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  1. I'm not sure that a poll of fewer than 20 people is adequate to change the guide. As far as significance, the first unknown soldier and first enemy ace are probably more substantial keys, and they weren't even offered as options. Given the magnitude of the gap between Sgt Rock and everyone else, you may even put his first origin story ahead of the ones listed.
  2. Word is that they don't intend to prosecute.
  3. Yeah, they all have their merits, but that cover is almost photorealistic. I think nowadays most people want content over execution. There are plenty of covers out there that people love for being salacious, but the execution is really poor. Battle Ground 13 is one of those Heath pieces where he was showing what he can do. I think the content is great also, very tense and realistic, but it doesn't have some bound up gal or bullet holes so it gets overlooked.
  4. I think if more people saw Battle Ground 13 in hand it would have more votes.
  5. Wow! What a find. I wish I would have had opportunities like that, but I blame my parents for having me too late and in the wrong place.
  6. Any story on where this came from?