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  1. Of special note as John Byrne's first published/professional artwork.
  2. With the development of deep-fake technology lets just keep young Harrison Ford as Indiana for perpetuity.
  3. That is the Jim Warren, Frazetta coffee stain.
  4. RedRaven


    LOL, I missed that scene.
  5. I remember not liking this character when I bought the book off the stand years ago.
  6. Watched Shazam last night with no real expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. It was worth a $9.99 purchase.
  7. Wasn't it killed at the same time they started putting on wrassling? What a brain-trust making those decisions!
  8. I generally wait until the season is over and then binge. I may just skip this season.
  9. Not hearing good things about the season finale. @Get Marwood & I
  10. Bumping this thread for the sake of the original poster who is posting again.