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  1. Posting this again as it has been a while. Put this together with a piece of software normally used to visualize code commits during the development process. Data was sourced from The Grand Comics Database and shows Frazetta's publication history over time by publisher, title, and issue
  2. Issue has been scanned online here...
  3. My brother and I discovered Doctor Who / Peter Davison around 1982. Stil my favorite episodes and boy-oh-boy did I appreciate Tegan Jovanka at that point in my young teenage life.
  4. Looks like a classic cover featuring a pair of beaver trappers.
  5. ditto. Plus I accidentally bought the 4k version off Amazon instead of renting so I have every reason to try and find some enjoyment in it.
  6. Yep, I had an initial abbreviated experience with the series as I had bailed after episode two. At the insistence of a friend I finally gave the series a second shot.
  7. I'm also a fan of Undiscovered Country which puts me decidedly at odds with several of my friends whom I usually find myself in close agreement on these matters.
  8. The poor critics score on RT actually gives me hope the movie might be OK.