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  1. Nice haul! Seems as if it was worth the trip. Some GGA classics there. A few of my own favorites.
  2. You're better than that Kav. Titties for tatties and all. It's like that time I found a wallet-at first I was gonna keep it-then I thought, how would I feel if I lost my wallet? Then I realized I WOULD WANT TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON! You're joking, right? Just checking. Yep that's an old Emo Phillips joke. Ah, I probably saw that and have it lodged somewhere deep in the recesses of my failing noggin.
  3. You're better than that Kav. Titties for tatties and all. It's like that time I found a wallet-at first I was gonna keep it-then I thought, how would I feel if I lost my wallet? Then I realized I WOULD WANT TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON! You're joking, right? Just checking.
  4. AND HOW!! Haha I totally just wrote a reply that also said "AND HOW!!!"
  5. Each comic should be folded into an origami replica of its grade number.
  6. this is my problem with giving grades-you end up having to undergrade just to be safe. Then the books don't sell for what they could. If only there were some service or business that would grade them for you to help you get an appropriate sale price.
  7. One of my favorite pages: This strange puzzle in which 13 Chinamen turns into 12 Chinamen when the circle is rotated. WHERE DID THE MISSING CHINAMAN GO? (I used Photoshop to rotate the puzzle instead of having to cut out the puzzle, like I did when I was a kid, ruining the magazine.)
  8. Marvel was aiming at the teen audience with its late 1970s magazine Pizzazz. The July 1978 issue is an embarrassing interesting snapshot of the times. The cover feature is about the "Sgt. Pepper" movie (the poorly received musical starring the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Steve Martin, George Burns, etc.). Articles cover such important topics as: Suzanne Sommers, Leif Garrett, Star Wars, summer camp, monsters throughout history, Meat Loaf, Shaun Cassidy, and Stan Lee in the editorial offices. Here's the cover, and a few pages I found amusing:
  9. If an order has shipped, I get a shipping notification at the end of the business day with tracking. If an order is sitting in the safe, a few reasons are; awaiting payment, awaiting another order for return shipping. Thank you. I have a "shipped/safe" item with a date, but it's been a couple weeks with no tracking etc. So I think CGC is just holding it until it can ship everything together. (I could call CGC to figure this out, of course, but figured it would be something people here would want to know.)
  10. I like the close-up. He doesn't usually get in that close. The way the whole thing is inked and lettered looks like a UK version of one of Baker's covers.
  11. When CGC posts "shipped/safe," does that mean the books are in the mail as of the date posted? If so, does CGC provide tracking information? If you have multiple submissions (using different tiers) and one is marked shipped/safe, but the others are still "verified," does that ever mean that the "shipped/safe" one is in holding until the others are finished, so they can be sent together?
  12. You were. We have pics of you naked too. Well, not fully but typically feather boas don't count. [font:Book Antiqua]In his defence. Who doesn't have a naked picture in his past..![/font] I've always wondered about the thinking that went into the creation of this picture. I guess it was the 70's, an era when hairy ugmos like Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould were considered sex symbols, but damn it, that still doesn't make it right! Better to have a Hulk comic over your groin then, say, Ant-Man.
  13. At least this guy is polite and admits he's a bonehead.
  14. No problem. It's still a great parody, like you said. They got Mort Drucker to do the Empire Strikes Back satire and he had a lot of fun with that (the final panel shows that they "fixed" Luke's severed hand, but they accidentally put a foot there in its place).
  15. One of the actresses in "Split," Hayley Lu Richardson, is in another recent movie, "The Bronze," which is really funny.
  16. The old "flood in the home" excuse. Reminds me of a friend who won an auction at a really good price, and the seller comes back with, "the comics were in my basement and there was a flood that ruined them." My friend asked, "Well, can I at least see a photo that shows the flood, or a pic of the comics that shows the damange?" and the seller wasn't very friendly or helpful after that.
  17. Not sure of value, but it's super cool. Should be framed.
  18. Generally speaking, using the initials L.L. to refer to a Superman character can cause some confusion... (Okay, so in this case it doesn't.)
  19. Fortunately CGC now offers a solution for this problem:
  20. My 9th favorite is Lupus McDillscratcher. My 7th least favorite I absolutely must have in spite of his wretchedness is Bruce P. Fortinplesby.
  21. Interesting thing about the Mad satire of "Star Wars" is they tried out a new artist, Harry North, for one of the biggest movies of that year. I was surprised they didn't get Mort Drucker to work his magic on it, but I assume Mort must have been tied up.
  22. Those look great but with the little corner tear, the Mad probably isn't going to beat the highest-graded copy. What are the interior pages like -- much discoloration? I am not very good at the differences in high-graded copies. There is an area here where you can post pictures and people will estimate what grade you'd be likely to get. It's called Hey buddy, can you spare a grade? and you'll get some very helpful feedback, though you'll want to post additional photos showing the back cover, and some of the interior. Beautiful copies nonetheless!
  23. I thought they were supposed to be stronger? Iv'e gotten 5 packages in the past couple weeks, 3 broken slabs. Maybe I just have bad luck. The old ones were never that bad for me. I'm hoping your situation is an anomaly. Or there's somebody at your local post office who sits on the packages during break.
  24. I thought they were supposed to be stronger?