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  1. I am really impressed that you caught this. I wonder if anybody else ever noticed before? The draping is almost the same, and the shoes are a full match. I find side-by-side comparisons to be easier when images are really side by side, so...
  2. It's not super-scarce but it's a great one to have. Definitely an iconic cover. Get it graded if you want to have it safely slabbed for handling, want to be sure it's not a frankencomic or something, or if you plan to sell it down the road. I can't tell much from the one photo but it looks a little worn 'n' chippy. My guess is it's maybe a CGC 2.5 or 3.0 grade. Great pick-up.
  3. Glad to know these are good mags; I can't wait to read them. (I'll have to pick up a copy of #1.)
  4. I'm thinking most are in the VG to FN+ range. Most have solid spines, tight at the staples, etc. Some of them have nice glossy covers, but some have noticeable wear. The seller had them stacked raw in a plastic bag that was inside a box, and his story indicated they had been stored that way in a garage for at least a couple decades. The first thing I did after getting them was put them in sleeves/backings.
  5. Made an unexpected local deal yesterday. This guy was selling some silver/bronze Archie comics, and happened to also have an almost-full run of Planet of the Apes magazine #2 through #22. I figured what the heck and bought them for a well-below-guide price. I haven't seen most of these before -- they're off my usual collecting radar -- but the covers are really dynamic and cool.
  6. I never realized Margaret Thatcher was so HAWT!
  7. First one: Doofus! I hate that stuff. Second one: Whaaaat? They can't afford a buck? eBay could make every aspect of their system foolproof, and people would still find a way to make it suck for everybody.
  8. I doubt you'll be sued as long as you don't do anything with the material. Wait it out; maybe some day the situation will change and then you'll have something worthwhile. Whatever it is, it sounds pretty juicy in a "Hollywood Babylon" kinda way.
  9. Why do you ask if you should let the book go? Are you super low on storage space? Put it in a protective sleeve and file it away. As for talking trash about a deceased someone who is an idol to monster fans, there are a lot of guesses possible: -- Christopher Lee -- Ray Harryhausen -- Forrest J. Ackerman -- Vincent Price -- Lon Chaney Sr./Jr. -- Boris Karloff -- Bela Lugosi -- Peter Cushing
  10. First, what is a philomath? Second, your story is so cryptic it's hard to know what to say. But if it's a question between saving a rare magazine or destroying it, I am going to have to go with "don't destroy it." The contents are incendiary? Uh, let me guess: It's the History of Heidi Saha? (Just kidding.)
  11. These are amazing! A little grisly (esp. the first one), but fantastic historical documents.
  12. Here are the first 3 items that came up when I did a search on eBay just now: -- Catman Comics #5 Photocopy Comic Book -- Detective Comics #27 May 1939 Batman Coffee Cup Mug -- Phantom Lady #16 Photocopy Comic Book All of them listed in Collectibles / Comics / Golden Age / Superhero -- even though eBay's GA section has a "Reprints" sub-category. What a bunch of dillweeds. Please do not buy from these bottom-feeders.
  13. "This book is in the public domain" / "Copyrighted material" Hey, that makes sense!
  14. I'm always interested in her, but.....I don't have cable.
  15. So strange to see 17th-century baroque art listed alongside the "disco saddle" from the movie "Rhinestone."
  16. Most burglars are smash-and-grab types who want to get in and out in 10 minutes. Anything that slows them down will probably stop whatever's inside from being stolen -- in most cases anyway.
  17. Nice-looking copy. Basically Famous Monsters of Filmland #0, plus beautiful half-naked women. Win-win.
  18. Recent acquisition -- a high-grade copy of "Margie Is for Loving." The cover art proves the title...
  19. Personally I don't like these replicas at all. I've seen way too many scams over the years where the question was -- why on earth did the publishers put these out there, without any tell-tale ways to discern the difference between the reprint/replica and the original? I think it's irresponsible and a net negative for the collecting community. Then to see these dumped on eBay in the golden-age section, where they confuse people scanning for authentic vintage comics? Blech. My two cents.
  20. Those are really cool. Never seen 'em. Strange that there aren't any issue numbers on the covers. How are the stories/gags/cartoons?
  21. Not finding anything under that seller name. I tried it in lowercase and didn't find anything either.