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  1. I did some Google searches on Megacon 2016 photo galleries and found quite a few. If people want to crowdsource the act of scanning through photos and trying to find somebody who matches the description of the thief, here is a partial list of some photos where they can do so: MEGACON 2016 PHOTO GALLERIES: Epbot: Specific to THURSDAY EPbot -- Cosplay FLORIDA MEDIA SITES: Orlando Sentinel: Cosplayers etc. Orlando Weekly Orlando Weekly -- another gallery ICFlorida Central Florida Future Florida Today Florida Today (another) WFTV PHOTO POSTING SITES: Imgur -- a gallery Imgur -- another gallery (probably many more out there) Instragram -- Megacon tagged photos Flickr -- photos tagged Megacon 2016 Tumblr - tagged Megacon 2016 VARIOUS: Inside the Magic Monkeys Fighting Robots The Fairy Traveler Bizjournals Japanator Google photo searches (adjust the search terms as you see fit): megacon + 2016 + cosplay megacon + 2016 + thursday megacon + 2016 + friday Huge photo with lots of people: I think this is from Thursday MESSAGE BOARDS TO TRY ASKING PEOPLE FOR HELP: -- I see people asking each other to help find photos of this and that Reddit -- Lots of Megacon attendees active on Reddit, and eager to help with things like this Photo I found with guy in background at right that looks like a 50+ guy, gray, etc: (just an example of the kind of search help people might be willing to do) -- PHOTO NOT HELPFUL BUT INTERESTING: Photo that will make you feel funny inside Photo that is wrong in so many ways Finally, I just want to warn everybody that if you look through photos from Megacon, you will have to endure the hardship of seeing lots and lots of images that look something like this:
  2. This is very useful information for anybody who took photos. They should especially look through their pics for somebody fat, age 50+, gray mustache, gray hair, and/or with a military-type hat between noonish and 3 p.m. Thursday, and between 9 a.m. and 12:30 on Friday. You might consider putting out a general message to everybody who took photos during those times, asking for them to look through the backgrounds of their images. I am sure many people would like to help. Once you have some images of possible suspects, you can forward them to the dealer and see if they look familiar. If he zeroes in on somebody, you can send that image to the police and to the media, as well as posting it online and sending it everywhere. Questions: I know the dealer was vague, and not paying attention, but he should have been. Maybe if you ask him leading questions, he can at least rule out certain things, or maybe he'll remember some detail about the thief and his physical appearance. The thief is supposedly round. How round? Obese or just a pot belly? He is said to have slicked-back gray hair. How long is the hair? How did the dealer see that it was slicked-back under the military hat -- was it coming out from under the hat, at the sides, or something? (This might be helpful when examining photos.) Military-style hat: Would that be a baseball type hat with a brim, or what? Camouflage colored? Or just military-style? Black / gray / navy / etc.? The man had a gray mustache. Bushy? Thin? (Slicked-back gray hair and gray mustache -- could it have been Stan Lee?) Did he have a beard or goattee to go with it? Was his face fat, thin, or anything like that? Did he have on glasses? Did he have anything memorable about his shirt and clothes? Anything else? Did he look like he was dressed for a Comics convention, with comic accessories or anything, or was he completely nondescript with nothing noteworthy that stood out? The bag that you had all your comics in -- what color, size, and shape was it? He might have carried it around a while before discarding it, who knows. Also: You say you were "outside" when the comics were stolen. You mean outside the main convention floor, or physically outside under the sky? Were you in an area that required convention access, or were you in a public-access area? I am curious if this was an attendee or just somebody in the neighborhood. I am also curious, were you showing off your comics prior to them being stolen? That is, was there any reason anybody at the convention would have known you had super-valuable comics in your bag, and thus might have been following you around waiting for the chance to take them? If it's possible they targeted you, then they might have seen you at a location earlier where you had them out. Narrowing down that location might also help with finding a time/place to look for photos. I don't know if I'm being helpful or just picking at your scab and making it worse, but rest assured my intention is to be helpful.
