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  1. Gatsby77

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    Agreed. As a long-time Daredevil fan, I can tell you Daredevil vol. 2 # 32 is a top-5 most important book in his entire mythos. Why? He reveals his identity in court -- and thus to the world. And it sticks...for at least the next 60 issues. Fundamentally changes the character. And, I might add, is one of many reasons that the Bendis/Maleev run (at least # 16-80) is stronger than either of Miller's runs was in the '80s. But...nobody was reading Daredevil in 2002-2010, so the market doesn't care. And fanboys on this board -- most of whom are in their 40s -- weren't reading Daredevil during this period and don't even know this happened, let alone its signficance. So its a fools errand to try to convince folks that Daredevil # 16-87 (at least) is a better read than # 158-201. Ditto, that the Netflix show (seasons 1-2) owe as much (or more) to this run than they do to Miller's two runs at the book. Only folks who have read all of the Miller and Bendis and Brubaker runs could make that judgement, but I have, and it's true.
  2. Gatsby77

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    Yeah - no sympathy on this one. As has been mentioned, retcons have happened for forever - I'm sure the Mignola cover to Batman 428 would go for a mint. But why? Jason Todd didn't actually die in the issue, and Robin was replaced within two years. Even worse are when characters don't appear in the issue: Example: Hulk 359 (Wolverine's on the cover; not in the issue). Werewolf By Night # 37 -- this annoys me to no end. It's not Moon Knight's 3rd appearance because, despite being on the cover, he's not in the issue.
  3. Gatsby77

    What the F is going on with FF 1 ?

    This. And yeah -- this is "Werewolf By Night # 32" syndrome -- where folks are betting that a) the Disney/Fox deal will go through; and somehow lead to b) a successful FF movie. Ya' know - fifth time's the charm!!
  4. Agreed. Example - we all know Black Panther 2 is happening soon, but I wish they'd at least pretend he's still dead for the time being -- ditto that we know Homecoming 2 is coming.
  5. I've spent more than $2k on a comic only three times. Showcase # 4, CGC 3.0 for $2,100 -- long before the show made the book explode. Sold it two years later to Gator at a profit, but not the 4-5x it goes for today. All-American # 19, CGC 5.0 for $2,700 -- later sold for an engagement ring. Fighting Yank # 10, CGC 4.0 for $2,150.
  6. Yeah - but even with that it was _easily_ the best Spidey movie since Spider-Man 2. (As in, leagues better than Spider-Man 3, Amazing, or Amazing 2.)
  7. I like Toby Kebbell. Fantastic Four wasn't his fault, and he was phenomenal in Black Mirror (think it was "The Entire History of You"). But even with the top-tier cast, I can't shake the feeling that audiences won't respond to Bloodshot's now-derivative premise (see the TV show "Jake 2.0" and last month's movie "Upgrade"). Granted, Upgrade was low-budget, but it's made a whopping $12 million at the box office.
  8. Umm...except that there were a handful of artists trying damn-hard to imitate McFarlane. Stephen Platt, I think, was the most obvious example. Moon Knight 55 took off precisely because it featured "a new artist who drew like McFarlane" -- and among his early covers -- Moon Knight 55-57, Prophet # 4 variant and Prophet # 5 may as well have been drawn by McFarlane. Capullo's another one -- there's a reason he was the first to follow McFarlane on Spawn -- he'd been mentored and trained up by him. I'd even argue that Liefeld was heavily influenced by McFarlane, who both inked and co-penciled some of the early Liefeld New Mutants issues.
  9. Damn - I'm looking for 9.8 McFarlane Hulks, but already have the # 330. Awesome books! GLWTS!
  10. I'm not familiar with them but I'd add Ostrander's run on Spectre in the mid-90s. -- Amazing writing and great covers (including 3 of the first 15 that were glow-in-the-dark).
  11. All of this. Plus: Astro City Green Lantern 76-89 (people forget that for decades GL 76, 81-82 & more were more key for their Denny O'Neil stories than the Adams art) Ditto Denny O'Neil with Batman 217-251 Animal Man 1-20 100 Bullets 1-50 Y: The Last Man (all) Wonder Woman vol 2 # 20, 170 Infinity Gauntlet Civil War (seriously -- it was like Secret Wars, but...good)
  12. Gatsby77

    Disney/Fox Talks

    I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Comcast needs this much more than Disney does; and they could still lease comic book characters to Disney a la Sony.
  13. This. Collecting for pure investment would be incredibly boring. Given $50k for investment only, I probably wouldn't buy more than 10 books but I'd buy multiples of them for liquidity sake -- like X-Men 1, GS 1, ASM 129, Daredevil 1, Hulk 1, Hulk 181. So...assume a total portfolio/collection of 40 books total, comprised entirely of those six books. Most of these have already had their "movie bump" but should remain solid collectable investments for at least the next decade or so. The key? - Relatively expensive already (it's easier to sell a $500 book than 10 $50 books) - Liquid -- Need to sell 15 copies of Hulk 181 or ASM 129? Easy to do in a week. Sure, you'd miss some minor speculative keys, like not buying 50 copies of Thor 337 and cashing out when Beta Ray Bill (re-)appears on screen, but the blue chips are the blue chips. They're known and they're boring.
  14. Gatsby77

    Disney/Fox Talks

    Yeah - as was already noted, Fox News isn't part of the deal. Sky News (UK) is, however -- and the deal's more about that than it is comics -- Disney's broadcast footprint outside of the U.S. is -- they're desperately trying to change that.