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  1. Now that I know about, I'll look out for it.
  2. Thanks for posting. Those Spider covers are incredible and could be classified as Shudder pulps on their own.
  3. This ain't GA, what the heck am I looking at?
  4. A disreputable art gallery which is really a meth lab front might.
  5. The Vancouver collection was a pedigree found in the nineties known for it's white pages and perfect condition. I'm not sure how they were stored but this seems some freezer environment that let no oxygen in.
  6. Just donate to a museum or gallery and use the cover price as a tax write-off. Didn't Bob Guicionne do that once with his porn collection? Everyone's a winner.
  7. Lovely words and quite touching. What was the Sig series book Lamont had signed? And what was the, ahem, grade?
  8. Well, I was born in Toronto and lived here all my life. The Beguiling was not in the same building as Memory Lane, it was across the street and a little north. The rumours exist, whether they are true or not I can't say.
  9. Ok, maybe I've opened a can of worms, but in Toronto comic collecting circles there were rumours of George being inappropriate with under-age. I heard this from several sources and the main reason he has never been honored by the Shuster Awards, the Canadian comic book awards.
  10. I was at that store many times. George himself had a dark side.