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  1. I am, admittedly, predominantly a lurker on this chat forum, but I have read enough to have literally spit coffee when I saw this post. "Affect the final hammer price". My, this was certainly rich! Thank you for the good laugh, I really needed it.
  2. I believe I am. I am generally just a lurker and post reader, so I hope to be able to learn how to navigate this version.
  3. Riverdale is a big hit for CW. Try to buy some Archie books that have the main characters' first appearances.
  4. It is sad to say this, but the evidence of your actions point to a long and hard road of poverty, not success, unless you change your outlook and demeanor.
  5. Spending money that wasn't mine? Yes it wasn't mine and I tried more then once to give it back and they didn't want it and because of that I had to use the money because at that time I had no other choice if you want to consider it low then go right ahead. When I told them what I did they didn't even care they just said they would work out a payment plan. Are you seriously trying to justify spending money that doesn't belong to you? How could any perspective comic buyer possibly trust sending you money, or anyone trust sending you a consignment, knowing that if they are not happy with their purchase or you sell an item for them, you might get desperate enough, and spend their money on yourself and not be able to refund them or pay them? Please understand this is a rhetorical question. Your admitted actions have already answered this question for you. While I certainly have no right to judge you, your actions once again, speak louder than any words you might say.
  6. No matter the reasons or what you type here, your actions define who you really are. I would hazard a guess that most folks are already disappointed in your comic selling actions, but knowingly spending money that wasn't yours is just down right dishonest. New low for you.
  7. I honestly cannot decide if the OP is an insufficiently_thoughtful_person savante or just an idi
  8. I cannot believe that no one else in this thread has clarified the point that ADHD is NOT a learning disability. True, it might have affect on how one learns, but it is NOT classified as a disability, at least not in the United States.
  9. Had a wee bit of time to quash and read the last 1900 responses. Clearly this young fellow has a bright future in front of him as a comic book purveyor. As MJ would say, "Go get 'em, tiger!"