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  1. More Strange Tales... Strange Tales 143 FN+ $15 Kirby cover, Nick Fury by Lee/Kirby, Dr. Strange by Thomas/Ditko ... the best of both worlds! Strange Tales 155 FN- $12 Nick Fury written and drawn by Steranko Strange Tales 158 VG/FN $10 Nick Fury written and drawn by Steranko
  2. And, Strangely enough... Strange Tales 159 VG $11 Origin Nick Fury retold, intro Val, Cap cvr/story, Steranko-a; a nice book with a 1" tear at the top of the back cover, white pages Strange Tales 168 GD $7 Steranko-a(p); last Nick Fury & Dr. Strange; liquid stain lower spine corner Dr. Strange 177 FN- $13 SOLD Dr. Strange 178 FN- $8 SOLD
  3. Behold! The Sub-Mariner! Sub-Mariner (1968) 003 VG/FN $11 nice gloss, no creases except margin bc, minor foxing front/back, 1/4" piece flaked off spine below lower staple, white pgs Sub-Mariner (1968) 005 VG $13 1st Tiger Shark; moderate creasing lower right corner fc, minor to moderate scratches around TS, crease upper right corner fc Sub-Mariner (1968) 006 VG+ $7 2nd Tiger Shark; a few moderate creases and a small triangle missing lower right corner
  4. Hulkster Tales to Astonish 058 FN- $33 SOLD Origin Colussus Tales to Astonish 061 VG- $14 All Ditko issue; 1st appearance Glenn Talbot Tales to Astonish 062 VG/FN $33 SOLD 1st appearance/origin The Leader; new Wasp costume; complete w/ Hulk pin-up Tales to Astonish 064 GD/VG $12 SOLD Tales to Astonish 065 FN $25 SOLD New Giant Man costume Tales to Astonish 067 FN $24 SOLD Tales to Astonish 069 GD- $6 SOLD note piece torn from bottom of front cover; last Giant Man Tales to Astonish 071 GD/VG $7 SOLD Tales to Astonish 075 GD+ $6 SOLD centerfold and several interior pages detached from upper staple Tales to Astonish 076 VG/FN $11 SOLD Tales to Astonish 080 GD- $3 SOLD two interior pages with 2" to 3" tears but not missing any parts Tales to Astonish 085 VG $7 SOLD Tales to Astonish 092 GD/VG $6 SOLD 1st Silver Surfer x-over outside of FF; centerfold loose top staple, tape pull fc/bc open edges; Tales to Astonish 100 GD/VG $6 SOLD Hulk battles Sub-Mariner full-length story; tape pull fc/bc open edges; Tales to Astonish 101 VG/FN $12 SOLD Incredible Hulk 103 GD $6 SOLD minor tape residue opening edge, liquid stains lower right corner of book Incredible Hulk 105 GD $4 SOLD FF appearance; 1/2" margin tear interior page, rubbing wear top rfc, small liquid stain top left corner Incredible Hulk 107 GD/VG $6 SOLD Mandarin cover/appearance; Nick Fury, AoS appearance, minor tape residue opeing edge, fading top left corner cover Incredible Hulk 108 GD $4 SOLD Mandarin and Fury again, top left corner fc rubbed away Incredible Hulk 109 GD $4 SOLD some minor discoloration on back and liquid staining along spine back cover; minor tape pulls opening edge Incredible Hulk 110 VG $8 SOLD crease lower left corner Incredible Hulk 111 GD $3 SOLD some liquid staining Incredible Hulk 112 GD/VG $4 SOLD Incredible Hulk 113 VG $6 SOLD Incredible Hulk 114 GD/VG $4 SOLD Incredible Hulk 118 VG $7 SOLD Hulk vs Sub-Mariner Incredible Hulk 130 GD+ $2 centerfold and several interior pages detached from upper staple Incredible Hulk 131 VG $6 1st Jim Wilson, Iron Man appearance Incredible Hulk 135 GD/VG $4 Kang & Phantom Eagle appearance Incredible Hulk 139 VG+ $5 Leader appearance Incredible Hulk 140 VG/FN $6 SOLD written by Harlan Ellison; 1st Jarella (1st printing)
  5. FF 59 F/VF $40 SOLD Inhumans Appearance, Silver Surfer cameo The grade says it all. This is a nice looking book with nothing exceptional to mention. Page quality is off-white to white and the book is complete. Pages and cover are firmly attached to the staples which show minimal to no discoloration.
  6. GREATLY reduced shipping on the Masterworks. I'm glad I found out that the Masterworks can ship Media Mail. I, for one, absolutely hate spending money on shipping that can be more productively spent on comics.