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  1. But do fans really love it, though? Or are they just excited to see some of their favorite heroes on-screen together for the first time? That there's already a fan petition asking to see a Snyder "Director's Cut" indicates to me that the hardcore fans know the film's deeply flawed and at least want to see what Snyder's vision, without the forced Whedon humor and re-shoots.
  2. Seriously Bosco - _that's_ what you're going with? That a small indy film over-performs expectations by $11 million to reach the lofty heights of ~$28 million is the reason the freakin' Justice League movie underperformed its modest $118 million expectations by literally $20 million? That it couldn't touch the opening of Wonder Woman, let alone come close to that of Thor 3? That it came it at nearly $70 million under the opening of BvS? That it couldn't even reach the un-adjusted total of Iron Man back in 2008, despite WB having released a Batman movie that same year that opened to $158 million? Of literally all the excuses you could have
  3. Globally, Justice League has an estimated opening of $281.5 million, down from projections of $325 million last Thursday.
  4. Scott Mendelson: 'Justice League' Box Office: Why A $96M Debut Is A Disaster He's not the first critic to make the comparison to Batman Forever -- a misguided "family friendly" over-correction following a "too dark" predecessor Adjusted for inflation, Justice League is projected to sell fewer tickets opening weekend then Batman Forever did (equiv. of $108 million today) More likely cause? "folks didn't like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice so they stayed away from the sequel." Cites a best case scenario that if Justice League has incredible legs it finishes just under $300 million domestic, although $225-$270 milion is more likely. My additional note: Not adjusting for inflation, Iron Man opened to $98.6 million 9 years ago.
  5. Six episodes in and I'm surprised by how much I like this. Probably my favorite Marvel Netflix show since Daredevil. Reminiscent of Season 1 of Homeland.
  6. Another combination has Justice League holding far better than BvS or Suicide Squad. Let's say it drops just 25% today and 10% tomorrow. Still gets you to just $94 million. Playing out like The Dark Knight (-29%, -8.5%) gets you to just $91.5 million We'll know far more by this time tomorrow, and again when the final Sunday tallies come through Tuesday.
  7. Umm...experience. $93 million presumes roughly 20% drops from Friday to Saturday (including Thursday night previews), and again from Saturday to Sunday. Even that might be generous. BvS dropped 38% then 33% Suicide Squad dropped 40%, then 22% By comparison, Wonder Woman dropped just 8%, then `16%. The Dark Knight dropped just 29%, then 8.5%. If it plays like Wonder Woman, Justice League banks $105 million for the weekend. If it plays like Suicide Squad, it banks just over $80 million for the weekend. Hedge your bets and take the average between the two, and you come out to $93 million.
  8. Superman 75 - 25 Years Ago Today...

    I pre-ordered 12 copies at $2 apiece and sold them to kids in my high school study hall that week for $12 apiece. But my LCS was on the ball. To advertise the whole "Doomsday" storyline they had huge posters reminding subscribers to pre-order the whole series. They also put out about 60 copies of Superman ('87) # 1 at cover price as a promotion. Because of this, I had two sets of the series, but bought 8 copies of Man of Steel 18 and 12 copies of Supes 75 off the shelf.
  9. Yeah - I get that, but Defenders always struck me as B-list, while Iron Fist was C-list. Punisher may be B-list now, but he was an A-list superstar in the late '80s-mid-'90s. I get that we've already seen him headline three movies but would think there'd be far more enthusiasm for this series (esp. as a direct follow-up to Daredevil Season 2).
  10. Box Office Mojo has now revised its opening weekend estimate to $93-$95 million, down from $118 million on Thursday. Ouch.
  11. In addition to Black Widow, Iron Man 2 had Sam Rockwell and that drunken fight between Tony and Rhodey. It's got a rewatchability factor for me that the Thor movies lack. Fun fact: Shane Black was cast in Predator primarily because the producers wanted him to polish the -script. He declined because a) he liked the -script as written and b) because he wanted to establish himself as an actor. So instead, they changed the -script to kill him off first.
  12. Iron Man 2 was more entertaining for me than Thor 1 or 2. And Iron Man 3 ruled -- the Mandarin twist (and fanboy's crazed reaction to it) was classic Shane Black. Cannot _wait_ to see what he does with his return to the Predator franchise. Also have my fingers crossed that Doc Savage actually comes together with The Rock.
  13. I'm not Jaydogrules. And I'm not a fan of schadenfreude. But personally, I'm happy to relish in negativity if: 1) the movie deserves it (which, the critics response and lack of projected box office so far seem to indicate); and 2) the studios learn to course correct -- take the time to make decent films rather than blindly try to chase Avengers money without first laying the proper groundwork. Clearly Snyder's ethos isn't resonating with viewers. And BvS and Suicide Squad turned folks off. As Mendelson wrote, "Twice bitten, thrice shy."
  14. Weird how there seems to be less buzz and enthusiasm on this board about this show than there was for even Iron Fist. Wondering if the Netflix superhero shows are waning or if folks are already focused on Thanksgiving week travels.