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  1. The past year I've been fortunate enough to get a few nice books with Drucker art and I've developed a deep appreciation for how good he was in this genre. Not that I'm saying he wasn't good elsewhere, because I think he's just outstanding as an artist. But when I see his war stuff, I see genius level stuff. (Kubert cover)
  2. Were there more? Maybe someone got to them first? Maybe some were stolen right out from underneath you?
  3. I'm holding out for the Batman 359 just so I can flaunt it to you
  4. Time to click "Disable Live Bidding"
  5. I have a list of old names if you need them.
  6. I think they're planning on using her to etch the glass on the plane.
  7. Not the Church, but a very nice 8.5. IIRC the Church was not certified as of the Berk sale, but listed as a raw 8.5.
  8. Yeah, I've met Mike a scarce few times and he seems like a very nice person. I've done a handful of straight up purchases which all went as smoothly as one could expect. I thin this is a classic example of someone's online persona not matching their true persona for whatever reason.
  9. The load times on comicconnect are terrible. It's about 10 seconds for any given page to load. And when they do load they set to defaults that nobody in their right mind would want. If you click on advanced search, then it autoscrolls away from the search menu and down to books.
  10. "serious art collector" = I'm taking my ball and leaving. You're just tossing around insults and then saying you're leaving because others are doing the same? Stick around Mike, you'll find it's a good place.
  11. Why not just pick your favorite 2 or 3 and get them in the nicest shape you can?