  3. Hahahaha.... Reminds me of this comic cover:
  4. He should do that. It would be easy. What city are you in? He could anonymously mail all the books to a disinterested third party, such as your favorite LCS, if he's worried about getting caught. He should mail them to somebody who can deliver them to you safely, and send you an anonymous email letting you know they're on the way. That would be pretty easy -- he'd just have to be careful not to identify himself when mailing them (which the USPS makes a little tricky). Just a "here's your books back," and a "no questions asked" return, hopefully with an apology. If the guy has any heart, that's what he'd do. Maybe it was a spur-of-the-moment decision and he didn't realize how severely he would be damaging somebody's life. There's really only one thing to do, which is return the books.
  5. Pics of the stolen comics (if you have higher-res images of these comics, consider posting them too):
  6. Is there building surveillance footage or photos from the convention floor and grounds? The police should be able to get authority to review it, if they have a detective assigned to the case. If not I would want to plead to the convention organizers or the convention-center management directly for access to the footage. I would think this falls into the category of grand theft and would be worthy of law-enforcement time and resources. I don't know much about these matters, but I hope you are able to catch the culprit so he is held fully accountable. I did look online at some of the photo galleries available. There are Flickr, Instagram, Orlando Sentinel and multiple other photo galleries. There are also undoubtedly individual photographers out there who have many photos they haven't posted online, but whose contact information is credited in some of the galleries. These photographers will also have larger-format photos than what is online. There's also a website/forum devoted to cosplay where people share their photo galleries and talk about them. If you can note the exact time of the theft (Thursday / time?), as well as the time when the comic was sold to the dealer (what day? time?), along with the location or nearby events, and supply that information to everybody who has taken photos, they can probably go directly to the folders for that day/event and narrow their searches. It's too bad the dealer who bought the Giant X-Men (I think that's what you said) didn't get a better look at the guy -- but round/fat, in his 50s, grey mustache, slicked-back grey hair, and military-style hat are a good starting point. I hope you've worked up a list of all the comic shops and dealers up and down Florida. You can probably put together a list of their email addresses and do a mass email in a relatively short time. I'd also send out information to all the grading companies, national dealers, auction houses and other venues, in addition to writing Craigslist posts at all the Florida areas, as well as monitoring those Craigslist ads (especially in the larger Orlando area). Put together all the information you can, complete with photos, times, lists, etc. and keep on top of this because there are thousands of people in the comics community who want to help you. Here is your list of comics in a format that's a little easier to read: COMICS STOLEN AT 2016 MEGACON in Orlando, Florida on Thursday, May 26 Amazing Spider-Man #1 ("Carolyne" is written on the cover) Amazing Spider-Man #14, CGC 5.5 Amazing Spider-Man #15, VG Avengers #1 CGC 3.0 (cracked case; the word "Avengers" traced on cover in pen) Batman #251, VF+ Daredevil #1 (green overspray on the spine) Giant-Size X-Men (GSX) #1, high grade (note: has been returned from dealer who unknowingly bought it from thief) Journey Into Mystery #103, VG Marvel Premiere #15, VF New Mutants #98 CGC 9.8 Secret Wars #8 CGC 9.8 NM
  7. From that article: "A Giant Size X-Men #1 High Grade was also stolen and sold to a dealer who returned it after seeing evidence of Carlos’ ownership. The thief is described as “a man in his 50s, with a greyish mustache, very round with slick back greyish hair. He wore a military hat.”" There's got to be surveillance footage of that person in/near the area from that day.
  8. I heard CGC accidentally let Stephen Stucker into the offices.
  9. That cover just looks....naughty. What are those metal cuff things on her ankles? They're like Wonder Woman's bullet-stopping wrist cuffs.
  10. I saw these earlier; thought they might be consignments. Placed many bids. Got outbid many times.
  11. I'm not sure how many episodes I can watch of a live-action TV show that has a major character with a butthole for a mouth.
