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  1. HP Scanjet 8300. It's incredibly easy to use. Pay for the scanvue software & you can get the settings to work on most books. 1st & 2nd gen holders can be a little wonky, as can yellow covers. But with a little tinkering it's pretty easy.
  2. Finally sprung for a scanner that does slabs, so I have a couple to contribute. I'm really not looking forward to scanning all of my raw books.
  3. Is it the best Shatner kidney stone?
  4. Totally. I can't believe people are talking about comics on a comic book discussion forum. Clowns.
  5. Would you rather have a chalizard or the Mile High More Fun 73?
  6. That is really freaking cool. I know it's blasphemy, but I like this St. John cover better than most of the Brundage ones.