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  1. Tsp99

    Fun to read for a sat night

    Steven is a gem. He has a heart of gold and truly loves comics.
  2. Tsp99

    Bet on BIRO!!!

    My all time favorite CDNP cover. I know the 24 and 33 get tons of love but this one is just
  3. That's just ruthless to ventilate the poor hospital worker like that. Love those early CDNPs.
  4. Tsp99

    Fiction house anyone?

    Good looking book. One of the more underrated covers in the run.
  5. Tsp99

    HA Summer Signature Auction

    $4600 is a strong price for the Fight 39. Wonder what the highest graded 31 and 40 would bring in this crazy market?
  6. Tsp99


    It's been in the OPG for years. Try page 320, in the most recent edition. It's under the promotional section since many copies were given away.
  7. Tsp99

    SD Con 2018 Gathering

    Tec 70 comes to mind.
  8. Tsp99

    SD Con 2018 Gathering

    Amazing. I've never seen a double cover of any of the humongous issues 1-8.....
  9. Unfortunately, I've got a full set. Have both versions of the #1 and another odd version of #1 with a $6.00 cover price. Hardcover 2 and 3, etc... They take up a lot of space
  10. As most everyone has mentioned, get the 12 1st. Historically more important and tougher to find in comparison to the 25. Personally, I've always been a sucker for darker covers (ie purple, black, etc) and therefore aesthetically prefer a high grade 25....