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  1. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie point was never to say A Star is Born would out-gross Venom. That was never an option, to say nothing Venom's costing >3x as much. But that Venom's not exactly holding well day-to-day, despite its strong opening. And no -- A Star is Born has *not* lost ground against it. As you say, it made $35MM less opening weekend, in fact just 52% of Venom's take. And yet merely 4 days later (Thursday) it outgrossed Venom. That's the very definition of "gaining ground." And it's not a good sign for Venom's legs.
  2. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    Also, if one wanted to be negative, could just point out that A Star is Born made more than Venom on Thursday, having caught up from making just over half of Venom's take last weekend. I still think we're looking at its topping out at $180 million domestic and would bet against a $500 million total. Sure - it might repeat at number one again this weekend, but Halloween will crush it next weekend (same demographic, plus the return of Jaime Lee Curtis). Logan this ain't.
  3. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    ? You thought Paperheart was posting this as a negative? Isn't it a positive thing that Venom is projected to be the number one movie two weekends in a row?
  4. Gatsby77

    Iron Fist 2 Netflix

    1. Good riddance. The show was bad. 2. But if you read that there article, there's a huge caveat - it's gone "On Netflix." With Disney soon launching its own streaming service, it may opt to pick up the show there.
  5. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    361-363 were cool. But stop there -- Maximum Carnage was horrific -- and caused me to quit the Spidey titles altogether.
  6. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie it better than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Ghost Rider? Or about the same?
  7. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    If this ends up doing just $160 million domestic and $200 million overseas (or $360 million total), does it get a sequel? Maybe. Does it launch a universe of spin-off films? No chance.
  8. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    This is a stunning piece of journalism. I can't wait! Will be in the theater tomorrow with my flask loaded with Macallan.
  9. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    It's now broken 30% positive and is rising -- 31% right now. Here are my two favorite pull quotes from two of the positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes: "It's a mess, but wow is it ever a fun, fascinating mess." "As a superhero movie, it's nothing special. As a cannibal comedy, it's priceless." Looks like I'm going to have to grab my buddy, get Ghost Rider-drunk, and catch a matinee.
  10. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    Nah - Friday's still the official release date. It's just that the "Thursday night previews" have been pushed up from midnight to (here) as early as 5:00 pm. Same with A Star Is Born.
  11. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    I call BS on his being "exceptionally difficult" to translate. If New Line could produce a successful Rated R Blade movie 20 years ago, there's no excuse for Sony's failure to do likewise with Venom today. To say nothing of Blade II's being a straight masterpiece. But no - let's half- it with a cartoony PG-13 take...
  12. # 1 Trending Video on YouTube right now. I lost it at
  13. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    Yeah - it was at 29% positive two hours ago. Now it's at 27% positive. Even Suicide Squad settled at 28% after all the reviews were in.
  14. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    Yes - we're expecting to see Holland as Peter Parker in a cameo, but no Spider-Man. And jury's still out whether one of the two post-credit sequences -- which folks on Twitter were highlighting as among the best parts of the film -- will feature Woody Harrelson as Cletus and/or Carnage.
  15. Gatsby77

    Venom Movie

    Thanks for sharing. I'm going with 41% on Rotten Tomatoes. Anyone else?