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  1. Yeah - no way this even opens in August. I just can't see Americans going to the theaters next month, or theater chains opening themselves to the potential litigation risk.
  2. Aesthetically, it was always the silver cover to me. Then - and now. Today, having owned a platinum, I lust only after the Gold UPC version. And Greg's right, above, when he says nobody wanted it for years. I remember a small convention in Philly in the mid-90s -- right when I walked in, the first dealer by the door had two books I wanted -- Spider-Man 1 (gold UPC) and New Teen Titans 2. Both were $20. At a time when nobody was collecting Marvel second prints, he told me how this one was actually rare, special & worth the money. I bought neither book.
  3. BTW - congrats on picking up that CGC 9.4 copy of Doctor Solar # 5!! Your set's now officially *ridiculous.*
  4. Your best / only option for this book is to send in an unsigned 9.8 copy to McFarlane the next time he has a CGC signing. There's only one 9.8 McFarlane sig series of this book out there, and it's owned by boardie Green, the # 1 registry holder for the full Hulk McFarlane set. The CGC census shows two 9.8 sig series - but the second copy is signed by Peter David, not McFarlane. Sincerely, the # 2 registry holder.
  5. That would be *amazing.* But per Wikipedia, Bork's full name is Carl Andrew Bork, not Steve. Maybe Steve's his nickname? Honestly, I think Batman's greatest villain was Joel Schumacher (RIP).
  6. Nah. As I posted in this very thread *more than two years ago* a lot of people (like me) think this won't ever hit the screens because DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time lost Disney ~$100 million at the box office. I mean, we're 2.5 years post-announcement and it's just now beginning to be written? Might as well just re-title this "The Flash."
  7. I only started collecting in 1989, but I put those books in slightly different categories. I could (somehow) see She-Hulk # 1 becoming valuable -- but I will *never* feel the same way about Dazzler # 1. That book was garbage then; is garbage now; and will still be garbage 20 years from now. Of course, times change. About 15 years ago I actually bought 15+ copies of the 1980 Moon Knight # 1 ... as (cough!) an investment -- the same book I laughed at as a kid.
  8. If there's still going with the Flashpoint-based "multiverse" concept, Bruce Wayne only appears in a cameo at the end. Which would make sense if played by Keaton in "Nick Fury elder statesman" role - and have him able to continue with additional appearances in other films. For the bulk of Flashpoint, tho, the multiverse Batman is Thomas Wayne.
  9. Def. the Batman keys. Denny O'Neil (along w/ Neal Adams - but mostly O'Neil) single-handedly brought the DC heroes into the Bronze Age. Including: Batman (Detective 395) Robin (Batman 217) Superman (Superman 233) Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman 178) Joker (Batman 251) Green Arrow (Brave & Bold 85) Green Lantern (Green Lantern 76) John Stewart (Green Lantern 87) Two-Face (Batman 234) Ra's Al-Ghul (Batman 232) Separately, you've got a few non-O'Neil books that are more minor keys -- the second appearances of Deadshot (Detective 474) and Black Adam (Shazam 28).
  10. Good call - I forgot that a Son of Satan TV series has apparently already been shot and is due out on Hulu later this year.
  11. My point stands. I don't think folks care about the Shi'ar or the Starjammers. Maybe things have changed in the last 20 years of continuity, but I've read every X-Men issue from 94-310 or so -- they've never struck me as a big deal. Plus, I think the book is hurt by not (yet) having Byrne on the art. What's the long-term play here? That they'll eventually appear in a movie - even one of the Captain Marvel-style cosmic ones? I doubt it. I mean, their most famous appearance is in the Dark Phoenix Saga, which we've now seen adapted to film *twice* with nary a mention of them in either. To me, their second-best storyline was circa X-Men 273-277 - but that was mostly because you had Jim Lee in his prime doing the art.
  12. Ditto with ASM 135 - which is the 2nd full Punisher. First new Green Goblin is 136. Also - do folks really care about the Starjammers? If there's ever an Alpha Flight film appearance, 109 will take off (first Guardian).
  13. Wow...crazy to see Brave & Bold 25 on the list, and as more valuable than Avengers 4. Yeah - I know there was a movie (and another on the way), but 10 years ago this book would have struggled to make top 75-100.
  14. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic. The Overstreet's list is validated by GPA. Excluding two $.35 variants, Scooby Doo # 1 is the 2nd-most valuable book of the decade - after only Hulk 181. It costs a lot more, grade-for-grade, than Marvel Spotlight # 5, Giant-Size X-Men # 1 or House of Secrets # 92.
  15. I'd agree with you but: For *years* before the run-up in the ashcans, Maxx 1/2 gold and Glow-in-the-Dark # 1 were the only Maxx books worth money. and As a huge Valiant fan, the one X-O Manowar book that eluded me for years was 1/2 gold. I know own 5 copies. I both acknowledge it is a manufactured collectible and consider it canon to X-O vol. 1
  16. Why focus exclusively on first appearances but then include X-Men 94 (which is absolutely a Top 10 Marvel key, but has no first appearances)? I'd include books like ASM 120-121 and Marvel Premiere 1 -- and yes - Star Wars 1 - before the first appearances of Jack O'Lantern, Man-Thing, or even Deathlok (whom I love). Nobody will care about Taskmasker in a year - that's a short-term speculation play only, not a key. And X-Men 129 (first White Queen and Kitty Pryde) trumps 130 (first Dazzler). White Queen's evolved from a villain to a major X-Men member/team leader over the last 20 years. Mystique's also far more important than Dazzler, so Ms. Marvel 18 continues to be key, even if no one cares since she's already been in 7 movies. And, to echo previous posters - you're still missing Werewolf 32 and Iron Fist 14. Iron Fist 14's dropped off because there's no current movie speculation (since he's already appeared in two films), but it's still a major key. Also, why Marvel Preview # 4 but not # 7? # 7 (first Rocket Raccoon) makes the top 20 most-valuable Overstreets list; # 4 does not. Importance-wise - I see the characters as basically equal.
