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  1. Is this for real? Per GPA a FF 5 5.0 sold for $21k
  2. Any idea aout when the back story of the collection will be revealed?
  3. Maybe I am wrong, but I believe this collection has the higher ratio of NM/MT comics. So many 9.8 I wonder how the comics were stored to keep such condition
  4. Is there a Tec 168 in the collection?
  5. Who discovered the collection? Or it was brought to light by the OO family?
  6. To think that those comics rested in a closet/box/crates for 70-80 years Wonderful collection, I dreamed gazillion times for something like that happening to me, can not wait fot the tale of the find
  7. Why there is no #1? I always wondered
  8. Still going strong 9.4 $138000 8.5 $54000