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  1. I've noticed, at least for the last 2 months (maybe longer) that there is no "Message" link available when the little box pops up after hovering over my profile picture. It is still available when I hover over other members profile pics. I assume it was removed because why would someone send a PM to themselves, but, for purposes of the VCC, it was helpful in creating a clickable PM link to place in your booth. I have linked below to a post which might help explain more of what I'm talking about. If it is at all possible to have this "Message" option under ones own profile pop-up put back, it would be greatly appreciated. @Architecht @dena @Scott =)
  2. He did. This is the thread where you do exactly that. To do so in your sales thread is considered "bad form" by moderators and to do so via PM doesn't alert other members.
  3. I have what might be a work around for the image resizing issue. To stop images from resizing (from thumbnail to original) when you copy and paste follow these steps: From the post you wish to copy and paste, click edit From the edit box, copy the text/images you wish to paste elsewhere Paste in the new post and, voila, the images should stay in the thumbnail size. It has worked for me, I'm curious to see if others have similar results @Buzzetta @skypinkblu @Bird @fmaz etc.
  4. I think I actually had a conversation with Arch about the "source" thing back when the boards switched over. I cannot find the thread at the moment why they chose not to make it available to all. Maybe @Architecht could remind me if he stops by before I find that thread. For the purposes of the VCC, it really does make copy/pasting from the test area to a VCC booth seamless.
  5. Just in case anyone wishes to learn more about the boards image upload capabilities (also the boards Gallery feature) below is a link that will take you to a "How To" of sorts that is very VCC specific.
  6. When using the boards image upload, there is a way, when copy/pasting, to have the images not revert to original size after making them thumbnail, but it is not available to every member (mods./semi-mods only). For those people, there is a button on the post editor called source which converts text and images into HTML code. When you copy and paste that code, everything stays the same. It stinks that it is not available to all members. For reference, here is a screenshot of what my post editor looks like.
  7. I will say that we have not had a large amount of people who claim a booth space and then not set up. From what I can see, the breakdown for the past 5 VCCs is this: VCC XLII: 20 booths, 2 no shows VCC XL!: 18 booths, 1 no show VCC XL: 23 booths, zero no shows VCC XXXIX: 16 booths, zero no shows VCC XXXVIII: 17 booths, 2 no shows I cannot speak for the number of buyers, or the number of people who window shop (if you look at the booths right after they close, the sales are still happening), but there has definitely been a slow decline in the number of sellers. The biggest, noticeable drop off was when the boards switched from old to new in early 2017. This was also around the same time that Photobucket quit being a free image hosting site which caused most of us to quickly learn the new boards image upload. Although probably not the only factors, I'm sure these two things contributed quite a bit to the decline. It's also the time that I volunteered to help with the VCC, so perhaps seeing me and not Donut and sckao (the two who always had) pulling it together threw some board members off as well. If anyone cares to see a breakdown of VCC participation over the years, I've put it in spoilers below. I don't really expect the suspension of the exclusivity rule to help return to prior "glory days" numbers, especially at first, but, for the purposes of the VCC, I can't imagine it would be a detriment. Baby steps.
  8. Still waiting on a response from the administration regarding the "exclusivity" rule change that I have proposed for the VCC. If you haven't had the chance to do so already, or wish to revisit the current discussion, click the link below. I believe it would be a good, unique way (from a board perspective), to open the VCC to more sellers. Hopefully the return for everyone will be an increase in buyers.
  9. I've taken the last day or so to try and look back at past discussions on this topic. What it seemed to boil down to, at least in the beginning when marketplace guidelines were being defined, was dealer vs. regular guy and a battle for marketplace real estate. From what I've been able to find, most members who were opposed did not want the marketplace here to become a "dumping ground" for dealer stock that was also available elsewhere (eBay, etc.). The main concern seemed to be that these massive, never changing sales threads would take up valuable "front/first page" space in the marketplace, thus taking away from any sales that the average collector might have. I do not believe this would occur with the VCC. The way the VCC is set up now, there is no rush to claim valuable first page space. The sale space in the VCC is divided into 4+ separate selling areas (called "Halls" or "Aisles") and are limited to no more than 10 sellers per hall. Everyone for the most part has an equally visible space available to them as no one post or thread will ever bump the other into obscurity. Also, the way the booths are required to be setup for the VCC is actually, imo, prohibitive to just dumping unsold/unsellable "dealer stock". People who have graciously setup at past VCCs will tell you that setup is more work than a regular sales thread. If you care nothing about contributing to a CGC Chat Board tradition (like the VCC) or care nothing for more than free exposure for your eBay store, it will be clear very quickly that the VCC may not be for you. And when you consider that the VCC is literally 34 hours, 3 times per year, it seems even less likely that this will happen. It just won't be worth the time. That said, it's possible that someone(s) will try to take advantage of this change, and we can deal with these instances on a case by case basis like we do with all other matters on this chat board. Please remember that this is not a request to change the exclusivity rule across the board for all sales areas. My intention for this idea was to create something special that might help drive sellers to the VCC. It is my thought that, more sellers brings more buyers, and in return would bring more sellers. I think, and the poll numbers and comments in this thread seem to support, that it is worth at least a trial run for the remainder of the VCCs in 2019 (August 10th and December 7th) I would hope a "board exclusive price or discount" would accompany these type of listings as well. I do a lot of advertising for the VCC (some of it paid) and I would love to be able to advertise discounts like this when I send out the Index Of Sellers throughout the weekends of the VCC.
  10. In the hopes that the administrators, @Architecht @Scott =) @dena will give this a serious look or at least pass this request along to whomever may be able to give us a final answer, be it yes or no.