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  1. I was going through a collection I acquired tonight for free, and the inside of nearly every issue of Detective Comics has tape on the centerfold. The staples are solid and everything, so I can't imagine why someone would tape the centerfolds. So two questions: 1.) Is this something any of you have seen from DC comics in the 70s? (I'm guessing no) 2.) How does this affect the value? I'm looking to move these. I have 25 Detective Comics in the 400s. Thanks.
  2. I wouldn't buy it unless it was CGC SS or a Dynamic Forces with Certificate. And even buying a Dynamic Forces certified book secondhand makes me hedge.
  3. I'm curious how the new Fantastic Four is going to be. From what I've seen in the trailers, it does not look good. They've already fooled me into two of those awful movies. And they'll fool me this time, too.
  4. Between the Spider-Man Ringtone on Peter's phone, the romantic waffling between Gwen and Peter, and the villains being just these pathetic guys, the Spider-Man 2 was really, really bad.
  5. Whatever Oh yeah, you'll fit in well here. After 930 posts you lose track.
  6. The need to post has you posting in the wrong forum. Whatever
  7. Might be the worst superhero movie ever made. Worse than Supergirl, worse than Ghost Rider, and maybe worse than Batman & Robin. So bad that I needed to post about it.