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  1. It was a grail of mine for years but time has moved on and so have my interests.
  2. The really awesome thing here which is easy to overlook, is that the development of comic-book properties as cinema has reached the point that we get to choose between multiple versions of Hellboy. Far cry from my youth where my choices were Superman and that was about it.
  3. Watched the trailer the other night and it seemed way too dark for my tastes. Doubt this will even get an Amazon viewing from me. Im completely happy with the Ron Perlman versions.
  4. For pure nostalgia, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. As an adult, of sorts, Cowboy Bebop.
  5. I'm going to be ornery. I don't have a problem with these actors voicing the characters, but I would much rather see true voice actors taking these roles. There's an interview with Billy West where he expresses a lot of frustration at how voice actors are, for the most part, cut out of these big budget productions for the sake of the star's name power. He says something to the effect, "what the hell, they can only do one voice".
  6. Totally agree. With all the secrecy they are using to guard the next MCU phase, I am counting on some major surprises.
  7. Still say the main hero which takes out Thanos is going to be a suprise that no one expects...
  8. I assume they are setting the stage for the main storyline to be adapted as well. Hopefully they do a good enough job with the material where that happens.