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  1. I just got 2 books in and the colors weren't any different from the pictures.
  2. There's a Spirit 1 from 1944, but everything else is probably 1941 at the latest. I'd have to look up the individual books though.
  3. That one isn't on the list I have, and is much later than any other books in the collection.
  4. It was slabbed until last week. A book like this has no business being in a slab. Way too much good stuff to see inside.
  5. That's where this scares me. Comics have a 50+ year history as a collectible and have shown a fairly linear growth pattern. Video games, although having a large fan base, don't have the history to justify 6-7 figure prices.
  6. After stealing comiclink's name and CVA idea, seems like they are now trying to steal their terrible website functionality.
  7. But thank God you saw all of those bronze age cap reprints!
  8. Every. Dealer. Needs. To. List. Their. New. Books. In. Order. This is the best way to drive people to your site and encourage purchases. I don't know why this isn't a thing. You can do it on the new site, but it's clunky and much less user friendly. Comics for sale > browse > show filters > sort by > newest buy now. Then if you're on a mobile device you scroll until your thumb hurts and squint to see the description that's blurred out under the buy tab. Easy enough? Seriously, whoever designed this went for coding over usability.
  9. Seriously. It's so non specific that you can't find what you want. Try to find ASM and see how many tries it takes.
  10. I don't see anything about their new site that is an upgrade.
  11. Is this how you get books? I've been doing it wrong.