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  1. I gather this is a horror comic?
  2. I was happy to read this entire thread, just to see the power one comic book can wield. Now where's that tylenol?
  3. This was quite the result.
  4. It also doesn't explain if this is a person to person thing disguised as a listing, why he bothered to take such extensive pictures.
  5. Steranko put everything into it, and when he left the industry became a source of mediocrity. His leaving was truly the end of the Silver Age.
  6. When the Rifleman 10 is down 32.73%, this hobby is in trouble.
  7. I wanna see that with an Action 1.
  8. Hoo boy, I'll weigh in. Phantom Lady 23 volty 3.5 on last week's Ha hammered at $1800.00. Used to own this copy. A cgc 3.0 hammered at $2880.00 last June.