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  1. am I IN OR NOT? @timern wound up winning that match, Oak.
  2. My Warren Eerie collection

    The things we do for our children.
  3. My Warren Eerie collection

    I've got some Eerie's set aside for you to look at Dave, but get through that wedding first.
  4. My Warren Eerie collection

    You bet, Dave. I'll have to ask you if it's the real deal anyway.
  5. VCC XXXIX Hours: Saturday, April 21, 2018, 10am (ET) - 10pm (ET) - soft closeSunday, April 22, 2018, 12pm (ET) - 8pm (ET) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the Rules/Tips/FAQs as well as the 2018 VCC Discussion thread for more details on the changes that are occurring to the look and feel of the VCC. Make certain to bookmark The VCC Convention Hall and check us out Saturday April 21, 2018 - Sunday April 22, 2018 right here on the CGC Chat Boards. Instead of the generic "Aisle I, Aisle II, Aisle III" layout from this past December's show, the VCC for April (21st - 22nd) will be a DC Base of Operation theme. Dealers/Sellers may setup in any one of the four sections provided. They are as follows: ARKHAM ASYLUM HALL OF JUSTICE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE HALL OF DOOM These areas will automatically unlock for Dealer/Seller setup at 8pm on Friday, April 20th. At that time, anyone who wishes to setup a booth may do so in any one of the four areas provided (1 booth per seller please). If you are unfamiliar with booth setup restrictions, please see the Rules, Tips, FAQ Section (linked here) or view past VCCs by searching VCC Archive linked here. Save the date everyone... April 21-22, 2018
  6. 2018 March Madness Grading Tournament Prize Thread

    I'll offer up two separate prizes: Prize 1: $30 via PayPal, eBay, or Amazon (winner's choice) Prize 2: $20 via PayPal, eBay, or Amazon (winner's choice) Good luck everyone.
  7. My Warren Eerie collection

    Great looking books, Oak. Eerie #7 is a great, dark cover.
  8. Calendar been hacked?

    I've been "reporting" them as they've popped-up over the last few days. For future reference, does reporting work or is it better to make a separate thread pointing out these occurrences?
  9. Is the tie-breaker round being televised somewhere?
  10. Yeah, the bye means that you move on regardless. The -20 score is a technicality as if all books were graded with a more than 2 grades off score of -5 per book. If there is an actual tie between two real players (no "BYE"), BUTM would post books to use as a tie-breaker between those people, thus putting that round into "overtime" for those players. The winner of the tie-breaker advances. It's all very basketbally... I'm just hoping for my participation certificate.