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  1. Tsp99

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Crazy price. Hopefully the buyer loves this book and is not looking at it as an investment.
  2. Thanks for the info. Tec 24 is one of my favorites and is tough in any shape.
  3. What shape was the Tec 24?
  4. Tsp99

    Punch Comics 12 - Anyone ever see one ?

    Yep. Very strong price. Seems like the "buy in" just keeps going up and up on Punch 12. The Ebay copy that sold for $9300 (allegedly) looks like it has weak paper and a nasty 3 inch or so spine split in addition to that long taped tear. Maybe a 1.8/2?
  5. Tsp99

    New look

    Yep. Not a big fan of it. Hoping it will grow on me.....
  6. Tsp99

    Golden-Age Variants

    Very nice! I actually have a #14 (1st Ray) with a 15 cents cover price.
  7. Tsp99

    Grail Question

    Mostly likely "B", but it all depends what that grail is. Quite a few non-pin up back covers are generic.