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  1. “Dutch Auction” seems to have fallen by the wayside. I used that term in a few Beanie Baby auctions back in the day, and I would occasionally get questions about my location. “Are you in the United States? How much is shipping from Holland?”.
  2. So if a packaged was last scanned on 4/09 (west coast), and hasn’t been seen since, should I be worried?
  3. I remember a separate program for reporting mutants (in the 90s?), and I believe I threw a co-worker or two under the bus.
  4. Always fun to visit Bedrock City when traveling down south.
  5. Haven't bought from Terry in a while, but my recently purchased slab was shipped timely and well-packed. Would certainly do business again.
  6. The Gothic Romances/Tales of Love books are next on the list.
  7. The next ten is where we see many of the familiar titles listed so far: 12 True Movie And Television 1 (1950; Part teenage magazine; Liz Taylor photo-c) 13 Out Of This World Adventures 2 (1951; sci-fi pulp magazine w/32 page color-comic insert; Kubert-a) 13 Pussycat 1 (1968; B&W reprints from Men's magazines; scarce) 15 Cracked 1 (1958) 16 Mad 30 (1956; 1st Alfred E. Neuman cover by Mingo) 17 Blazing Combat 1 (1965) 17 Mad 25 (1955) 17 True Movie And Television 2 (1950; Part teenage magazine; movie stars photo-c) 20 From Here To Insanity V3#1 (1956; cover says "Crazy, Man, Crazy" and becomes so w/V2#2) 20 Marvel Preview 7 (1976; Rocket Raccoon debut)
  8. From an Overstreet perspective (their pricing of raw, 9.2), I believe most, if not all, of the top 10 would come from the Mickey Mouse Magazine title. After that, many of the books are larger, "magazine-sized" format from the Golden Age, which may or may not qualify as a magazine (not my area of expertise): 1 Wow Comics 1 (1936; 1st Will Eisner-a in comics) 2 Wow Comics 4 (1936; Fu Manchu, Popeye, Mandrake, Flash Gordon; Eisner-a) 3 Wow Comics 2 (1936; Fu Manchu, Popeye; Eisner-a) 4 Tops 1 (1949; large sized-magazine format; for the adult reader; rare) 4 Wow Comics 3 (1936; Fu Manchu, Popeye; Eisner-a) 6 Tops 2 (1949; large sized-magazine format; for the adult reader; rare) 7 Shock Illustrated 3 (1956; 100 known copies; bound & given away at E.C office) 8 Mad 24 (1955; 1st magazine issue) 9 Out Of This World Adventures 1 (1950; sci-fi pulp magazine w/32 page color-comic insert; Kubert-a) 10 Eerie 1 (1965; B&W; low distribution; poor print quality; smaller size) 10 Vampirella 1 (1969)
  9. A little off the beaten path ... for me, anyway.