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  1. Not true. CC bought out my Baker thread 2 weeks ago.
  2. More reductions. Will close down thread Tuesday night. Make offer.
  3. I saw the buyer and the piece has been traded/sold.
  4. Diary Secrets 13 Tougher book with some of Baker's textured half tone work. Great eye appeal, tear on top left of cover. 4.0/4.5 $650.00 $525.00 $450.00 shipped.
  5. Teen-age Romances 6 Very nice 4.0/4.5 copy. Bob thinks so too. Bobs name appears on 5 other occasions in the book. Copy sold on CC recently for $3200.00. $500.00 $400.00 $350.00 shipped.
  6. Here are some books you don't see every day. Will except returns. True Love Pictorial 9, great cover as you can see. Rough spine brings it down, although it's all attached. Cover art almost unblemished. Give it a 2.5. A raw Good sold on Ha last year for $528.00. Doesn't hold a candle. $600.00 $500.00 $400.00shipped.
  7. Thankfully mine is straight.
  8. Baker was art director at St. John's for some duration. The sophistication of colour palette in the later issues would point to his hand in it. The soft result on the TaR 42 was a bit surprising. That's a book that deserves classic cover status.
  9. Beautiful Baker cover vs ugly horror cover. Ugly wins.
  10. It was, and still is, the Crippen copy on a Ha weekly auction just when they were starting out. I was familiar with the book because Harley had a HG copy he wanted $350.00 for which I thought was a lot even though I wanted it. Was happy and surprised when I got this one for much cheaper. The Crippen had better colour strike than Harley's.