  12. If this IndieWire review by David Ehrlich is any indication, "Warcraft" is a colossal piece of ----. Choice quotes: "“Warcraft” is a once-in-a-generation disaster, one of the most ill-advised and ill-conceived studio films of this modern blockbuster era..." "“Warcraft” is finally here, and not only does it fail to bridge the gap between movies and video games, it self-immolates and swan-dives into the void, illuminating a dark rift that’s even deeper than it is wide. A grotesque, funhouse reflection of modern blockbuster cinema, the film is truly a staggering failure, and there’s no joy to be found in its profound awfulness " "Presented in garish 3D so vivid that viewers can practically feel the movie losing money in real time, “Warcraft” unfolds as though a Dungeon Master were narrating a very expensive episode of “Drunk History.”" "“Warcraft” unfolds like a feature-length version of a “Previously, on ‘Game of Thrones'” package, blitzing through the plot as though the movie’s only task was to remind viewers of a story they already knew." "This is truly a depressing experience. It’s rare to feel such pity for a major studio movie, but watching “Warcraft” bend over backwards to set up a sequel is like watching a desperate paramedic apply CPR to someone who’s clearly been dead for hours. He’s gone. He’s gone. Let it go." "Bad movies come and go — “Warcraft” is a tragedy. Grade: F"
  13. I was watching that Startling #49 auction. It displays very well for its estimated grade.
  14. I've got 10 copies of it but only 1 each of the books pictured. If you ever feel like parting with one (if it's complete), let me know. It's fun to think of how many of these books ended up passed around in college dorms and such back in the late 1950s. Another compilation book that's of interest to Mad fans is the Humbug Hardback. (Since many of the Mad artists jumped ship with Harvey Kurtzman and wrote/drew for Humbug for several years.) The Humbug Hardback was basically that comic's answer to "Mad for Keeps," but it has a limited print run and is almost never seen today.
  15. And I didn't know of the existence of these books before I read your post! There is one book missing from that collection. The Ridiculously Expensive Mad Yep, and it's very tough to find with the slipcover and all the interior goodies intact (it was loaded with stickers, bumper stickers and other stuff similar to what was found in the Trash/Worst/Follies issues). I consider it a somewhat thematically separate collectible from the three books posted because it was printed during a different era of Mad. The three books above are from the late 1950s and the reprint stuff from the earliest magazine issues. The Ridiculously Expensive Mad is from 1969, a decade later. Still a highly desirable Mad collectible of course!
  16. I find that the Russ Cochran box set is the best reprint of the comics. Me too. Since I already had the Russ Cochran color set, which reprints all of the Mad comic books in a very easy-to-read large format, I haven't sampled any of the other Mad archives. (I'd really like to find an edition that faithfully reprints all of the magazine issues from about #24 through the late 1950s, since most of the early reprints of that material were in paperback form that didn't preserve the full-spread magazine formatting.)
  17. It can probably be looked up, and if I have time later I'll let you know. I remember it being a pretty big deal, because Mad also started taking advertising around the same time. As you know, William Gaines wanted the most autonomy possible, and didn't want to be in any way beholden to advertisers who might pressure him to water down the satire or avoid certain topics. He was a purist. However, by the mid or late 1990s, a few years after Gaines had departed this planet, it was clear that young readers -- who grew up in world where nearly everything was in color -- had difficulty getting accustomed to the black-and-white format.
  18. The fold-ins began with issue #86. What was the last issue featuring a fold-in? Al Jaffee is still doing fold-ins for Mad Magazine. I think he's 95 years old or something in that realm, and Mad's writers help him with topical comedy ideas. (May he continue for as long as possible!) Only a few issues since #86 haven't featured fold-ins.
  19. I was just scanning eBay and saw this auction: Captain America #1 -- cover only Looks like it will be a fun one to watch! (I am in no way affiliated with this auction.) Within the first hour of its listing, it already leapt up from a $200 starting bid to more than $1,220. Any predictions where it will end?
  20. Found this in Wings Comics #88, Fiction House, 1947. Thought I'd share, especially for all you fans of the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" scene with the fist fight next to the propellor. Not for the squeamish!
  21. Forgive me if this topic has been covered in another thread (and please refer me to such a thread if it exists): What are the most valuable, noteworthy, interesting, remarkable, rare, unusual, or otherwise discussion-worthy comics from the 1930s era? It seems a lot of the pre- Action Comics #1 titles don't get much attention, along with the pre- WWII comics. I'd be curious to know more about them and how they fit into the collecting approaches of others here.