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  1. This has nothing to do with my -- or your -- anecdotal experience. The box office numbers simply don't bare that out. "People didn't know Man of Steel was a Superman movie because 'Superman was in the title" is one of those theories that sounds good, but doesn't reflect the facts at the time. - As I noted, Warner Brothers spent ~$75 million promoting the film domestically, beginning with two different teaser trailers that ran before The Dark Knight Rises a full _11 months_ before its release. If you saw Dark Knight Rises, you knew this was a Superman film. Period. - As I noted, Man of Steel made money domestically than Superman III, Superman IV, or Superman Returns -- even after adjusting for inflation. - It was the number five box office film of the entire year, in a year that included Frozen, Iron Man 3. and the most successful Hunger Games film. - It was also one of only three films that year to open to more than $100 million domestically -- the other two were (naturally) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Iron Man 3.
  2. No. Nothing I said was inaccurate. Venom was # 1 at the box office its first week...and its second week. And then fell to # 3 in its third weekend -- against Halloween (which opened to # 1) and A Star Is Born (which did indeed open the same week as Venom, but rose to surpass it in their respective third weekends). Call me when Captain Marvel finishes third this weekend.
  3. Yes - Captain Marvel will be taken down by a low-budget horror movie by an Oscar-winning director headlined by an Oscar-winning actress that's one of the most anticipated films of the spring. As I recall, Venom got taken down not just by a low-budget horror movie in week 3 (Halloween) but also by a Lady Gaga musical (A Star Is Born). Given that Captain Marvel will pass Venom's international total'm not sure the comparsion is apt. Let's stick to Wonder Woman / Aquaman for comps. Wonder Woman because it was a well-regarded female-led superhero film that passed $400M domestic at the box office. And Aquaman, because while it fell well short of $350 million - let alone $400 million domestic -- at the box office, it easily surpassed $1 bn. globally At this rate, Captain Marvel will pass Aquaman's total domestic take by next Saturday.
  4. It's like you're a groundhog, popping up again only when movies you don't like surpass $800M worldwide.
  5. Due respect, but the bolded statement is hogwash. That's like saying folks don't know James Bond films are Bond films -- or that folks didn't know there were two other Nolan-directed Batman films because "Batman" wasn't in the title. And it ignored that Warner Bros. spent at least $75 million marketing the film. And that the film went on to make well over $600 million worldwide, and more domestically (even after adjusting for inflation) than any Superman film since Superman II.
  6. Nah. 'Cuz then Disney would have to admit that Fury Jr. was adopted, Sue Storm-style.
  7. I stand by Iron Man 3, just as I stand by *almost* every Shane Black film. But it was *extra* sweet to hear the lamentations of fanboys when Mandarin was revealed to be Killian. Umm...And Liam Neeson / Ducard was Ra's, fools. Equal misdirection -- and whitewashing of Asian villains to boot.
  8. To add to the apparently massive cabal of bitter Mandarin fans...
  9. Exactly. Bosco - this is what I meant. As an actor, I think ATJ did more with less. Peters was decent in scenes that were 10x better written than what ATJ had to work with, but nothing spectacular. Esp. compared to the stuff Peters has shown us he could do in American Horror Story.
  10. I thought Aaron Taylor-Johnson was a better Quicksilver actor, but that the Fox X-Men character was better written. Put Aaron in as the Quicksilver portrayed in the X-Men films, and you win.
  11. Good call. Did we ever see Rogue fly in the films? I honestly forget.
  12. Yeah - as Binary, she really did have the power of a star.
  13. Huh? Did we watch the same film? She overcame: - the challenge of becoming one of the military's first female test pilots - amnesia - adjusting to earth - brainwashing / betrayal by those closest to her - inhibition of her powers Just because most of her trials were psychological rather than physical doesn't mean they weren't there, front and center, and integral to her character arc.