of my favorite covers in the run. Very nice!
  8. I followed your advice! I'm the only kid on my block with multiple Startling 10s.
  9. Tsp99

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    Beautiful copy and well done. Married CF isn't a big deal to me, especially if the page quality of the CF is close to the other pages.
  10. Tsp99

    2018 March Madness Grading Tournament Prize Thread

    I would like to chose Prize #31, Conan 12 in 9.4. Hats off to all contestants and especially Point-5 and BB. I'm aiming for the Final Four next year!
  11. All depends how rusty the staples were. Light surface rust can often be taken off while avoiding the "qualified" label.........
  12. Completely agree. BC is fugly and creasing at the top bc puts it in the VG range for me.
  13. Tsp99

    Raleigh, NC - NCComicon 'Oak City' - March 18-19

    Just got home from this show. Good selection of books and easy to walk around.