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  1. I always get my comics mangled and cut corners at CCS. Not always a guaranteed grade, although if you complain they'll deny everything and do as you ask.
  2. I'll let you do the heavy lifting on that one. Just worried my HG copy of GSX 1 gets the proper treatment when I send it in for it's inevitable clean and press before I cash out. Soon.
  3. Picked this up recently. Not romance but a hard book to find especially looking like this.
  4. By the way. My mistake, it's issue 7, but still a sale.
  5. That's it for now. Pm me with offers if you like.
  6. Battle Action #9 Unbelievable copy. 8.5 all day long. If it doesn't sell, off to cgc it goes. $500.00 shipped.
  7. Battlefield #4 Brutal Burgos cover. What a copy! You'll never see another like this! 7.0/7.5 $400.00 shipped.
  8. War Comics #23 Classic Heath cover with Maneely story. Very desirable comic. Dig that Daisy Christmas bc. 3.5 with off-white pages. $350.00 shipped.
  9. Men in Action #7 Another great Heath cover and what a copy! Sizzling colors in a 7.5 grade with off-white pages. SOLD!
  10. FS Hard to find and lovely. From my friend's collection. First up. Combat #1. Great Heath cover, Maneely story. Colors pop on this. 6.0 with off-white pages. $365.00 shipped.
  11. I have never asked any of my winnings to be made available to offers, yet I get many offers, even on wins below the $500.00 threshold.