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  1. Isn't the Love and Marriage a Giordano swipe? I have the Crippen 6.0 GCE11. I've seen one other copy here on the boards, can't remember if it was for sale. Might be in the many pages of this thread. Yeah, it's tough, but I bet some members here have copies.
  2. When Rick showed up I was blown away by the scope and breath of what he had to offer. His tastes and mine were pretty much lock step. I've bought from him and sold to him, sometimes different copies of the same book at the same time. He made it fun and made coming to the boards fun again.
  3. Kinstler always did nice vignettes for Avon, usually on the inside front cover.
  4. Finally got a copy. Crawling twd the finish line of my Baker covers.
  5. Better pic of one I posted earlier.
  6. It's a quarter of a million piece for sure. Presents well in spite of the stat. The question remains, does this mean the OA for 23 exists as well?
  7. WOW!!