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  1. The original VALIANT universe. -slym
  2. It's probably easier to list who he didn't block. -slym
  3. Purple? That's my favourite colour... -slym
  4. I will only be worried if you don't freakin' rock out on it! -slym
  5. Wow, you double- and triple-digit post count guys are the "old guard" now, eh? What a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed that Old Paint guy (or whatever) is. -slym
  6. Black Widow, Wasp, Gamora, and Scarlet Witch, with a couple bucks leftover to buy ice cream. -slym
  7. Apparently, asking $2/book is too much... -slym
  8. Either GPA does it or the person who I stole the password from does... -slym ( )
  9. Right now, the USPS should be glad to get any business they can. -slym
  10. As much of a Claremont X-fan that I am, I also would not get his sig on this book. -slym
  11. OK, do they realise good prices for the seller? Or are they bargains for the buyer? I have some runs of X-titles that I am still in the process of trying to put up FS, was going to chunk it up into 4-5 book lots and list them that way. But, if big runs are selling and selling well, I might just go big. -slym
  12. The character in the comic itself isn't all that hot, but this cover... I think anything by Jo Chen is amazing anyway, but yeah... this cover... -slym
  13. CGC's shipping charges are high as giraffe horns, but we all know that going in, and if selling the comics after grading, you know to bake that cost into the asking price. Otherwise, bend over and think happy thoughts. -slym
  14. I'm not sure I know what you are referring to. -slym
  15. As far as I can tell, for the USPS, 1st Class is running a little slow in my area. I don't ship via Media Mail anymore, so I can't say for sure on that, and Priority has been right on time. FedEx and UPS have been only a little slow, if at all. -slym
  16. John Byrne's Dark Phoenix. I'd let her blast me to atoms... and love every nanosecond. I blame Mr. Byrne for making me fall in love with every tothemarketdownthestreetforsomeCRAZY redhead... -slym
  17. *looks at watch* I am disappoint. -slym
  18. I always make a little folded over "tab" to make tape removal easier, but the Mylars/Mylites/etc. have a tendency to hold onto the sticky when tape is peeled off. Best to use something proven, such as the "dots", or even painter's tape. With polybags, I would never use anything thick to seal a bag because the weight of the bags & comics, while being possibly pressed together while in a box, can (not will, but can) leave indentations on comics through bags, but I've never seen this problem with Mylar. -slym