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  1. I have this one available, PM me if interested. Thanks, TP
  2. Jeff is a great guy to deal with! AAA+++ all the way!
  3. I do have this STT 11 available.. PM me if interested. It is restored, but I believe the restoration can be removed. Thanks, TP
  4. Excellent person to deal with!
  5. Fabulous person to deal with!
  6. Here’s a good one! Reform School Girl from 1951! Here is a very affordable copy that presents really nicely for the assigned grade! Only $1650.00
  7. Ok folks, one more for now. Witches Tales issue 12 featuring a sexy sider web bondage cover. Striking book for the assigned grade! Only $240.00!!
  8. Archie’s Pals n’ Gals 6. Super cool 1950’s book with an Elvis spoof Great cover too! Super rare in high grade! Only $325.00