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  1. I recently went through the CGC census for all Atlas war titles and I think there were fewer than 25 total books certified at 9.0 or better. This is an unreal opportunity. Amazing books Jeff!
  2. A handful of real sharp books on Heritage. Any winners?
  3. You could get a Finch X-Men cover for that price!
  4. Am I the only one who is really bothered by the JIM 112 splash? The Hulk is so poorly drawn. His right pec is either absent or sagging down to his beltline. His head looks like a thumbtack, and his face looks like one of those $20 caricatures that you'd get at an amusement park if the Hulk was getting one drawn. Not to mention his shoulders. I try to be forgiving of Kirby out of appreciation for what he was often going for, but this is just... yeesh.
  5. Did you take your shoes off to make the painting look bigger?