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  1. Yeah - but domestically, they're no longer close. Dark Phoenix finished its run <$66 million domestically. Birds of Prey is already past $61 million, and is likely to finish around $90-$95 million domestically.
  2. Don't think Dark Phoenix is an apt comparison anymore, given that that while they opened similarly, that film dropped 71.5% in its second weekend, grossing only $9.4 million. It is still, however, pacing nearly identically to John Wick 2.
  3. Honestly, 48.2% isn't a bad drop, considering 55% is about average for superhero films like this. I mean, Suicide Squad dropped 67.4% in its second weekend. Even Man of Steel dropped 64.6%.
  4. I clicked on this link, even though I was 90% certain I was gonna' be Rick-Rolled. While it's unfair to make fun of such misguided predictions so long after the fact, I still had to smile that rather than opening at his # 11 (at $55 million) it opened nearly $20 million below Batman Forever (at # 15). Hell, it opened nearly $10 million worse than Batman & Robin did back in '97, and George Clooney straight apologized for ruining the Batman franchise with that one.
  5. Another try at the FF? You know what they say... "Fifth time's the charm!"
  6. More of the same? But without, ya' know: Batman The Joker Will Smith Amanda Waller Or (for us comics fans): Oracle. How you gonna' have a BoP movie without one of the team's most critical characters?
  7. Hey - on the plus side, BoP's $33.0 million is ~9% more than John Carter's $30.1 million opening. So it could rock $85-$90 million domestically.
  8. That's about as charitable a post as possible, given that $33.3 million is: - $20 million below industry expectations - $20 million below Shazam!'s opening - Birds of Prey opened on 1,100+ more screens than did John Wick 2.
  9. This. The simplest explanation is people just didn't want to see the film -- and/or the trailers turned folks off. Also, social media =/= actual moviegoers. Studios learned this more than a decade ago with Snakes on a Plane, which *dominated* social media for more than six months, and even led to specific re-shoots in response to social media demand. When it came out, no one went to see it. $13 million opening and ended up with just $62 million worldwide vs. its $33 million budget.
  10. Honestly? The marketers. It seems like the most of the 200 people who've seen this film actually enjoyed it, including the critics. But to me, the trailers made this look horrific. - Too much focus on Harley at the expense of the others (so it's not a true BoP movie) - Too much gratuitous violence and trying too hard to be "edgy" - Editing looks like it was done by an epileptic film student. It's early yet - and it may still become a future cult hit - but it looks like the trailers turned tons of folks off, not just me. Plus, if the reviews are to be believed, the things that make this "Tarantino-esque" boil down to 1) the excessive cursing, and 2) non-linear storytelling. If those are your main takeaways for "Tarantino-esque" I don't know what to tell you.
  11. dude's forgetting about Fantasy Island next week. Even if Sonic bombs as hard as Birds of Prey did this week (fairly likely, actually), what's the best-case scenario here? A crazy low 29% drop to a $25 million second weekend and a third-place finish? When the headlines are reading "Worst DC Opening Since Jonah Hex," you're pretty much screwed.
  12. Huh. Now tracking for <$35 million. Even Ghost Rider opened to >$45 million domestic, way back in 2007.
  13. While I'm a fan of Sam Raimi, I can't help but think this is a lost opportunity. They should have tried for Guillermo del Toro. Blade II *stiil* holds up, and while I didn't care for The Shape of Water, both Pan's Labyrinth and Crimson Peak showcase his gothic horror chops. I know he's got a full-slate with Pinnochio coming up, but he seems the perfect director for a truly horror-tinged Strange (should Disney/Marvel allow *anyone* to go that route).