  17. What about GI Joe # 21? It's a key Marvel Copper Age book by any measure, but you'd disavow it because it was a cartoon first? It's important not just for the first appearance of Storm Shadow but also for its unique (for the time) storytelling style.
  18. Why not? Star Trek # 1 (Gold Key) is arguably a Silver Age key, and Single Series # 20 (early Tarzan) was once one of the top 20 most-valuable Golden Age books. Even for the Bronze Age, as of at least 2018, Scooby Doo # 1 (Gold Key) was # 4 on the list of Overstreet's most valuable Bronze books, well ahead of Marvel Spotlight # 5, Giant-Size X-Men 1, or ASM 129. Don't know how it ranks this year, but GPA lists a CGC 9.2 copy selling for $6,000 in March. Keep in mind, too, that's for the 1970 Scooby Doo issue.The $.35 variant of the 1977 Marvel Scooby Doo # 1 is also one of the most valuable books of the decade, and so rare it has no recorded sales on GPA. Note: I'm not saying the $.35 variant of the 1977 issue is *key* (Marvel or not) but you can't discuss "Key Bronze Age books" and leave out the 1970 Scooby Doo # 1. Full stop.
  19. It's odd to me how folks consistently discount Star Wars 1, when it's arguably had more impact than most of the superhero books of the '70s. Print run of ~900k (through all printings) Came out months *before* the movie when no one knew how influential the film would prove to be First appearance of characters like Luke, Leia and Darth Vader Lasted 110+ issues all-told -- longer than titles like Tomb of Dracula, Ghost Rider, and Captain Marvel -- and more appearances (full stop) than Thanos, Blade, Morbius or Punisher had from 1970-1986 (when the title ended). Literally saved Marvel with its popularity, month over month. Only reason it's not on the Overstreets list above is because that's *most valuable,* not *most key* -- two totally different things. Why isn't it on the most-valuable list? Print run. It's print run dwarfs most books of the '70s, and yet it's still worth $200+ in CGC 9.4 It's not on the Overstreet's list above because that's list of "most valuable" books, not most key. But oh - wait, the $.35 variant issue is literally the most valuable comic of the decade, with the variant versions of 2-4 also making the top 20 list. Just saying...I get that people now talk about 3rd-tier characters as "top keys" because of movie or netflix speculation hype. (Looking at you, ASM 101, Hero for Hire 1, Marvel Premiere 15, Special Marvel Edition 15, Nova 1, even She-Hulk 1, Tomb of Dracula 10). But Star Wars 1 started as a movie adaptation that far transcended that -- and is still being published (and popular) to this day, more than 40 years later.
  20. You're kidding, right? Your original list absolutely needs to include books like: - Iron Man 55 - ASM 129 - Werewolf 32 (3rd-tier character but stupid expensive based mostly on Netflix hype) - Star Wars 1 (Yes - it may not be the most expensive -- barring the $.35 variant), but it's absolutely more key than *any* appearance of Luke Cage, Master of Kung Fu, Nova, Iron Fist, etc. - Conan 1 (mad common, but a must-have key, and while the last movie bombed, he'll be back on TV/film eventually) - Likewise, it's not a first appearance, but for "key" and "expensive" X-men 94 smokes most of the books on the list ($1,900 in 9.4).
  21. Huge loss. I think of him primarily for his role of bringing DC into the Bronze Age - having written such definitive "return to seriousness" issues as: - Detective 395 / Batman 217/232/234/251 (Batman) - Wonder Woman 178 - Superman 233 - Green Lantern 76 - Brave & Bold 85 - The Shadow 1 Crazy to think he was still involved with Batman when I was collecting in the early 1990s, helping launch Legends of the Dark Knight & co-creating Azrael.
  22. I know I'm late to the party on this, but I've just started watching Season 1 on Netflix. I'm now 4 episodes in and it's amazing. Twin Peaks / Mean Girls set in the Archie Comics universe. Whoever created this show is a genius! Love the Easter Eggs - for instance, just saw a throw away reference to why Ms. Grundy doesn't look like the Ms. Grundy from the comics, setting up a stolen identity plot line, just minutes after Kevin makes a "Talented Mr. Ripley" reference.
  23. This. This is it. Some of the first comics I read as a kid was the Byrne X-Men run starting with the Dark Phoenix Saga reprints in Classic X-Men. Then Byrne did Many Deaths of Batman (# 433-435), I discovered his 80s Superman run, and my first Wolverine off the shelf was # 17. I *loved* Byrne as a kid. Fast forward a few years and it's Perez hands down. Why? The detail. That he can draw *any* superhero -- as shown in the epic universe spanning stories like Crisis on Infinite Earths, JLA/Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet. And I'd pick Perez's Titans run over Byrne's FF run any day of the week.