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  1. Suspense 3 is an early 1944 book. In this case, it has 60 pages (instead of the early GA usual 68 pages), meaning 16 pages in the front ( to the centerfold), and 12 pages in the back. Since the interior is pretty pedestrian, almost all the value in a coverless is in its centerfold.
  2. As far as back covers go, Sup 1 and Marvel 1 have always stood out as some of the most desirable. Well done sir.
  3. One of my favorite GA keys. Still currently undervalued imo....
  4. Interesting indeed. Is it the normal page count?
  5. CBM was hands down my favorite zine. With every issue I'd learn something new or see something incredible. Heck, for less than a $100 you could buy a full page ad. Those were the days. Here's the first issue ......
  6. What a great collection! Couldn't have happened to a better guy too. Congrats my friend. Beautiful stuff.
  7. I was shocked too. Traditionally, this was always a cool, scarce book but never terribly valuable unless in grade. My copy I've had for 20+ years is still in a Fortress.
  8. If you can get it for a hundred bucks (roughly) why not? It certainly makes for a great story!
  9. I've had great past successes with old label 9.3s.