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  1. I'm guessing you're asking about VoH 39 since there is no Vault of Fear and Haunt of Fear only went to 28 issues. VoH 39 isn't rare. It is tougher in grade because of its dark cover. It's one of the better covers in the run but hasn't quite broken out compared to other classic bondage covers. It's certainly due.
  2. https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=42407705 MCS is easy to work with on time payments for larger items. The owner (Conan) is a member on these boards too.
  3. Leave it alone. Don't get it graded. Put it in a mylar and enjoy it. For a poor (incomplete), it presents nicely from the partial picture you posted. Love how the eyes have been colored to look especially bloodshot too.
  4. I can believe 7.5 is the highest graded Suspense 8. Tough to find a copy nicer than vg/fn.
  5. Parts count. You're doing great!
  6. Marvel Mystery 52 my father bought me when I was 16 years old out of an old record/book shop in Carrboro, NC. The coolness and complexity of that Schomburg bondage cover blew my mind and I was hooked for life on GA......
  7. Love it! Interior ain't too shabby either.
  8. Love this weird Hitler/killer clown cover.
  9. There are a 9 and 11 that present nicely for the price (less than $1200) on Mycomicshop.
  10. What a cool book. 24 and 33 get a lot of the love but 43 is right up there.
  11. 24 and 33 get a lot of love but this is my favorite in the run.
  12. I can't sign in from phone using Chrome either.
  13. Make sure you don't just click on the picture of the book, but on the "Zoom Front Cover" over it. Then click it again. Picture you see now should be clear and super-sized.