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  1. RK 17 is the first Lee/Kirby hero collaboration of the SA, no?
  2. Given that it went from an 8.5 to a 9.4 isn't it more likely that those were creases and not tears?
  3. When you look at the mile high runs that have been sold over the past decade it's remarkable how few Jungles under 50 have come back to market. If I didn't already have my favorite one I would be all over this. I don't remember the last time I saw one available.
  4. Heritage has never tried to hide a book's history. They maintain their sales archive without manipulation like other auction houses and encourage its use. Why would you ever think that they would be trying to hide a book's history?
  5. I get overwhelmed with titles like Argosy and Adventure as they're so expansive, but there are some great covers in the runs.
  6. I tried looking up the illustrator, but everything redirects to the director. It would have been an awesome transition!
  7. Sergio Leone, I thought he was only into westerns.
  8. There were some Larson's with a PN code (also ON), but I've seen a number of other books with PN. IIRC it was for the distributor "publisher's news", but don't quote me on that.
  9. That book has such a great interior, you should really crack it out.
  10. If you look at the faces they're all the same. He varied the hair and structure slightly, but there is a fundamental face that he was drawing. Look at the guy on the right, behind the lady in the bottom corner. Then follow him back and to the left. It's the same face. Even the pudgy guy behind his left shoulder has the same face. It doesn't look like he was drawing the bullpen to me.