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  1. You posted a wall of text. I am going to add line breaks to make it more reader-friendly. Here goes:
  2. THIS nauseum I agree. Also, communicate with somebody before negging them.
  3. More pics of the pages and their original comic references, please! (When time permits...)
  4. Those are awesome! Who's the artist on most of those? I recognized one page that looks like Wally Wood art.
  5. Wish I could go back in time for so many of these comics. About 8 or so years ago, I watched an eBay auction for a VF copy of Seven Seas #4. It ended at around $700. At the time, I thought the price was crazy and couldn't imagine spending that much on a comic like Seven Seas #4. Today that price would be a steal.
  6. One of Baker's best covers... And one of his more upbeat images as well.
  7. You're looking for graded 1980s Mad magazines? I can't imagine there will be many people who have graded them, but I look forward to seeing them anyway.
  8. Another option for when a box isn't full: Box spacers Or, like another poster wrote, you could just put an old towel or some other form of padding in the empty space. Overstuffing a comic box is a bad idea. The staples get pushed too hard on the spine side, causing small pull tears and doing other kinds of pressure damage.
  9. Anyone have suggestions for how I should store my slabs? Will they be alright stacked on top.of each other horizontally or should they be stacked vertically in a box? Invest in some slab storage boxes .
  10. I think you can still do that. Check your seller preferences. Mine is set the highest it can go is at -1, I only have a choice of-1 through -3... ? Just checked -- you're right.
  11. I think you can still do that. Check your seller preferences.
  12. Those are so cool. I knew about his "Bar Flyze" cards but not about the Fink buttons. As always, your collection is what I would consider one of the best out there.
  13. REPORTED. I hope others here will do the same... Report this jackknape scumbag. Original poster: Any chance you could edit that post and change the link to text? It's blowing out the message table.
  14. Just noticed this on the Mad website Happy Birthday, Bill Gaines! By The Editors Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 CLASSIC MAD DEPT. William Gaines, MAD Magazine’s founder and fearlessly foolish leader, would have turned 94 years old today. Since he died in 1992, his attendance in the office has been spotty.
  15. Haha no politics on the board!! Really sweet collection!! Curious if you have the Spider-Man ones too? Looks like you've been reading the archives of this thread... You're referencing posts I forgot I had written. Regarding the Spider-Man cover Mads, I don't think I have any of those. I don't own most of the Mad mags from the 2000's (or the 1990s for that matter) onward. Looking at Doug Gilford's Mad cover site, I see there are Spider-Man covers for the following issues: -- #418: June 2002 -- #444: August 2004 -- #478: June 2007 -- #516: August 2012 Those correspond to the Sam Raimi movies, and then to the first reboot movie.
  16. Gay Love Stories at Gay Love Stories at (2)
  17. A good hat is a good hat.
  18. Let me know what price and grade you are looking for. I helped another boardie get one when I saw a cheap copy come up on ebay. Out of curiosity, do you find that Vampirella #1 tells to send for above guide or under guide? I have no idea what guide price is. For raws I'm going off of ebay sales. Graded some ebay and some other auction sites. Overstreet 2016: G - $44 / VG - $88 / FN - $132 / VF - $326 / VF-NM (9.0) - $738 / NM- (9.2) - $1,150 Here's my recently acquired copy.
  19. Let me know what price and grade you are looking for. I helped another boardie get one when I saw a cheap copy come up on ebay. Out of curiosity, do you find that Vampirella #1 tells to send for above guide or under guide?
  20. Yes, great post, thank you. Several years ago, I posted in some thread... if using the USPS for shipping slabs, then priority box #1095 is absolutely essential. (They are usually ordered online or via phone- they are free) Usually not found at most post office branches currently. After all these years, I still can not believe how many veteran dealers and sellers still continue to use the USPS medium size box, or a flat rate which barely provides any space for wrapping/protecting a slab. The slab pretty much goes to the edge of the box. Totally rolling the dice for cracked slabs or damaged books. Just don't do it! Thank you for your cooperation. I'm glad you appreciate the post. I'm not sure if all of the cost information is still valid (though it's only been a few months), but here is the link to the post again: How to package CGC slabs for safe shipping
  21. I agree, and I also wish people wouldn't use the clear packing tape on the insides of packages. That clear packing tape is designed to seal up the outside of boxes. Not the inside. For inside contents, the best tape to use (in my humble opinion) is either masking tape, or blue painter's tape. Blue painter's tape is designed to stick well but also to be easily removable. You can buy it in bulk at Home Depot, and since you don't have to use much per package, one roll will last a long time. So even if it seems a bit more expensive than other options, it's worth it. There are a lot of people out there who are very, very knowledgeable about comics and whatnot, and they're also very, very good at packaging -- except when it comes to this one issue of interior tape. Just the other day I received a high-grade magazine, and I had to spend an inordinate amount of time carefully picking off the sticky packing tape that had been used to seal together the inside padding and affix it to the comic's mylar sleeve. The use of the fingernail picking off the tape, pressing down so it would "catch," meant that I was pressing into the magazine underneath, potentially ruining the smoothness of the cover surface, etc.
  22. I recently signed up for a subscription. It is much, much less expensive than buying one off the newsstand (one of the few perks of Mad finally accepting advertising), and they give you bonus materials like this cool limited-edition Kelly Freas print that arrived a few weeks after subscribing: