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  1. marmat

    Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    I don't know, I saw the sale on GPA
  2. marmat


    The buyer finally payed, I believe he got a legit reason to pay late. I am removing him from my blocked list
  3. My only Crippen. I got it on ebay, not advertised as a pedigree, it was a nice surprise to see CGC recognizing it as such
  4. marmat

    Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    GPA is now showing a Batman 74 CGC 8.5 just sold for $10k Am I missing something? I know it's the highest graded, but there are 3 copies at 8.5. Two buyers really wanted it.
  5. marmat

    Pgm hangman.

    0.5, please keep it, even in poor condition it's still a nice GA comic that you don't see often. Or send it to me, I'll cover shipping
  6. marmat

    Stan Lee RIP

    Very sad day, we will miss you.
  7. STAR COMICS 7 Published Nov. 1937 by Harry "A" Chesler, later becoming Centaur Comics. Ryan cover and art, Fred Guardineer art including a spectacular centerfold. GOOD condition, complete, has tape on bottom of spine and 2 pieces on inside cover. All pages attached. $175
  8. First on the thread or via PM wins the book. Paypal only, no HoS and Probation List members. Shipping to the USA, priority with tracking, is $8. I ship worldwide, contact me for a quote. I'll accept returns within 7 days, the buyer pays for return shipping unless I made a mistake in the transaction. Thanks
  9. marmat


    Another non paying buyer: 9traje19 Purchased 6 items for $150 total. Sent a reminder 4 days after the first invoice, it's now a week and I opened a case against him.
  10. marmat

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay you can see the bid history. His explanation was : Entered wrong amount
  11. marmat


    I will block this user: anthony7000 He already retracted 3 bids on one of my items. When I receive a new legit bid on this comic, he will put in $5 bid increments until he find out the max bid of the previous bidder, and then he cancel the bid. He did it three times, first time yesterday and two times today.