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  1. I had earlier comics (Disney etc) but this one launched me into monthly reader mode. Quite lucky that my first foray into super-hero comics put me directly in the path of the Great Darkness Saga. I remember stopping at minute-shops after little league to pick up the next issue in the series. Talk about expectation!!!
  2. Seems to be something particular to Chrome. Displays fine in IE and Safari. Hmmm, this could be related to my Chrome browser having a tracking protection plugin installed.
  3. Best Mad cover I have seen in ages "everything floats in here", my inner three year old approves mightily.
  4. Little known fact: If you say "facts don't care about your feelings" three times in a row while watching Yentil, Ben appears in a puff of smoke and kicks you in your shins.
  5. You can always count on the media being largely monolithic and unimaginative. Give them a few labels and push them in one direction and off they go.
  7. Because SyFy has shallow pockets and they cancel shows. It's what they do (see Expanse). Better to be picked up by Amazon or Netflix.
  8. Is anyone truly excited about this movie? I can't gauge this sort of thing anymore. I just feel like the majority of the old farts like me don't care about Star Wars and the younger generation would rather watch their myths (MCU).
  9. Unfortunately that approach is becoming ubiquitous across digital media. It's our fault for clicking on that garbage to begin with.