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  1. Overstreet's list of the Top 25 Bronze books is incorrect for the second year in a row now. Same goes for their expanded Silver, Copper & Modern lists. I'm sure Gold has some errors too, but I don't watch that one as closely. This is sad on a few different levels.
  2. I believe the largest % gains in the Silver Age were Rawhide Kid #17 (150%), Blackhawk #133 (100%) and Linda Carter, Student Nurse #1 (66.67%). None are in the top 50, but on a pure % basis, they did well. My pick to show (continued) significant gains is Tales Of Suspense #52. It's a shame that a list as short as the top 25 Bronze books was only correct through #15. Even so, my picks are books that currently sit outside of the true top 25, but could make the jump (ASM #101 and Tomb Of Dracula #10, with 'Tec #400 as a longshot).
  3. I agree that the picture above is not indicative of overall foot traffic. It was never elbow-to-elbow, and certain sections were busier than others, but I never got hit by a tumbleweed. If you've been to WW Chicago, this con was in the hall where folks pick up their wristbands and line up. I had a two-day pass with early access, so I got in before many of the dealers were fully set up. I was looking for early Marvel SA, and got a nice TOS from Comic Interlude. I thought the dealers had a decent selection, just not the ones I needed. I see this as encouraging for future(?) shows. I also got about 30 books from Hector. I don't get autographs, or do much in Artist Alley, so 1 full day would have been enough for me. If you enjoy flipping through $0.50 - $5.00 boxes, I think it was well worth the $10 admission that Groupon was offering. Saw quite a few folks making stacks of books. Cosplay was at a minimum. Other than Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Dave & Busters, it was a comic book show.
  4. Tickets were being offered through Groupon. Not sure if they are still available.
  5. Does Preacher #1 still command a few dollars?
  6. Agreed. I wasn't buying ASM at the time, but I knew to pick up #298 because of Todd. I even grabbed Incredible Hulk #330 for the same reason. ASM #300/Venom was not a consideration. It was about the artist, the crazy webs flying all over the place & the seemingly impossible positions in which Spidey would wide up.
  7. Always fun to visit Bedrock City when traveling down south.
  8. There is a fanzine called "Marvelmania Magazine" that ran for six issues. I believe the final issue prints that unpublished Starhawk story.