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  1. I've been looking at some local auction sites in midwestern cities. I've seen 3-bedroom houses sell for as low as $17k.
  2. I know a lot of people here are saying most of this is junk, but if you have the means to move stuff, and if you have storage space, why not buy it all in a lot at a very low price, and sell it off in your spare time? You could slowly research everything, look up sold prices for each item on eBay, etc. Everything that sold for a low price you could donate to a thrift store. Or you could just sell certain things in large lots on eBay here and there, until everything you have left has some value and you could make some decent money. I agree with what people said about the possibility that the collection already got cherry picked. I wonder if they had other dealers look at the lot, or if family members divvied up some items.
  3. The comic is haunted by ghost worms.
  4. From the attached pictures which you have posted, this copy definitely does not look anywhere close to a 4.0 graded copy. I dunno, if it had the center wrap attached, and didn't have the torn spot, then I think the cover and pages are mostly in the 4.0 range, or maybe 3.5 due to some stains etc. The spine is solid, staples attached, nice colors, page quality is light, nothing on cover torn away, etc. I'm talking golden-age grading here.
  5. Was looking at eBay this afternoon and saw a raw copy of Cap #1 for sale as a BIN or Best Offer. BIN price was $45,000 but the center wrap is detached, and there's a small hole missing from the staple area of that page, slightly affecting some of the panel artwork. So I figured it might qualify as a 2.0 or something (though it looks more like a 4.0). The book sold within 30 minutes after it was listed. Because of the way eBay displays sold comics, there is no way to tell if it sold for full BIN price or if it was sold at a lower Best Offer amount. Anyway, did anybody here snag it? ( LINK TO EBAY LISTING )
  6. I'm guessing Mitch is still recovering from "Batman v. Superman."
  7. San Diego County is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  8. Agreed. Plus it's a very handy skill to have. It's fun but the learning process can be expensive.
  9. I forget which boardie owns these, but since he hasn't posted 'em yet, I'll pick up the slack:
  10. I don't see a problem with the seller hedging on description by using phrases like this: "To me it looks like a VG+, but since there can be differences of opinions on some aspects of grading, please do your part and look over the photos carefully before placing a bid." It sounds wishy-washy but I think it's fair to ask the buyer to meet you half-way by giving things a look-over. It shouldn't be hard for any seller to list basic flaws like: Rusty staples, staple pull-tears, spine splits, detached center wraps (one or both staples), tape, interior paper quality, bends/creases, strong odor, or anything that smacks of restoration.
  11. A good new printer or scanner is at least $100, though the mid-range nice ones are more like $150, and really good ones will go higher. You're right that an ink refill can be as much as $75, maybe more. Yes, it's a racket -- they suck you in on a decent-price piece of hardware and then gouge you on proprietary ink refills. But it would be very wasteful, not to mention a hassle, to buy a new printer/scanner each time.
  12. More sad news for Mad fans (and this news came at almost the same time as the Carrie Fisher news): "Don “Duck” Edwing, MAD Writer and Artist, RIP 2016 continues to be a sad year for the MAD family as we have learned of the passing of legendary writer and artist, Don “Duck” Edwing at 82. Truly one of MAD’s all-time-greats, Duck wrote many classic Don Martin gags before creating his own outrageous one-page features for the magazine. We will post a full tribute after New Year’s Day when the MAD office reopens. We extend our deepest condolences to Duck’s family and friends."
  13. A lot of people here saying the auction ended really low. Question: Why didn't you outbid the winner?
  14. Interesting... I have observed IGB for a while and I have my opinion of them -- partly based on what I witnessed first-hand in terms of some bidding patterns on several of their eBay auctions.
  15. Sad news (saw this on Mad's Facebook page) -- "Paul Peter Porges, MAD Writer and Artist, RIP We end the year on a sad note, with the passing of longtime MAD writer/artist Paul Peter Porges on December 20. Paul Peter’s first contribution to MAD was the cover idea for issue #106, in 1966. Over the next four decades he contributed over 200 articles to MAD, with his last feature appearing in MAD #500. In addition to his MAD work, “PPP,” as he was known to his family and friends, was a contributor to "The New Yorker" and "The Saturday Evening Post." Born in Vienna in 1927, Paul Peter survived a difficult childhood, on the run at age 13 in Europe as he and his brother fled the Nazis. A warm and gregarious man, Paul Peter was exceptionally devoted to his wife, Lucie, who preceded him in death. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to Paul Peter’s two daughters and his entire family."
  16. That was the modus operandi of the people who stole an Amazing Fantasy #15 from an acquaintance of mine in Orange County a couple of years ago. The thief handed the comic off to somebody in the crowd, and then when people ran after him and caught him, he didn't have the comic and played dumb.