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  1. I saw that. It was a very weak 9.2, at least from a presentation perspective. There are 8.0s that present better than that book. I was trying to figure out how it was in a 9.2 case. I would not have touched it.
  2. But he's Canadian. All we do is talk about politics, hockey and the weather. Edit: Read this too fast - I read political views in general might not be well-received, not HIS political views might not be well-received. You may have a point there.
  3. And the 9.8 Signature series sold for $28,800 (Sept 10, 2020)
  4. That is interesting. Then you look at books on eBay and there is a House of Secrets 92 in CGC 9.2 just sitting there for $4,900, the last Hulk 181 CGC 9.2 sold for $6,200 on eBay and last Giant-size X-men 1 was 3,445.
  5. I do not have a GPA subscription anymore but it would be interesting if someone took a look at sales in the last 12 months in CGC 9.2 as the order of the books does not instinctively look right to me.
  6. To me each appearance of Usagi prior to Usagi #1 is more important than Usagi #1 as the story develops sequentially even if it jumps around a between titles. When reprinted in the TPBs and Hardcover books it follows the Albedo, Critters and Summer Special in order published. I am glad I did my run of Albedo and Critters books primarily last year before this big run up in prices.
  7. Likely but I do not think it will raise by the same percentage as Albedo #3. Given that the Usagi cover is on the back cover of #3 and difference in print runs Albedo #4 might be a better bet from an investment standpoint. But since it is Usagi you should buy both and enjoy them and not worry about price. Print runs by Albedo issue* Albedo NR 1 (5-color cover) June 1984 - 500 Copies Albedo NR 1 (4-color cover) September 1984 - 1500 copies Albedo NR 2 November 1984 - 2000 copies Albedo NR 3 May 1985 - 10,000 copies Albedo NR 4 August 1985 - 6000 copies *According to Command Review Vol 1, which reprints the Erma stories from Albedo #1-4:
  8. An Albedo #2 CGC 9.8 signed and sketched by Stan Sakai is in the upcoming Heritage Auction Signed Albedo 2
  9. Sweet Doomsday Squad 3. And the lone 9.9 early Usagi book.
  10. I bought my copy off someone on the Usagi Yojimbo message boards. When he sent it to me it was signed by Stan Sakai, was remarked and he included the envelop and mailer Stan had sent it to him in like 2 decades ago.
  11. I would say TMNT 47. It has the first cover and first Space Usagi story. By all traditional measures it is the first Space Usagi appearance. TMNT 46 is just concept drawings. I would view it as more of a prototype issue The rarest Space Usagi would be the Malibu Ashcan book. It took me years before I found one (note there is an ashcan for the Darkhorse series too)
  12. I offer up for my appreciation of Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo: Albedo 2 (1st appearance): Albedo 3 (2nd appearance): Albedo 4 (3rd appearance): Critters 1 (4th appearance): Critters 3 (5th appearance): Doomsday Squad 3 (6th appearance - do not have) Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special 1 (7th appearance): Critters 6 (8th appearance): Critters 7 (9th appearance): Critters 10 (10th appearance): Critters 11 (11th appearance): Critters 14 (12th appearance): Usagi Yojimbo 1 (lucky 13th appearance - his own title): Other early rarity - Cutey Bunny 1 (Usagi drawing on letter column page used for 1st Usagi T-shirt) For good measure Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 47 (First Space Usagi Appearance). For those going after the cartoon hype the first appearance, story and cover of Space Usagi is TMNT 47 not Space Usagi 1 It likely goes without saying but I am looking for a Doomsday Squad 3 in CGC 9.8 to complete my pre-Usagi Yojimbo #1 run in CGC 9.8
  13. Hi Matt: Now that Space Usagi is going to be a TV show on Netflix can we can a Space Usagi Set created It should be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage) #47 2115316024 Space Usagi Vol 1 1992 #1-3 Space Usagi Vol 2 1993 #1-3 Space Usagi Vol 3 1996 #1-3 Note TMNT 47 should be listed first as it is the first story (stand alone back-up in the issue and is the back cover) of Space Usagi.